Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Knights April Party

The Knights had our April Party in on April 27 and it was a fun one.  For the first time this year the weather really allowed for outside activities and the kids took advantage of this and played some games.  The adults took part in various discussions which included the latest Doctor Who story at that time, "Hide", some other TV shows and movies and why was their a police helicopter circling the area.

The group visited Spiros restaurant for the first time in years only to find out the name had changed to Angelo's Family Restaurant.  The highlight was probably the consumption of Spaghetti by 5 year old Melanie who rarely eats anything but certainly put it away that day. After a decent meal people little by little left for the evening.  The party didn't end there since many members got together the following day for a Christening. It was great to see members there in that sort of mini Knights party event.

One of our bigger events of the year is coming up next.  Our Memorial Day event will be held on May 26 and as usual, a great time is anticipated for all.

The Knights will also be recording their next podcast, probably during that party.  The topic will be the second half of season "7" of Doctor Who and I am sure there will be a lot to talk about.  Anyone who wants to attend upcoming parties or take part in our podcast please e-mail John at dwhoknight@aol.com

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