Thursday, August 21, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8 As Explained By Steven Moffat (Spoilerish)

In the new Radio Times Steven Moffat does an episode guide for Series 8.  In it there are quotes that can be deemed spoilerish and a pretty good description of the episodes. So if you do not want to know then do not hit read more.  You've been warned.

Doctor Who - Jenna Coleman Will She Stay Or Will She Go Now

If she goes there will be trouble. Apologies to The Clash on that one but recently The Mirror a UK tabloid paper has made claims that Jenna Coleman will be leaving Doctor Who either in Episode 12 or in the Christmas Special.  The BBC in a damage control move commented on the report in The Radio Times by saying, “It’s speculation at this time. People will have to watch the series to see if she’s coming back or not. We want to focus on the upcoming series.”

Doctor Who - Robot of Sherwood Synopsis

The BBC have released the synopsis for the third story of Series Robots of Sherwood which airs on September 6th.  It costars Ben Miller and Tom Riley

In a sun-dappled Sherwood forest, the Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars and strikes up an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood. 

With all of Nottingham at stake, the Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake. Can impossible heroes really exist?

Doctor Who - BBC iPlayer launches exclusive Doctor Who Extra series

The BBC have announced that they will be doing a Doctor Who Extra after the episode airs covering Peter Capaldi's first series on the show.  It will be on iPlayer and also the Red Button service.  No word if it will be available outside of the UK.  They claim that it will be more than a making of series as they will show how Doctor Who's history has influenced the show we are watching now.  You can read the full press release below.

Doctor Who - Two Days To Go Teaser

Automata Trailer with Antonio Banderas

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force One - Black Horizon Book Preview/Review

Book written by M.G. Harris

Preview Review by Ken Parker


After the tragic death of his father, Ben Carrington's mother teams up with a wealthy entrepreneur to form an elite, top-secret rescue organization - Gemini Force. Ben is determined to become part of the team, but can he prove he has what it takes to face dangerous situations and save lives? Impossible rescues. Maximum risk. This is Gemini Force 1.

Doctor Who Insider: Peter Capaldi on Creating The Doctor (Spoilerish)

Here is a BBC America Video with Peter Capaldi explaining about being The Doctor.  I must warn you there is clips from Deep Breath so if you want to be spoiler free watch the video Saturday night.  Not sure if this video will play in the UK since it is US Exclusive.

"Coherence" Trailer - I Want To See This

Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi On Being The Doctor

The official BBC Doctor Who website has released a video of Peter Capaldi talking about Doctor Who and the power of the character.  Something more to get us ready for the debut of the 12th Doctor this Saturday.

Doctor Who - Strax, Jenny and Vastra In Special Cinema Only Scene

Attention puny humans! Strax, along with Jenny and Vastra, are back in a special intro scene to ‘Deep Breath’ - only available in cinemas.
Is the quote from the BBC Doctor Who Facebook page.  There will be a special intro for Deep Breath in the cinema event for Deep Breath on Saturday Night and Monday Night.  So if you have tickets for the Deep Breath cinema showing I guess you'll be treated to an extra scene.

Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi Graces This Weeks TV Guide Cover

Peter Capaldi is all the rage this week as he is now the cover boy for this weeks TV Guide which is the US equivalent of the Radio Times.  This is pretty cool as back in the day when I first started watching Doctor Who would not even be featured at all.

Doctor Who - 3 Days To Go Teaser


At last...both of Valiant's Harvey Award-nominated buddy duos are getting together to make one hell of a (terribly) mismatched superteam in THE DELINQUENTS #1 (of 4)! You've heard of comic events? Well, this one is a disaster! James Asmus, Fred Van Lente, and Kano have put together a rail-ridin', hobo-smashin', cross-country rat race for the next colossal VALIANT FIRST release..and it does not disappoint. (Well, maybe their parents...a little. For shame!)

Also hitting this week, Joe Harris and Tr evor Hairsine continue Bloodshot's battle against frickin' ALIENS in the depths of M.E.R.O.'s underground base in ARMOR HUNTERS: BLOODSHOT #2 (of 3), while Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill pit Generation Zero head-to-head with an extraterrestrial infestation in the ruins of Mexico City in ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER #2 (of 3)! You'll wish all summer event tie-ins could be this awesome...we promise!

The Avengers on Blu-Ray - No, not them, the TV series!!

Emma Peel will make her debut on Blu-ray on November 11 in the US.  Season 5 of the 1967 TV series, The Avengers will be out on Blu-ray and digital copy.  What happened to season 1-4 you ask - Well, the first 3 seasons were shot on video and may not benefit that much from a Blu-ray set and season 4, with the debut of Peel (played by Diana Rigg) is in B&W.  So season 5 is the first in color and film.

Meanwhile there are plans to release season 4 on Blu-ray in the Uk and France among other countries.