Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Image Comics exclusives available at NYCC‏

A limited number of exclusives to be available
at New York Comic Con

Image Comics is pleased to announce that a limited number of exclusive releases will be available to purchase over the course of New York Comic Con, Thursday, Oct.9 - Friday, Oct. 12.


Milligan and LaRosa Lead Off BLOODSHOT #25 – A 48-Page Anniversary Blowout!‏

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of BLOODSHOT #25 – a 48-page anniversary blowout featuring a murderer's row of comics talents from throughout the bullet-riddled history of Valiant's most brutal, most relentless hero!

Meet the man behind Bloodshot – or is he? – when one soldier’s untapped killer instinct takes over in "Bloodshot: The Glitch" – a feature-sized lead tale of blood, guts, and heart by Peter Milligan (Hellblazer) and Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX)!


PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #1 | Joshua Williamson | Chris Mooneyham

A universe of terror drawn to one world.

As the Perses begins her long journey home, a deadly st owaway forces the crew into a savage conflict! While the crew defend themselves against this unseen predator, the hunter itself stalks a much more substantial game!

Valiant and CKRTLAB Toys Unveil New Line of Urban Vinyl Figures – Debuting at New York Comic-Con 2014‏

Valiant Entertainment and CKRTLAB Toys are proud to announce a brand new line of urban vinyl figures featuring Valiant's award-winning library of super-heroes. Slated for a release in comic shops and online in 2015, the new Valiant urban vinyl toy line will feature a wide selection of highly stylized Valiant heroes, beginning with X-O Manowar.

Valiant will offer an exclusive, early release of the first new figure in the Valiant urban vinyl line – X-O Manowar – at New York Comic-Con from October 9th-12th, 2014. Limited to 150 pieces and available only from Valiant Entertainment at New York Comic Con 2014 (Booth #2028) for $25 per figure, the X-O Manowar Urban Vinyl figure stands 5.5 inches tall with 6 points of articulation and comes enhanced with a luster-rich metallic finish, exclusive "lightning sword" weapon accessory, and collectible packaging that is perfect for display.


How to be a good dad. . .

. . . Stop killing people!

FATHER’S DAY #1 | Mike Richardson | Gabriel Guzmán

As a mob enforcer he was called the Eastside Butcher, but twenty years later Silas has found peace. That is, until his abandoned daughter shows up to give him a piece of her mind . . . and unwittingly leads a legion of hit men to settle accounts with Silas!

FIVE GHOSTS embarks on new adventures‏

Issue #13 marks the beginning of an all-new story arc,
early artwork released

Image Comics is pleased to reveal an early preview of co-creators Frank J. Barbiere, Chris Mooneyham, and colorist Lauren Affe’s first issue in the new story arc of FIVE GHOSTS, “Monsters & Men.” This new arc will focus on gothic literature and bring the acclaimed action adventure series to Eastern Europe and Dracula’s doorstep.

ARMOR HUNTERS: AFTERMATH #1 | BLOODSHOT #24 – In Stores October 1st

Art by CAFU
Cover by DIEGO BERNARD (AUG141710)
Variant Cover by BRENT PEEPLES (AUG141711)
Variant Cover by MICO SUAYAN (AUG141712)

New Comic Book Checklist For October 1st

Angel & Faith: Season 10: 7
Concrete Park: Respect 2
Concrete Park:THC: 1-You Send Me
Dream Thief: Escape 4
Edgar Allan Poe: Spirits of Dead:HGN:
Star Wars: Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir:TPB:
Star Wars:TPB: 3-Rebel Girl
Usagi Yojimbo: Senso 3


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Firestorm Kickstarter Project - Ultramarionation!

In 2003 Gerry Anderson created an idea for Firestorm.  The series followed the group called Storm Force 9 as they went up against a terrorist organization called Black Orchid.  The anime mixed classic cel animation and CG.  Alas the series had little publicity and was only shown in Japan.

Fast Forward to the present day and Gerry's son, Jamie is relaunching the Firestorm idea with Kickstarter. He plans on funding a short pilot in hopes of selling the idea for a future TV series.

Go to the website link below to read up on all the exciting things going on with this project.  There is more background information about the project, its goals and stretch goals and the rewards you will receive at different pledge levels.  If the project goal is not reached, you are not charged your pledge but at the current rate, things look good!!

For the story, teaser trailer, information on who is going to be involved, including a Doctor Who connection,

Gerry Anderson's Firestorm Kickstarter Is Go!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Doctor Who - Kill The Moon Promo Pics

My Return to Twin Peaks - The Series, Movie and Blu-ray

Review by Ken Parker

This was probably the 5th or 6th time watching the entire series from start to finish and obviously the first time in High Definition.  It is interesting to note that the TV series debuted as a quirky murder mystery with its appeal in the off beat characters, moody music and cinematography and the need to find out Who Killed Laura Palmer?  The series was very popular and was the talk of the town.  I, along with many people, enjoyed its originality and that David Lynch craziness that is a signature in most of his movies.  The series would no doubt keep people returning because of the murder mystery.  The multiple cliffhangers ending season 1 would bring back huge audiences in season 2 but then the inevitable dilemma surfaced for the writers – you reveal the killer and audiences drop or you drag out the reveal and audiences drop.

Doctor Who - Maggie Stables Companion To the 6th Doctor Has Passed Away

Sad news in the world of Doctor Who as Maggie Stables who played Evelyn Smythe in the Big Finish 6th Doctor Adventures died in her sleep on September 26th.  Evelyne Smythe was the first new companion created by Big Finish and it was no doubt the best one they have created.  Her chemistry with Colin Baker was superb and the two of them together created the best duo for the Colin Baker adventures.  I really liked her character of Evelyne Smyth and enjoyed all the stories she was in. I was saddened of her characters death as I am right now for Maggie's passing as a lot of her stories were some of my favorite from Big Finish.  Below is two links one for the tribute from Big Finish and another a list of her Doctor Who credits.

Doctor Who - Kill The Moon TV Trailer

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Firestorm Endorsement from Nick Tate

Nick Tate, who played Alan Carter in Gerry Anderson's Space: 1999, has a short message about Jamie Anderson's new Kickstarter plan to relaunch Firestorm.

Firestorm was an idea of Gerry's that was made into an anime back in 2003.  The series saw little airtime and promotion and even less praise.  Jamie wants to relaunch the idea using Ultramarionation which will be an updated version of Supermarionation with sophisticated puppetry, miniatures and practical effects (less with CG).

More info on Firestorm Kickstarter this Tuesday.