Monday, October 12, 2015

Doctor Who - Before the Flood Review (Spoilers)

By Ken Parker

After watching a fairly good and sort of creepy episode in "Under the Lake" I was eager to see how the story would conclude, thinking that we were in store for a Moffat like tale from the Russel T. Davies era. What we got was something that resembled that quality but not quite.

Doctor Who - Promo Pics For "The Girl Who Died"

Marvel Vs. DC October 2015- The Inhumans delayed, Jessica Jones is almost here, Hulk to appear in next Thor film and two 90's films doomed to not be seen

By Ken Parker

The TV season is back in full force but are the super hero shows any good? We have more shake up news for Marvel and take a look at two documentaries about super hero movies that were never released and one that was never made.

Television - I have to admit that most of my excitement toward Marvel right now is in the form of their Netflix TV series. Jessica Jones is teasing us and I can't wait and now Daredevil will begin to get us thinking about that show... and I can't wait. With the Marvel Netflix Universe doing an excellent job establishing itself, I like the report that there may be a plan down the line to crossover into the other Marvel TV Universe with Agents of SHIELD. As long as they don't do it too often, I like this idea.

Doctor Who - The Woman Who Lived Synopsis

The BBC have released the synopsis for The Woman Who Lived which airs on Saturday October 24th at 9PM on BBC American and TBD for BBC One.

Doctor Who: The Woman Who Lived 
England, 1651. The deadly Highwayman 'The Nightmare' and his sidekick stalk the dark streets of London. But when they find loot that's not of this world, they come face to face with The Doctor. 
Who is the Nightmare in league with? And can the Doctor avoid the hangman's noose and protect Earth from a devilish betrayal? 
Writer / Catherine TregennaDirector / Ed BazalgetteProducer / Derek RitchieCast / Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Doctor Who - Before the Flood Review (Spoilers)

Doctor Who:
Before the Flood
By Toby Whitehouse

“Clara, I want to talk to my ghost self.”

The problem with two part stories in the new version of Doctor Who is that the second part for the most part has been disappointing or at the very least pretty mediocre and has not delivered on the excitement from the first part that got you all jazzed up for the conclusion.  So far in the Capaldi era the two parters have been mixed with the mediocre Dark Water/ Death in Heaven to the very well done The Magician’s Apprentice/ The Witch’s Familiar.  Before the Flood has the hard task of following the really good Under the Lake and despite not being quite as good as its lead up episode it wasn’t bad at all and was pretty entertaining.

Doctor Who - More Behind the Scenes Videos

Friday, October 9, 2015

Doctor Who - Return to Telos Review

Doctor Who:
Return to Telos
By Nicholas Briggs
Starring Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and
Frazer Hines

The Doctor and Leela have landed on Telos but not where and at the time that the Cybermen had hoped.  In fact The Doctor had diverted the TARDIS to a time that he was there before when the tombs were discovered and opened up.  There the Second Doctor and Jamie are trying to stop the return of the Cybermen while the Fourth Doctor decides to go back and try and save Krelos.  The Doctor discovers how the Cybermen infected his TARDIS by seeing Jamie again and it has given him the idea to save Krelos as long as he isn’t too late in returning to Krelos.

Doctor Who - Synopsis For The Forsaken

This months Early Adventures continues with the Second Doctor and this time they are on an island in Singapore during World War 2.  You can order this audio adventure from the Big Finish website.

The TARDIS lands on an island off Singapore during the Japanese invasion of 1942. The travellers are found by some British soldiers - among them a certain Private James Jackson, who just happens to be Ben’s father. But they're not the only visitors to the island...

Written By: Justin Richards
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

Anneke Wills (Polly Wright/Narrator), Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon/The Doctor), Elliot Chapman (Ben Jackson/Private Lawson/Andrews), Ben Nealon (Captain Freeman), Michael Jibson (Corporal Gibbs), Oliver Jackson (Private James Jackson), Gabrielle Glaister (Mrs Maggie Bishop)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Doctor Who - Titan Comics NYCC Doctor Who Comics Signings and Panels

New York Comic Con starts today and Titan Comics will be there showing off their line of comics and they will be showcasing their Doctor Who comic book line with panels and signings.  If you are lucky enough to attend NYCC then check out the Titan Comics booth #2142


Room: Livestream Villiage Booth #656
Guests: Simon Fraser (Eleventh Doctor), Nick Abadzis (Tenth Doctor), Andrew James (Doctor Who Titan Editor)

TENTH & ELEVENTH DOCTOR | SIGNING | 4.30PM –5.30PM | Booth: #2142
Talent: Nick Abadzis (Tenth Doctor), Elena Casagrande (Tenth Doctor), Simon Fraser (Eleventh Doctor), Mariano Laclaustra (Twelfth Doctor), Rachel Stott (Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth Doctor),  Si Spurrier (Eleventh Doctor)
Title: Doctor Who Comics


Talent: Si Spurrier (Eleventh Doctor), Simon Fraser (Eleventh Doctor), Mariano Laclaustra (Twelfth Doctor), Rachel Stott (Ninth, Tenth, Twelfth Doctor)
Title: Doctor Who Comics

Doctor Who - Planet of the Rani Synopsis

This month's Main Range release sees the return of the Rani as she takes on the 6th Doctor again. This time she has her own planet.  You can order this release starring Colin Baker at the Big Finish website.

Miasimia Goria was a quiet planet, an ancient world of bucolic tranquillity… until the Rani arrived with ideas of her own.

She planned to create a race of new gods… gods that she could keep on her leash, but those plans went horribly wrong.

Now, she languishes in the high security of Teccaurora Penitentiary, consigned there by her arch enemy and old student colleague, the Doctor.

But the Rani, always resourceful, ever calculating, knows things about the Doctor’s past that he would rather forget. She wants revenge, even if it takes a hundred years… and then she has other unfinished business.

The ruins of Miasimia Goria await…

Written By: Marc Platt
Directed By: Ken Bentley

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Miranda Raison (Constance Clarke), Siobhan Redmond (The Rani), James Joyce (Raj Kahnu/Guard), Olivia Poulet (Pazmi), Dominic Thorburn (Brejesh/Security Leader), Tim Bentinck (Chowdras/Governor), Chris Porter (Degoor/Montain)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Doctor Who - First Preview Clip For Before the Flood

Doctor Who - Cover and Synopsis For 11th Doctor Issue 2.1

Out today is the new series for the 11th Doctor and it looks like there may be some flashback to the War Doctor.  Series 2 is in comic book stores today.


Accused of a genocidal crime he (probably) didn't (possibly) commit (oh hell, he totally did it), the Doctor and Alice – along with a unique! new! companion! – go on the run.