Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: New Earth

Doctor Who: 
New Earth 
By Russell T. Davies

“That's right. Hey, there we go, sweetheart. Go to him. Go on, that's it. That's it. It's a new sub-species, Cassandra. A brand new form of life. New humans! Look at them. Look! Grown by cats, kept in the dark, fed by tubes, but completely, completely alive. You can't deny them, because you helped create them. The human race just keeps on going, keeps on changing. Life will out! Ha!”

The Doctor takes Rose to the planet New Earth in the year 5 Billion. After looking around and taking in the sites The Doctor wants to visit the hospital that is just right outside the city.  He explains to Rose that he got a message on his psychic paper and he wants to see who sent it.  So the two travelers head to the hospital to see who summoned them and it turns out to be someone they have met before.  

 Unbeknownst to them their arrival to the New New York Hospital did not go unnoticed.  It appears someone else they have encountered before is alive and well and looking for a body.  The Lady Cassandra is still alive and wants to get revenge on Rose and find out what the big secret that the Sisters of Plentitude have hidden at the hospital.

 Well to start off with “New Earth” is not the best story ever but it isn’t bad either.  Some of the highlights of this story and what I liked best about it was the comedic aspect.  “New Eart” has quite a few funny moments in it and mainly centered around Cassandra.  For example when she took over bodies and most noteably The Doctor and seeing David Tennant acting like Cassandra was priceless.  Especially with Billie Piper as Cassandra.  To see her acting differently and charging her speech truly showed the audience that she can act.    David Tennant has some time to shine in this episode also. Since he spent most of his time in bed during “The Christmas Invasion” we get a chance to see what his Doctor will be like.   His Doctor seems more hands on than his predecessor who dropped hints and let others stand up for themselves. 

It is apparent that Russell T. Davies is against animal testing for medical procedures.  The fact being that the cat nun nurses are using human clones as their test subject is a reversal of what is happening now and in “New Earth” he turns the tables and gets his message through.  What was a bit of a problem for “New Earth” was that it tried to do a bit much. With the Face of Boes message and the Cassandra storyline it seemed to be a bit rushed to get it all in.

The ending to “New Earth” was a letdown. Sure The Doctor was heroic jumping down the elevator shaft and making up that IV cocktail.  But shouldn’t that stuff work inside the body and not out though?  I think it would have looked better if if the cure was in smoke form and not water it would have been a better effect I believe if the sick clones breathed in the cure rather than bathing in it.   Plus all through the  story Cassandra was obsessed with cheating death and then when she inhabits Chip and his body starts to fail she all of a sudden takes a 180 and accepts her fate and dies.  That just seems to be a bit bizarre to me that she would accept that so quickly.  In all “New Earth” is a fun story to watch despite its flaws but still entertaining all the same.
Grade C +

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