Friday, October 4, 2013

Gravity Review (some mild spoilers)

By Ken Parker

If you are getting sick of reading movie reviews that praise Gravity then here is yet another one. I will try to remain spoiler free but I believe it is very hard to do with this movie because there is so much in this film that is so important.


Where to begin. First off let me start by stating that this was an experience like none other that I have ever had in a movie theater. I saw the 3-D version (not IMAX) and right from the start you are in space with our characters. The use of camera, effects, sound, music and acting sell this to the audience easily. You are floating in space, you see from the characters point of view in their spacesuits, you experience the loneliness, the danger, the beauty and the horror of space.

The tension in the film is incredible – I have not been so immersed in a film in a long time and with all of the elements listed before, it was by far the most successful at it. I felt out of breath at times but the film would give you a breather just long enough to take it away again, just like our astronauts in space.

The movie is only 90 minutes long and this is perfect. It is not a drawn out bloated Hollywood film. It gets right to the point and relentlessly follows the drama literally. The opening shot is a single take that includes the set up of the movie and carries on through the first action scene in the film.

The 3-D certainly helps with this film and I am wondering how it would be in IMAX. I would suggest at least a 3-D viewing.

When I think of the technical achievements this film has – it is mind boggling. There is just so much from the lingering single take to the immersion of the viewer to the use of sound and music, it is on a whole new level. I can't imagine not seeing multiple Oscar nominations for this technological masterpiece but I am also believing that Sandra Bullock is deserving an Oscar for Best Actress easily. Her performance completes the movie with heart and soul.

I cannot say any more except that this film will no doubt drift into my top 25 Sci-Fi films of all time. Is Gravity really sci-fi? Seemed more real than most films and its one that is certainly groundbreaking on so many levels.

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