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Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Doctor's Wife

Doctor Who: 
The Doctor's Wife 
By Neil Gaiman

"No. I just wanted to say hello. Hello, Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you."

Probably one of the most anticipated stories of series, that isn't a series opener or closer, was The Doctor’s Wife mainly for the person who wrote it. When I heard the news in 2011 that Neil Gaiman was writing an episode of Doctor Who I was pretty amazed that someone of his talents would want to write for Doctor Who. As most people know Neil Gaiman is the writer of such movies as Beowulf, Coraline, and Stardust.  But to his fans he is most recognized for his work on the incredibly popular The Sandman.  The Sandman is a 75 issue comic book story about Morpheus which was published by Vertigo an imprint of DC Comics.

The Doctor's Wife boasted that something from The War Games would be coming back.  Well we have our answer in the appearance of the Time Lord Hypercube.  You remember that device that the Second Doctor used to contact the Time Lords for help.  Well it's back and there are quite a lot of them too.  This must come as a disappointment to those fans who speculated that the War Chief was coming back.  But I have to say it was a good plot device to get the Doctor to come to the planet that has the House entity.

After watching the first 5 minutes of this story you quickly realize who the Doctor’s wife is.  It's the TARDIS.  The Doctor's Wife gives us a chance to see the Doctor and the TARDIS interact since the soul of the TARDIS has been put into Idris this can now happen.  I was blown away by this as the two long time companions finally get to talk to each other.  We get to know why he picked this one Type 40 or did he.  This was pretty cool as something like this has never been done on televised Doctor Who before.

Another cool element of this story is when House had taken over the TARDIS and had Amy and Rory trapped inside him.   Well he used them as entertainment and they start running through the corridors of the TARDIS.  We finally get to see other rooms in TARDIS.  Granted it is only corridors and the Tenth Doctor's consul room.  But hey we can't be picky.  Those scenes in the corridors were pretty intense as we get to see Amy get mentally tortured.  Yes apparently we see another dead Rory, Oh My God They Killed Kenny err Rory, but even still it works in the Doctor's Wife as it makes it more suspenseful especially when Amy sees all the death threats written all over the wall.  Those scenes have to be some of the scariest in Doctor Who.

I truly liked this story.  It was different, bizarre, strange, and all together crazy.  I really like stories like this and this one was top notch.  The Doctor's Wife had everything.  From really good dramatic scenes like when the Doctor finds all the Hypercubes or to the heart felt exchange between the TARDIS and The Doctor after House had been exorcised.  This was an all-around enjoyable story.  Yes it was strange what with the characters Auntie and Uncle strolling around not making much sense but that is part of the charm.   I also liked the fact that you could not see House.  There is nothing scarier than having an enemy that you can't see but is everywhere.

When all is said and done and Matt Smith leaves the role of the Doctor at Christmas The Doctor's Wife will go down as one of the best stories of his era.  I'm sure there will be those that will not like this story because it is pretty complex but the story is pretty simple.  It is the story of a man and the true love of his life.  As Amy says towards the end she is still here when all of us have left.  In all The Doctor’s Wife is a wonderfully strange and heartfelt episode that is one of my favorites of the Matt Smith era.
Grade A

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