Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Walking Dead - Mid Season TV Report (Spoilers)

by Ken Parker

The Walking Dead (AMC) Sundays - (Spoilers)

Initial Thoughts – I originally thought that this series was okay but since I had seen so many zombie films, I felt it gave us nothing original. These thoughts vanished by the second season and now it is one of my favorite shows on TV. I was wondering how it was going to be with lots more people including children but the show continues to change and alter just enough to keep us wondering what is going to happen next. I have stayed away from the comics.

The Plot – At times it seems this show can be slow but this pacing pays off when all hell breaks loose. This season I felt was all a lead up to the return confrontation with the Governor and everything else was just filler. The build up was perfect and now it will be interesting to see what happens next. I hope the prison is gone
for good, it is time for a new setting.
The Highlights – This show is not afraid to kill off characters. It is also not afraid to develop characters, sometimes changing them drastically. The show also loves to give us hope and quickly take it away so it is always surprising even though you can see what is going to happen. Some annoying characters like Carl have improved vastly. The Governor was fleshed out a
bit more and was dealt with beautifully.

What's Next? - I have no idea. I would expect to see some of the survivors of the Governor's group find some of our group and Carol will no doubt return I would guess. The Walking Dead is doing well in the ratings and will no doubt be around for a while. The season resumes on February 9

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