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Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctor - Hunter of Earth Review

Doctor Who:
Destiny of The Doctor -
Hunters of Earth
By Nigel Robinson
Performed By Carole Ann Ford

The year is 1963 and two travelers from a distant world are living on Earth and while one is trying to fit in with the high school kids the other is stealing electronic parts to help repair the TARDIS.  While hanging out with her new friends Susan has noticed strange things going on.  Strange as in when the radio is playing some of her friends become mean and malicious and downright hateful.  It appears that something over the radio waves is causing people to be hateful towards people who aren’t from England.  Like Rosa the owner of Rosa’s and of course The Doctor and Susan.  Things get even stranger when a certain government agency asks The Doctor for help and soon what seems to be an isolated problem is now a bigger problem.

To celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Audio Go and Big Finish have come together to produce this 11 part story that spans through all 11 Doctor’s era’s.  The first one obviously features the First Doctor and the adventure is performed by Carole Ann Ford who played Susan.   She does a very good job as William Hartnell’s First Doctor and she seems to have no problem getting back into the groove as Susan also.  Her performance is really good and helps in the enjoyment of listening to the story.

The overall story was pretty fantastic.  There is one particular scene you need to listen and pay attention too as it is very integral to the story and possibly the overall arc.   I really did enjoy this story as it was pretty cool to hear an adventure that happened before An Unearthly Child.  The mystery of the story was pretty good as it kept me guessing till the end.  Hunters of the Earth also gave us more of an insite into Susan’s character as we learn more about the girl.  It is refreshing to see them do something different and nothing to radical.  We have to remember that she is an awkward girl just trying to belong in high school and we all know how she feels as it has happened to most of us at that age. 

Doctor Who: Destiny of The Doctor – Hunters of Earth is a good start to this celebratory adventure that I’m looking forward to the next releases in the series.  It was a fun story to listen to and is really different as we get an adventure before all the cool stuff happens on TV.  So if you are looking for something fun, written adventure than you should listen to Hunters of Earth.

Grade A

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