Sunday, March 3, 2013

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Issue 2 Review (Mild Spoilers)

Doctor Who:
Prisoners of Time #2
By Scott & Steve Tipton
Art By Lee Sullivan

The Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe have landed at the famous Frenko Bazaar and the funny thing is they landed in a store that sells only police boxes.  While going through the shops The Doctor spots The Voraxx.  The Voraxx is an alligator looking race of aliens who specialize in illegal slave trading.  The Doctor plans on spoiling their plans when Jamie mysteriously disappears.  The Doctor and Zoe follow the trail back to The Voraxx store where there happens to be a transmat device in the back.  It leads to a ship where there is an auction for the slaves.  There the Doctor releases the slaves and finds a surprising ally to help them. An ally who hails from the planet Mars.

The second issue in IDW’s 50th anniversary story for Doctor Who and this time it’s the Second Doctor who takes center stage.  I have to say the story and especially the art were a lot better in issue 2.   Well the art was done by Lee Sullivan who has done comic strips for Doctor Who magazine on and off since 1989 so he does have some experience in drawing The Doctor.  

I liked this story a lot more than I did the story with the 1st issue.  This story had more of a feel of the Second Doctor’s era and had a fun feel to it.  I liked how the story kept a brisk pace and the inclusion of the Ice Warriors was a nice touch and added to the feel of that era. The story is pretty simple and it’s obviously building to something as like in the first issue the companions were kidnapped.  Sometimes simple stories are pretty good and as these stories are heading to something it works out pretty well.

So issue two is an improvement on issue one and the story is building up nicely and I’m looking forward to next month and the 3rd Doctor’s entry of this story.

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