Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doctor Who - Share Your Thoughts!!

We would love to hear about your favorite memories or moments with Doctor Who.  Share with us your earliest time watching Doctor Who or list your favorite episodes.  Has Doctor Who changed your life?  Did you meet anyone because of Doctor Who? What are your feelings about the show? Did you meet any of the Doctors?

Feel free to comment on this post below and/or email us at

We will share these posts in one big post closer to the anniversary.  Feel free to send more than one. Include a name or username or let us know if you want to post anonymously. 

The deadline for this is November 21 – thanks!!


  1. I will start - Being part of a local fan club led to making so many friends and memories over the years.

  2. My first story was The Ark in Space and never thought watching a TV show would lead to making tons of friends and actually meeting the stars of the show. From writing the newsletter to this blog to interviewing the stars of the show I never thought this would come about from watching the greatest show ever.