Friday, March 1, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Silurians

Doctor Who:
The Silurians
By Malcom Hulke

“But that's murder. They were intelligent alien beings. A whole race of them. And he's just wiped them out.”

There is something wrong with the over at the nuclear power plant over that is built into the cave system at Wenley Moore.   Constant power surges, technicians going crazy and something living down in the caves.  The Doctor and UNIT head over there to investigate what is going on and The Doctor and Liz immediately figure out something strange is going on.  Wanting to find out more The Doctor heads into the cave and finds out that there is indeed something living in the caves.  It is one of the oldest races on earth.  The Silurians have awakened and they want to take the earth back from the apes that now live on the surface. The Silurians are bent on wiping out all humanity if they have to to get what they want and its up to The Doctor to stop both races from eliminating each other.

Doctor Who and The Silurians is one of those stories that is actually two separate stories.  Yes it is actually called Doctor Who and The Silurians and for god knows why this story is called Doctor Who and The Silurians and wasn’t corrected in production we might never know.  But yes this story has two storylines.  The first is trying to find the Silurians and then the Silurian disease killing the humans.  It is a pretty basic story of trying to get people who are different to work and live together.  It is a pretty basic and strong message that has always been a staple in Science Fiction especially in shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek.

This is obviously the first story to feature the Silurians who would make more appearances in the show and was also brought back in the new series albeit with a new look.  It is also the first appearance of the Doctors car Bessie.  The car was a wonderful prop that would be a significant staple piece in the Third Doctor’s era.

For the most part The Silurians is not one of my favorite stories.  In fact Season 7 is not one of my favorite seasons besides Spearhead From Space.  I just find the whole season boring and the stories really drawn out and in my opinion could have been benefitted to being shorter.  But in saying that, breaking up The Silurians into two stories really does benefit the story as the shift in storyline does keep it from being boring.   I did like the first part better than the second.  I prefer the mystery of what was going on and what the creatures would look like.  Did not care for the killer disease part as it seemed that all the Doctor did was spend the entire episode just sitting at a lab table.   

The Silurians is trying to get out its message and you can place any group as the Silurians.  In fact that message still works today as the world is still like it was in 1970 but not as bad though as more and more acceptance has occurred.  But none the less it is a strong message that takes on a science fiction feel to get it out.
Grade B

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