Saturday, May 4, 2013

Da Vinci's Demons - Ep 4 The Magician Review

Da Vinci's Demons
Ep 4 The Magician

This week Da Vinci must make enough guns to prevent Count Riario from invading Florence.  So it’s up to Da Vinci to make more guns to ward off the forces from Rome but Da Vinci is still distracted by the Book of Leaves and the statue that is their symbol and what is up with the painting of Lorenzo’s grandfather and why it fascinates Da Vinci so much?

Well the painting does hold the clue that Da Vinci is looking for in The Magician and unfortunately that is the only interesting thing about this story.  I found The Magician to be mediocre and not as exciting as the previous three episodes.  It seemed the same as episode two where Count Riario wanted to invade Florence and was turned away by a trick weapon made by Da Vinci.  This time it was a fake cross bow that shot a cluster bomb.  It pretty neat but we saw this all ready with the canon gun.

I just couldn’t get into The Magician and even though there was some good behind the scenes stuff the actual story did not excite.  I did like the revelation of the painting and how the spy Lucrezia was able to put more guilt on Lorenzo’s meantor by poisoning him.  She has something else motivating her and I guess we will see in the weeks to come.  But so far the first three stories have been entertaining but The Magician falls flat.

But I will say this about The Magician as the closing moments made up for the lack luster story as it ended with a cliff hanger as Da Vinci has been falsely imprisoned leaving things for next week’s episode The Tower which could be a pretty interesting story to watch.

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