Thursday, July 18, 2013

Emmy Nominations 2013 The Year of the Epic Snub of Tatiana Maslany

Sorry - if you have come to this link to read of the 2013 nominations for the Emmys then you are out of luck.
What?  No Way......
 This site (or at least this author) no longer views the television Emmy Awards as a serious and accurate showcase of on screen talent for television.  Its most recent nominations are an abomination of the highest degree and I will no longer acknowledge them until they fix this grievous error in the Best Actress nomination category.  Tatiana Maslany may be an underdog to WIN an Emmy but the fact that she was not even nominated is beyond belief.  Whatever process this sham of an organization has to nominate has to be totally revamped.  This snub is epic.  I feel bad for Tatiana but here are other awards out there that have to be more respectable than the Emmys.

Don't get on Alison's bad side.
To read up on the rest of the Emmys and their flawed Awards please visit

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