Sunday, November 9, 2014

Doctor Who Season 8 - Was it bad or good?

Just a quick couple of notes.  First off, if you have any thoughts about the current state of Doctor Who and this latest season, feel free to comment here on on our Facebook page.  We are also planning on recording a podcast at our November 16 party at John's House.  Keep an eye on that posting.

This season has certainly split fandom down the middle, although I think most have been happy with it.  My review of the final episode not withstanding, I thought this season was very good but there is an interesting article here that really does a good job pointing on some of the flaws from this and perhaps the last couple of seasons that they think the show has made.

I agree with much of this.  I found this season to be mostly good but nothing great.  I really thought Clara had lots of potential but they wasted her character for the most part.  She still owns several of the best scenes in Doctor Who history from this season (best acted) but that is not enough to stabilize the season.  Capaldi is excellent but was handcuffed to the story arc and was not given enough focus.  I can't wait for him to be unleashed next season (hopefully).

Anyhow - more on this debate to come.  Enjoy!

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