Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Two new forces are hitting the Valiant Universe this week – the all-new Armorines and the mysterious Punk Mambo!

First up, Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard reinvent Valiant's corps of metal-plated mercenaries – the Armorines – for the 21st century in X-O Manowar #30! The first issue of an all-new story arc, jump in here as Aric picks himself up out of the ashes of Armor Hunters – only to find himself in the Armorines' crosshairs! Plus: what is the deal with their leader and why does he seem so...familiar?

Also in stores this week... Peter Milligan and Robert Gill are delivering a dose of back alley magic in Punk Mambo #0 – an new origin issue one-shot examining the roots of the bayou-dwelling, glue-sniffing voodoo sham(wo)man introduced during Milligan's Shadowman run! Why here? Why now? You haven't heard the last of Shadowman...and you definitely haven't heard the last of Punk Mambo, that's why! For fans of Milligan's legendary Vertigo work, this is a great done-in-one tale taking the Punk back back to '77 for some much deserved ultraviolence.

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