Saturday, September 10, 2011

Australian TV: 'Torchwood' to return in 2012!

They're not dead yet.
It's not official.

And it's not much to go on.

But it offers hope for "Torchwood" fans.

Tardis Base reported Saturday:
Following the UKTV Australia showing of the Torchwood: Miracle Day finale, a screen came up at the end revealing that Torchwood will return next year! “Jack will return in 2012” appeared after the end credits confirming that our beloved Doctor Who spin-off will return for a fifth series! More news to follow, we expect the BBC and Starz to make an announcement shortly.


  1. If this is true -- very cool!

  2. Isn't Jack going to be in the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who though? Doesn't have to mean Torchwood.

  3. Actually, the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is in 2013, and knowing Steven Moffat's dwindling storylines and gloating nature, he'll just cook up one of his own too-confusingly-boring episodes, not bring anyone back because he doesn't believe RTD's writing ever existed, and keep Matt Smith on for another 2 years, because frankly I'm getting a little fed up with him as the Doctor - we need a new one! Not that I minded David Tennant for 3 seasons - he was a bit better than Smith.