About the Knights

The Knights (The Knights of the White Guardian) is a fan group that formed in 1987.  Based out of Western Massachusetts, The Knights, like many fan clubs, produced a monthly newsletter, arranged trips to conventions and had monthly meetings and parties.  In 1997 the club formed a website which has been abandoned for this blog site in 2011.  Our monthly newsletter was printed until 2009 when we went to an all electronic newsletter.  The newsletter stopped completely in May 2011 when this blog site became operational.

In addition to keeping the blog site going, we still have monthly parties and various trips throughout the year.
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What about our events and the Knights’ parties?  We have a free membership tier which consists of a monthly e-mail highlighting not only our blog happenings, but our upcoming events, parties and trips.  To join this list please contact dwhoknight@aol.com

What does the name mean?
The character of the White Guardian was introduced in the Doctor Who television episode The Ribos Operation in September of 1978. The character was the creation of script editor Anthony Read and fleshed by actor Cyril Luckham. Throughout the 16th season of the program, the Doctor travels through time and space as an agent or "pawn of the White Guardian." As part of the Guardian's quest, the Doctor had to collect the six segments of the Key to Time, a powerful time talisman, before he could resume his normal adventures.

The White Guardian was a popular character in Doctor Who fan fiction in the mid-1980's and we wanted to somehow include him in the name of the club. Everyone thought "pawns of the White Guardian" sounded kind of passive so we adopted "Knights of the White Guardian" choosing a somewhat more romantic chess piece to represent ourselves.

Here are links to The Celebration video created in 1997.  It is about our club as seen on our 10th anniversary

Part 4 of the video is no longer available due to copyright by the BBC. I plan on making some changes in hopes of changing this at some point.

Here are some photos from our past -

The Knights at Lake George

United Fan Con

United Fan Con Table

Our table at the convention

Young Curt steps from the TARDIS