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Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

Doctor Who: 
The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon 
By Steven Moffat

"Guys, sorry, but you're way out of time. Now, come on. A bit of history for you. Aren't you proud? Because you helped. Now, do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion. And that's nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars. You just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years, and every single one of them at some point in their lives, will look back at this man, taking that very first step, and they will never, ever forget it."

Series 6 starts off with a bang.  I mean a BIG BANG.  It turns out that the mysterious astronaut in all the promos happens to be the one person to actually kill the Doctor.  I repeat, KILLS THE DOCTOR!  (Well we all know that to be not true after watching The Wedding of River Song.)  It was rumored that someone was going to get killed off in the first episode but you never thought they were serious.  I thought the main storyline for the season was going to be about the Silence but now I'm not sure.  Unless the Doctor's death is resolved in the second part of this story then I believe preventing the Doctor's death will be the main storyline which it ended up being among other things.  The thing that was so clever about this scenario is that the Doctor who dies is 200 years older than the Doctor we have been watching.  The whole thing that makes this complicated is that Amy, Rory and River saw the older Doctor die and are now with the younger Doctor and agree to not tell him what awaits him in the future.  Amy seems to be conflicted with this decision as she believes that the Doctor should be told and apparently will go to lengths to prevent him getting killed.

For the first time in 7 years we finally have a story that opens a new season that isn't silly and way over the top.  I mean the Impossible Astronaut is downright scary.  I was sitting at the edge of my seat watching this episode as I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I was anxious to see what would happen next.  One of the main reasons I liked the Impossible Astronaut is that you have to pay attention to what was going on because if you missed something you will be lost.  Steven Moffat has crammed in so much into this opening episode that it will make your head spin.  Not only did he introduce the Doctors death dilemma he also adds that Amy is now pregnant.  We also see for the first time the new alien The Silence.  This is one cool enemy for the Doctor to fight.  What intrigues me about them is that after you see them they have the power to make you forget that you saw them at all.  So in theory they wipe your memory.  How cool is that.  I think that The Silence will pose to be a big problem for the Doctor as they return in The Wedding of River Song and apparently the regeneration story The Time of The Doctor.

Jamie Alexander Visits Children's Hospital As Lady Sif

In this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas it is good to see a story like this.  Jaimie Alexander dressed as Lady Sif from the Thor movies took time out of her schedule to visit the patients at The Children Hospital of Los Angeles.  She posed for pictures and have away autographed DVD's and posters.  In an age of just reading bad news all the time it is good to have a heart warming story.  So remember this Christmas season to remember those who aren't as fortunate as you.

Doctor Who - Radio Times Cover For "The Time of The Doctor"

Here is the last cover, well possibly, of Matt Smith as The Doctor for the Christmas Special The Time of the Doctor.

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who: 
A Christmas Carol 
By Steven Moffat

“I’m the ghost of Christmas past.”

It’s Christmas time once again and that means it time once again for another Doctor Who Yuletide special.    A Christmas Carol is the sixth Doctor Who Christmas special and the first not to be written by Russell T. Davies.   This time its Steven Moffat’s turn and you can tell the difference.   A Christmas Carol starts off with a bang as the Honeymoon ship that Amy and Rory are on is heading for a crash landing.  It’s up to the Doctor to save them and this time it won’t be by using cheap writer’s tricks like the sonic screwdriver or having the TARDIS put the ship in a tracker beam.

Instead we have the Doctor trying to convince an old heartless man to do the right thing and shut off his machine that controls the sky in order to save all the people on the crashing ship.   A task easier said than done and here is where the story really takes off and shines.  As you probably have guessed from the title of this episode A Christmas Carol is a take on the Charles Dickens classic.   I say a take because the story mainly deals with the past.   The Doctor tries to convince an old Kazran to be a better person by visiting him while he was a kid.    It’s at this point that we find out why Abigail was frozen and what she means to Kazran.  We also find out what makes Kazran a bitter and mean old man that won’t lift one arm to help anyone.   With the help of Amy and Kazrans younger self the Doctor does pull it off and gives us a happy Christmas ending.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

Doctor Who: 
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang 
By Steven Moffat

“Silence will fall.”

The Pandorica Opens was a good start to the season finale. If The Pandorica Opens doesn’t grab your interest right from the start then you should go and watch Stargate or one of those dumb vampire shows. Right from the start when the Van Gogh painting is revealed the excitement of a pretty good episode comes to fruition. Then we have River Song appearing again and meeting up with The Doctor at Stonehenge of all places and during the time of the Roman occupation of Great Britain. Then it gets better. They actually go underneath Stonehenge and find the Pandorica. That’s when things really get moving. The best Cyberman appearance in the new show happens underneath Stonehenge. How cool was it to see Amy getting attacked by a Cyberman head looking for a new occupant. It was neat to see the wires coming out of the neck and wrapping itself around Amy. This one scene in The Pandorica Opens makes the Cybermen scary again and relevant. This story was full of surprises like the return of Rory who in a bit of a swerve ends up being an Auton and appears to kill Amy. 

River Song is trapped inside when the TARDIS mysteriously blows up after River discovers why Amy is crucial to the 11th Doctor. This was a pretty good shocking element that I didn’t see coming. I thought it was pretty clever using The Doctors greatest enemies uniting together to trap the Doctor. They used images from Amy’s mind to get close to The Doctor. Now this is the part that really through me for a loop. Like most people I was expecting something to come out of the Pandorica. I never thought that The Doctor would be the one that gets put into the Pandorica. Now that was pretty clever turning things around and doing the unexpected. That’s what is different from this production crew from the last one. Everything was predictable and the conclusions turned out to be a bit disappointing. You know the good old reset button. 

Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor Review

by Ken Parker

Huge expectations for this 50th Anniversary special and with some incredible Doctor Who events already experienced (An Adventure in Space and Time and the finding of two previously lost classic series) how can “The Day of the Doctor” fair for this fan who has been often critical of the series, especially of late.

Doctor Who: Farewell Matt: The Lodger

Doctor Who: 
The Lodger 
By Gareth Roberts

“Bow ties are cool.”

The Lodger is a nice episode that does not have many complicated scenarios going on. In other words this is a classic filler episode. The Lodger is the last story of the season before the grand finale of the season. So in essence it makes sense to have a light story that doesn’t require much brain work. 

The Lodger is a unique story as it takes place on Earth and the Doctor has lost his TARDIS and Amy. The TARDIS took off without the Doctor due to what was in a house that the Doctor must get into to figure out how to get the TARDIS and Amy back and that means shacking up with a man named Craig.

Sherlock - BBC Confirms January 1st For Sherlocks Return

BBC One has tweeted out that Shelock Series 3 will premiere on January 1st 2014.  It will also show episode two and three on Sunday January 5th and 12th 2014.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: Vincent and The Doctor

Doctor Who:
Vincent and the Doctor
By Richard Curtis

“In future I’m definitely using this screwdriver for driving in screws.”

As a fan of Richard Curtis previous work, most notably his collaboration with Rowan Atkinson, I was anticipating watching this episode right at the moment that it was leaked out that he was writing an episode of Doctor Who.   For those that do not know Richard Curtis is one of the men responsible for writing Black Adder, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and of course Mr. Bean. Since most of his work has been geared towards comedy I was a little bit worried that Vincent and The Doctor might be too silly.

My fears were unwarranted as Vincent and The Doctor was a pretty good episode that had some funny moments. This story was very suspenseful and scary most notably when The Doctor was running away from the Krafayis. Those scenes with the Krafayis were downright scary as the Krafayis was an invisible creature. It was good to see something different like an invisible creature. Seeing the Doctor being helpless and totally dependent on someone else made for a different change of pace where you see the Doctor using his smarts for once.  We have a story where the sonic screwdriver was useless.  I find that the Doctor relies on the sonic screwdriver too much and it is pretty obvious the writers use it as an easy out for some situations. 

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Doctor Who: 
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood 
By Chris Chibnall

“Nobody dies today.”

The Silurians make their return to Doctor Who after a 26 year absence to threaten mankind and take the Earth back for them. These Silurians look a lot different from the ones we have seen in Classic Who. For one they are green not orange, two they do not have their third eye, and three the majority of the warriors are female. So in essence as the Doctor describes this is a different tribe/race of Silurians but not that much different. Except they sting poison into their enemies with a poorly looking cgi tongue.

It is good to see Chris Chibnall deliver a good Doctor Who stories unlike his Torchwood ones and well the one that comes in Series 7 that has Dinosaurs in it. For the most part Chris Chibnall rehashes an old plot line that was used before in the classic series. Silurians wake up and want to take the Earth back from the apes. The Doctor tries to make peace between the two races and of course a human does something stupid and ruins it. Sort of like the 3rd Doctor story The Silurians that came out in 1970. (This is also out on DVD so go buy it and watch it again.) So the originality is not there but the way they intertwined it for today’s audience worked pretty well. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: Amy's Choice

Doctor Who: 
Amy’s Choice 
By Simon Nye

“This is going to be a tricky one.”

Now here is an episode that I truly liked. Amy’s Choice is one of those strange, weird, and bizarre episodes that do not happen all the time. It even has a quirky ending that makes you think that everything is resolved but isn’t. The ending was pretty cool. Just when you thought you had it figured out then bam something else happens. It was definitely a cool way to finish the episode. Speaking of endings it appears that the main protagonist the Dream Lord might not be gone after all as we see a reflection of him on the consul.

I liked that the Dream Lord turned out to be a part of the Doctors sub conscious. Of course, at the time, the fans on the forums were already speculating that the Dream Lord was the Valeyard but that is just really stupid speculation. I mean it was explained that it was an aspect of his sub conscious while the Valeyard was an actual being.  Anyway I liked the character and wouldn’t mind if he made a return visit somewhere in Capaldi’s run.

BBC AMERICA Picks Up Season Two of Atlantis


New York – November 27, 2013 – BBC AMERICA has picked up season two of new fantasy co-production, Atlantis, from the creators of Merlin and Misfits. On November 23, Atlantis delivered the highest rated series premiere ever for Supernatural Saturday with 838,000 total viewers. The 13-part series premieres Saturdays at 9:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA. In the UK, Atlantis is the biggest new Saturday night drama series to launch across all BBC channels since 2006, even up on the launch of hit show Merlin.
Atlantis is an Urban Myth Films production for BBC Cymru Wales co-produced with BBC AMERICA. Executive producers are Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy and Howard Overman for Urban Myth Films. Executive produced for BBC Cymru Wales by Bethan Jones.
Richard De Croce, SVP Programming, BBC AMERICA says: “Atlantis is off to a fantastic start and is the centerpiece of our Saturday nights for the next twelve weeks. We’re committed to bringing our viewers even more entertaining episodes inspired by Greek mythology from Howard and the talented team in season two.”

Capps, Murphy and Overman said: “We are all thrilled at Urban Myth Films that Atlantis has been re-commissioned and look forward to continuing the legend next year.”
Far from home and desperate for answers, Jason washes up on the shores of an ancient land. A mysterious place; a world of bull leaping, of snake haired Goddesses and of palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants – this is the lost city of Atlantis. The series follows the adventures of Jason (Jack Donnelly, Dancing on the Edge), Hercules (Mark Addy, Game of Thrones) and Pythagoras (Robert Emms, War Horse) who battle against some of the most famous names of Greek legend, often in unexpected guises. The show also stars Jemima Rooper (One Chance) as Medusa, Aiysha Hart (About Time) as Ariadne, Sarah Parish (Hatfields & McCoys) as Pasiphae and Juliet Stevenson (The Hour) as The Oracle. All of these characters will return in season two.

2 Dark Horse Collections Released Early For Black Friday!


Victor Santos’s Polar and Kitchen Sink Books’ The Best of Comix Book to make it to comic shops in time for the busiest shopping day of the year!

NOVEMBER 27, MILWAUKIE, OR—As fans around the world fill out their holiday wish lists, Dark Horse announces the early release of two of the year’s most anticipated collections in time for Black Friday! 

Polar: Came from the Cold, by Victor Santos (The Mice Templar), is a guns-blazing espionage action-adventure in the grand tradition of Jim Steranko and Frank Miller. This graphic novel is a brutal, fast-tempo story of revenge that Newsarama says is “as ice-cold as its name.” Though Polar was originally released as a silent webcomic, Santos has crafted a script as hard boiled and intriguing as his art for this hardcover collection.

The Best of Comix Book: When Marvel Comics Went Underground! is a collection of the long-out-of-print underground Comix Book series (1974–1976), originally edited by Denis Kitchen and Stan Lee for Marvel Comics. The collection includes work from underground creators such as Joel Beck, Kim Deitch, Justin Green, Harvey Pekar, Trina Robbins, Art Spiegelman, Skip Williamson, and S. Clay Wilson. The book features an introduction by Lee, a foreword by Kitchen, and an essay by James Vance (Kings in Disguise), accompanied by unpublished artwork, photographs, and correspondence from Kitchen’s archives.

Both Polar: Came from the Cold and The Best of Comix Book: When Marvel Comics Went Underground! move up from an original release date of December 11 to a November 27 on-sale date. 

Now, that’s something to be thankful for! Look for these at your local comic shop next Wednesday!



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Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Vampires of Venice

Doctor Who: 
The Vampires of Venice 
By Toby Whitehouse

“Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine.”

Following the excellent two part Weeping Angel story we are given a story centered on vampires. Well aliens that are vampire like. The Vampires of Venice also brings back Amy’s fiancĂ©e Rory. This is the story in which It Rory will be joining the TARDIS crew as a regular before they kill him off and bring him back. 

This is one of those stories that hardcore fans won’t like all that much but the casual fan will. It is mostly a story that is not the best written story but did have quite a few good moments to keep me entertained. For one I did like the pre credit sequence where the Doctor jumps out of the cake at Rory’s stag. Most notably the part where the Doctor says he thought he jumped out of the wrong cake again. The look on the faces of the partiers was priceless.

BBC AMERICA and NCM FATHOM EVENTS hit $4.77 Million at U.S. Box Office for Doctor Who: Day of the Doctor

$4.77 million at U.S. Box Office
Sets NCM Fathom Events Alternative Content Cinema Events Record

Centennial, Colorado – November 26, 2013 – On Monday, November 25, BBC AMERICA and NCM Fathom Events presented the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebration, Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor in RealD™3D in over 660 select movie theaters across the country. The record setting one-night unaudited theatrical event grosses are estimated to be approximately $4.77 million, according to Rentrak. More than 320,000 tickets were sold, making this Fathom’s most successful one-night event ever.

Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor had the highest per location average revenue Monday night with an estimated $7,155 per location. Overall Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor was No. 2 at the box office on Monday night.

“It's incredible that Doctor Who has made history once again, setting record numbers across the board on BBC AMERICA, in social media, and now in theaters. It's a testament to the fans and their dedication for Doctor Who. We wanted to fulfill the fans desire to be part of the global celebration and they rewarded BBC AMERICA and NCM Fathom Events with their enthusiasm and support,” said Soumya Sriraman, EVP Home Entertainment and Licensing, BBC Worldwide North America.
Doctor Who fans have proven their loyalty and devotion to this series, making it the most successful sci-fi series ever and now the biggest Fathom, one-night event, ever,” said Shelly Maxwell, executive vice president of Fathom Events. “In association with BBC AMERICA, we are thrilled to have given fans the opportunity to watch the Doctor in a whole new way – in 3D on the big screen.”

Fathom Events experienced record-breaking numbers with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary event including pre-sales of 175,000+ tickets and the biggest surge of web traffic in history.

Comic Book Checklist For 11/27/13


Abe Sapien: 1 For $1
BPRD: Vampire:TPB:
Captain Midnight 5
Captain Midnight:THC: Archives: 1-Battles the Nazis
Conan: People Of the Black Circle 2
Criminal Macabre: Eyes of Frankenstein 3
Goon (3) 44
Grendel:TPB: Omnibus 4-Prime
Hellboy: Itty Bitty Hellboy 4
House Of Gold & Bones:TPB:
Mass Effect: Foundation 5
Massive 17
Mind MGMT 17
Mister X:TPB: Eviction
Never Ending 1
Nexus:TPB: Omnibus 4
Polar:HC: Came From the Cold
Robert E Howards Savage Sword 6
Signal to Noise:HGN:
Sledgehammer 44: Lightning War 1
Star Wars: Legacy II 9
Victories: 1 For $1

The Day of the Doctor Catching Fire!!

There are reports online that the one day "The Day of the Doctor" was in the theaters in the US (Monday, November 25) that it beat out Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Other reports state that Doctor Who came in second.  Either way, pretty spectacular when you consider that "The Day of the Doctor" aired for free on TV that weekend.  This points out the dedication to the fans of Doctor Who for sure.

Of course, it was a Monday and it was the only day to see "The Day of the Doctor" so it certainly had an advantage but still....

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Discussion Part 3

Part 3 we discuss some of our personal memories of Doctor Who

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone By @Paul_Bowler

Doctor Who: 
The Time of Angels & Flesh and Stone 
Reviewed by Paul Bowler

"You're not talking to me, sir. The Angel has no voice. It stripped my cerebral cortex from my body and re-animated a version of my consciousness to communicate with you. Sorry about the confusion."

The Doctor (Matt Smith and Amy (Karen Gillan) visit the Delirium Archive, a museum in the distant future, where they find a rather odd exhibit - a flight recorder inscribed with old high Gallifreyan symbols. After discovering it is a the message is from Dr River Song (Alex Kingston), who is currently travelling on the starship Byzantium 12,000 years in the past, the Doctor uses the TARDIS to save her before the ship crash lands on the planet Alfava Metraxis.

While Amy gets acquainted with River Song, and her uncanny relationship with the Doctor, who still doesn’t know who she really is as they keep meeting at different point in his time stream. River tells the Doctor that the Byzantium’s cargo is a deadly Weeping Angel, a quantum locked stone creature that can only move when nobody is looking at it. As they survey the wreckage of the ship, River sends a message to a squad of military clerics in orbit, commanded by Father Octavian (Ian Glen), who beam down to help secure the Angel before the radiation leaking from the ship restores it strength.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Podcast Part 2

We talk about some of the other happenings celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

Comic Books - Mark Waid Relaunches Daredevil For Marvel Now

With the news of the regular series ending with Febuary's issue 36 fans were sadden that the popular writer Mark Waid's run had finished.  Now that is not true as in true to Marvel form they have decided to reboot the series and give us yet another number 1 which comes out in March as part of the Marvel Now imprint.  Gotta love Marvel Comics and relaunching their titles every year. The new series will move Daredevil from New York City to San Fransisco.  I liked the original run by Mark Waid and am looking forward to reading the continuation of his run even if it is a relaunch.

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: Victory of the Daleks

Doctor Who:
Victory of the Daleks
By Mark Gatiss

“You didn’t know them Amy. You’ve never seen them before and you should have done. You should.”

A story on paper that looked like it could have been a classic but falls short. The story looked promising. You have World War Two, Winston Churchill and the Daleks what could go wrong. Well how about British war planes flying in space with the aid of an antigravity saucer.  But it gets better that as the planes takes out the Dalek ship’s weapon that was focused on London. That was a really pretty hokey moment of the episode right there.  Well along with the Dalek android bomb that can destroy the Earth.  The character of Bracewell was kind of weak especially when he remembers a female acquaintance that helps defuse the bomb.

The introduction of the new style Daleks was pretty clever using pure Dalek DNA to create a new race of Daleks.  Actually they must have a share of stock with the toy company to come up with all those colored Daleks. You know like a bag of Skittles.  I think the new look Daleks looked pretty OK but really liked the old style and these new style just look so bulky and colorful. At this point when I originaly watched it I thought it would be good to give the Daleks a rest as I’m tired of seeing them every season and sometimes it is good to give something a rest and bring them back better than ever. 

The Bent Bullet: JFK and the Mutant Conspiracy | X-Men Days of Future Past

William Shatner On Turkey Frying Safety

Here is a funny but serious video about turkey frying safety.  It is funny and William Shatner does a great job with this.  Happy Thanksgiving and remember to not do what Captain Kirk did when frying a turkey.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who - The Day of the Doctor Reviewed in Podcast

Our Knights recorded a podcast review of The Day of the Doctor a short time after the episode aired on November 23, 2013.  We talked about the story and gave our opinions.  Thanks to Rob, Jeff, Ken and Annie for taking part - it was good to share the experience with them and all who showed up for the viewing.

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 which has us discussing An Adventure in Space and Time, The Five(ish) Doctors and other anniversary happenings as well as some of our best Doctor Who memories.

Sherlock - Series 3 Returns At Christmas

The BBC have announced on Facebook that Sherlock Series Three will begin on Christmas day. The first of three 90 minute episodes will herald the return of Sherlock from the dead and reunite with Watson.  No time has been given yet.

Doctor Who - Christmas Special Title and First Promo Pic Released

The BBC have released the first promo picture for this years Christmas Special which is titled 'The Time of The Doctor".  This is of course the last story to feature Matt Smith as The Doctor as he regenerates and Peter Capaldi takes over on Christmas Day.

BBC AMERICA's Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Delivers Record Ratings








New York – November 25, 2013 – BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who and new Supernatural Saturday series Atlantis broke records on Saturday, November 23. Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, delivered 3.6 million viewers in L+SD for the daytime simulcast and primetime encore. On Saturday, BBC AMERICA was the #1 cable network on Twitter, Doctor Who was #1 on Twitter in all of television and the series set a record on Tumblr with the highest level of activity of any televised event ever, surpassing the Super Bowl and MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor global simulcast on BBC AMERICA at 2:50pm ET delivered the channel its best telecast ever in L+SD, 2.4 million total viewers and 1.2 million among A25-54. In addition to its premiere on BBC AMERICA, the channel presented sold-out RealD™3D simulcast screenings in eleven cities for eleven Doctors on Saturday. 

Doctor Who earned the Guinness World Record for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama following a massive global campaign which saw the episode broadcast in 94 countries across 6 continents.

“The fan response on-air, in social media and in theaters across the country has been nothing short of incredible. The 50th Anniversary of this extraordinary program has cemented its iconic status for millions of American viewers and we can't wait for the Christmas Special,” said Perry Simon, General Manager for BBC AMERICA.

BBC AMERICA’s new fantasy series, Atlantis, delivered the highest rated series premiere ever for Supernatural Saturday with 838,000 total viewers. From the creators of Merlin and Misfits, the 13-part series airing Saturdays at 9:00pm ET, brings to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends re-imagined for a new generation. 

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary celebration continues tonight (11/25) with BBC AMERICA and NCM Fathom Events presenting RealD™3D screenings in over 660 select movie theaters across the US. Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor is NCM Fathom Event’s most successful one-night event to date, with record-breaking pre-sales of 175,000+ tickets and the highest web traffic in history. Theaters are sold out across the country from New York to Los Angeles; Chicago to Orlando; and Dallas to Seattle, among many more markets. 

Additional key successes include:
· Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor is the #1 season and episode on iTunes and #1 episode on Amazon’s television chart within 24 hours of release.

· #1 most downloaded episode of 2013 for BBC Worldwide on iTunes (based on first day of sale).

· In social media, BBC AMERICA ranked as the #1 entertainment network in U.S. cable for the week.

· On Tumblr, there were 14.5 million views of BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who Tumblr on November 23.

· On Twitter, Doctor Who overall generated a total of 1.83 million tweets, topping everything on cable for the week.

· On GetGlue, Doctor Who recorded the most activity ever for a single show smashing the previous record held by Breaking Bad.

· On November 23, had its best day ever with over 1.375 million global page views. and its Anglophenia blog had its best week ever in page views and uniques.

Doctor Who: The Day of The Doctor will be available as a Blu-ray combo pack or DVD on Tuesday, December 10. Written by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor stars the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, companion Jenna Coleman, with Billie Piper and John Hurt.

This Christmas, BBC AMERICA will premiere Matt Smith’s final episode, Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, where Smith’s Eleventh Doctor will regenerate into the next Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. 

Trendrr.TV. Tumblr Analytics. Union Metrics.
Nielsen Media Research, L+SD

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Beast Below

Doctor Who: 
The Beast Below 
By Steven Moffat

“What I always do. Stay out of trouble, badly.”

Amy Ponds first trip in the TARDIS is to the future. The Doctor brings her to the United Kingdom of Britain a spaceship colony floating in space. There the adventure begins as there is a mystery to solve which is centered on where the missing kids have been taken and what is the deal with the villainous Smilers.

This was a pretty average story with a good abundance of things going on to keep you interested. The Beast Below is your average story about humans mistreating an animal or in this case a space creature that happens to be the last of its kind. This is the type of story that is about the moral dilemma about who to save. Either save the creature or the humans the Doctor must choose. Yet again Doctor Who starts off with a new companion by going to the future and then the past. This time it is the future while the next story is set during World War 2. It is a tad bit predictable doing stuff like which continues with Clara. Maybe when Clara replacement arrives they do something different like future future or past past or something like that

Comic Books - Dark Horse Presents: STAR WARS BLACK FRIDAY!


For 72 hours, Dark Horse Digital will offer 150 single-issue Star Wars comics for $100! A savings of over $300!

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Over 3,500 pages of Star Wars goodness! This sale goes live at midnight (PST), Friday, November 29, and runs through midnight, Sunday, December 1. 

Get this MegaBundle here:, before Chewie punches it, and it jumps to hyperspace!

The free Dark Horse Digital comics app is now available worldwide through all modern web browsers and features cloud storage in both the Android and iOS apps. 

Stop by Dark Horse Digital and get all the Star Wars comics you could want and more!

Doctor Who - Farewell Matt: The Eleventh Hour

Doctor Who: 
The Eleventh Hour  
By Steven Moffat

“Do I have a face that no one listens to, again?”

Well the waiting is over and the Matt Smith era is finally under way and it wasn’t much of a wait back in 2010.  Sure we saw about 30 seconds of him at the end of The End of Time but now we have his first story and 65 minutes worth.  Well worth is the key word here as many fans watched with anticipation. Was it worth it?  The hype, the buildup, the interviews and clips of Matt Smith and Steven Moffat selling us on his version of Doctor Who. Would they be up to the challenge of the highly popular series of the past 5 years? More importantly could Matt Smith live up to the popularity of David Tennant who was so popular?

Well so far the answer is yes. So far Matt Smith has been excellent. Is he as good as David Tennant?  Well that isn’t for me to say but you would have to say he is on par with him. At the time of The 11th Hour I needed a whole body of work to make that comparison and now we have that. So far though, after watching The 11th Hour my first impression was this new guy is pretty good. I’d like what I had seen so far from Matt Smith and it got me pretty excited for the rest of the series.