Friday, May 29, 2015

Doctor Who - Billie Piper To Appear At Boston Comic Con

Billie Piper will be a guest at this years Boston Comic Con on July 31st and August 1st.  She will be appearing on Friday and Saturday only.  Photo tickets go on sale June 15th and other tickets will be later.  Tickets for the con are on sale now.

Doctor Who - Episode 4 of the Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Here is the new episode of the BBC Doctor Who Youtube channel The Fan where they look at Doctor Who invading the world.

Doctor Who - Karen Gillan Talks Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Karen Gillan was on Comedy Bang! Bang! and was dishing some secrets for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  She does give some stuff away so if you want to be spoiler free for the sequel then you should look away.

Doctor Who - Karen Gillan Interview From Denver Comic Con By Nine Year Old Girl

Karen Gillan was interviewed by a nine year old girl last weekend at the Denver Comic Con.  Below is the interview which is pretty good as she answers questions about Guardians of the Galaxy and of course Doctor Who.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Doctor Who - Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez Headline SDCC Doctor Who Panel

For those of you lucky enough to have tickets to this years SDCC you will have the opportunity to see Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez at The Doctor Who panel.  The panel will be on Thursday July 9th in Hall H.  The time hasn't been announced for the panel on the opening day of the convention but I'm sure dedicated and crazy Doctor Who fans will be camping out all night and day to get a glimpse of Peter Capaldi at his first appearance at the biggest convention this year.

Doctor Who - Four Doctors Issue 1 Preview (Spoilers)

Titan Comics have released a 6 page preview for its summer event Four Doctors.  Now the pages do reveal who the fourth Doctor will be in this adventure so tread carefully but I'm guessing most of you have guessed which Doctor it already is.  The adventure starts August 12th.

Doctor Who - Big Finish Announces Early Adventures Series 2 and Beyond

The second series of The Early Adventures will feature all the companions from the second Doctor era including a new actor to play Ben who was originally played by the late Michael Craze.  Frazer Hines will be in all four stories of series two as he will be playing both Jamie and the Second Doctor. Reprising their roles will be Anneke Wills as Polly, Deborah Watling as Victoria and Wendy Padbury as Zoe.  Elliot Chapman will be joining the TARDIS crew as the new voice of Ben.

Big Finish has announced that Series Three,Four and Five have gone on sale for pre order along with Series Two. The First Doctor Companions will be back in 2016 in Series 3.  That is good news for fans of the 60's era of Doctor Who as we will be getting 16 Adventures from the black and white era.
Below is a synopsis for the upcoming Series 2 which comes out in September.

The Yes Men 
By Simon Guerrier

Doctor Who - Out Today!! Doctor Who Magazine 487 Details and Wrap Around Cover

Out today in the UK and next month in the US is Doctor Who Magazine 487 which sports a pretty cool looking wrap around cover.  Below is the details of what you can expect when you pick up your new issue of Doctor Who Magazine.


Planet Earth! It’s been attacked, invaded – even moved across the galaxy! Bu thanks to the Doctor, our world endures. Doctor Who Magazine tells the remarkable story of our planet and the many challenges it has faced…


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doctor Who - Series 9 Filming Pics

The Doctor Who Instagram page has posted some more pictures to tease us with and there is one in particular of interest that will make you scratch your head and speculate for a while.

New Comic Book Checklist For May 27th


Conan: The Avenger 14
Conan:TPB: Savage Sword of Conan 19
Elfquest: Final Quest 9
Fight Club 2: 1
Frankenstein: Underground 3
Halo: Escalation 18
Mister X: Razed 4
Order of the Forge 2
Pastaways 3
Tomb Raider 16


Batgirl (4):TPB: 5-Deadline
Batman 66: 23
Batman: Adventures:TPB: 2
Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight:TPB 4
Convergence 8

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Doctor Who - Cover To Doctor Who Magazine 487

This week sees a new Doctor Who Magazine released and it will look in depth of all the invasions of Earth.  Plus fans of 80's Doctor Who will be interested to read a lost interview with former producer John Nathan - Turner.  Out Thursday in the UK.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Doctor Who Parody

I am usually not a big fan of parodies but this one, by The Hillwood Show is outstanding.  The amount of work these sisters put into their work is amazing.  The Lord of the Rings and especially the Supernatural are incredible.  If you are a Supernatural fan, you have to watch that one.


Eye on Sci-Fi - Mad Max, Twin Peaks and 4K Technology, is it for Sci-Fi fans?

May 22
By Ken Parker

The summer movie season is ramping into high gear and what better way to start it off (besides watching The Avengers) is to experience Mad Max: Fury Road.  Good news for Twin Peaks fans and I look at the new home theater technology coming out this year.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Doctor Who - Episode 3 of Doctor Who The Fan Show

Doctor Who - City of Death Book Cover and Synopsis

Out now in the UK is the Douglas Adams 4th Doctor story City of Death.  First aired in September and October 1979 the City of Death starred Tom Baker and Lalla Ward and is the next Douglas Adams story to be novelized as The Pirate Planet is due next.  So for those who want to complete their Doctor Who Television Novelizations  this one is a long time coming and sure to look good in your collection.  Now if they can get the rights to do Eric Saward's Dalek stories.

City of Death
Written by James Goss, based on the story by Douglas Adams
Published in hardback 21st May 2015 

The Doctor takes Romana for a holiday in Paris - a city which, like a fine wine, had a bouquet all of its own. Especially if you visit during one of the vintage years. But the TARDIS takes them to 1979, a table-wine year, a year whose vintage is soured by cracks - not in their wine glasses but in the very fabric of time itself.

Soon the Time Lords are embroiled in an audacious alien scheme which encompasses home-made time machines, the theft of the Mona Lisa, the resurrection of the much-feared Jagaroth race, and the beginning (and quite possibly the end) of all life on Earth.

Aided by British private detective Duggan, whose speciality is thumping people, the Doctor and Romana must thwart the machinations of the suave, mysterious Count Scarlioni - all twelve of him - if the human race has any chance of survival.

But then, the Doctor's holidays tend to turn out a bit like this.

City of Death is one of the best-loved serials in the show's 50-year history and was watched by over 16 million viewers when first broadcast.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Doctor Who - 10th Anniversary of NuWho: The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances Review

Doctor Who
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
By Steven Moffat

“What's life? Life's easy. A quirk of matter. Nature's way of keeping meat fresh. Nothing to a nanogene. One problem, though. These nanogenes, they're not like the ones on your ship. This lot have never seen a human being before. Don't know what a human being's supposed to look like. All they've got to go on is one little body, and there's not a lot left. But they carry right on. They do what they're programmed to do. They patch it up. Can't tell what's gasmask and what's skull, but they do their best. Then off they fly, off they go, work to be done. Because, you see, now they think they know what people should look like, and it's time to fix all the rest. And they won't ever stop. They won't ever, ever stop. The entire human race is going to be torn down and rebuilt in the form of one terrified child looking for its mother, and nothing in the world can stop it!”

The Doctor and Rose are chasing a metal cylinder through the time vortex.  It is a high priority and The Doctor uses the TARDIS computers to lock in on it and follows it to Earth.  They land in London in the year 1941 during the height of German bombing blitz.  The problem is it will be difficult for The Doctor and Rose to find the cylinder as it is war time and the army is guarding it.  Rose wanders off and ends up getting caught hanging onto the rope of a barrage balloon as she was trying to help a kid on a roof wearing a gas mask.  She is soon rescued by the mysterious Captain Jack Harkness who knows where the cylinder is and wants to sell it for profit and wants to make a deal with Rose and The Doctor.

Doctor Who - 10 Years of Captain Jack

Today is the 10th anniversary of the first appearance of Captain Jack played by John Barrowman.  Captain Jack made his debut in the 9th Doctor story The Empty Child written by Steven Moffat.  Hard to believe it has been 10 years since he first graced our TV screens and who would have imagined what he would get to after his debut.  Below are two videos the BBC released today commemorating his first appearance.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Doctor Who - Out Today 11th Doctor Issue 12 Cover and Preview

Out today is the 11th Doctor comic book issue 12.  This months book starts a new story arc as The Doctor tries and figures out an ancient mystery.

Doctor Who - Titan Releases All Covers For Doctor Who Comics Day

Titan Comics has released all the covers that will be gracing the comic books for their summer event Doctor Who Comics Day in August.  The story boasts four Doctors in this 5 week event and the last cover reveals who the fourth Doctor will be.

New Comic Books Checklist For May 20th


Angel + Faith: Season 10:TPB 2-Lost + Found 2
Apocalyptigirl:TPB: An Aria for the End Times
Archie vs. Predator 2
BPRD: Hell on Earth 131 (Part 22)
BPRD: Plague of Frogs:TPB: 4
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Season 10: 15
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 10
Ei8ht 4
Goon: Once Upon A Hard Time 3
Grendel vs. Shadow:THC:
Groo: Friends And Foes 5
Mind MGMT 33
Resident Alien: Sam Hain Mystery 1
Shaper 3
Strain: Night Eternal 9
Usagi Yojimbo 145


Batman: Detective Comics (2):THC: 6-Icarus
Batman: Detective Comics (2):TPB: 5-Gothopia
Convergence 7
Convergence: Adventures of Superman 2
Convergence: Batman + the Outsiders 2

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Doctor Who - Merchandise Revealed For Doctor Who Comics Day

Below is the items that will be available on August 15th for Doctor Who Comics Day.  Reserve yours at your local comic book store.

Doctor Who - Out Today In The USA "The Cybermen DVD"

Out today in the USA and Canada is The Cybermen DVD.  This collection of Cybermen stories from NuWho features stories from the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors.  It also has a bonus story the 5th Doctor adventure Earthshock.  Below is the contents of the 2 disc set.

See the beginnings of the terrifying Cybermen in this thrilling Doctor Who compilation. Few villains in the fantastical world of Doctor Who spark such terror as the dreaded Cybermen - the murderous cyborgs with a bone chilling lack of emotion. This special release features iconic episodes of both the new and classic series showcasing the genesis and increasingly frightful transformations of these creatures, plus all new bonus content tying together the history of these fan favorite monsters.

"Army of Ghosts" (Part 1) and "Doomsday" (Part 2),
starring David Tennant as the 10th Doctor (Season 2)

"Closing Time," starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (Season 6)

"Nightmare in Silver," starring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor (Season 7)

"Dark Water" (Part 1) and "Death in Heaven" (Part 2),
starring Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor (Season 8)

Bonus: "Story #122: Earthshock," starring Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor

Bonus: "Cybermen Origins" Featurette: A New Documentary chronicling
the creation of the dreaded monsters (20 minutes)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Doctor Who - Steven Moffat Signs Up For Series 10

It has being making the rounds this weekend that Steven Moffat has signed on to be the show runner for Series 10 of Doctor Who.  There have been two interviews that he has made the statement that he will be back for another series.  He said it in this quote at the end of an interview with the Wales Online.

“Having just signed up for another year of Doctor Who, and with the ongoing success of Sherlock, Moffat’s place in the Tardis of broadcasting in Wales looks secure. And for that, we really can be very grateful.”

He also said the same thing this past Thursday in NYC at a fan event which may be the same place the Wales Online pickup on this news.  If anything it looks like we have Steven Moffat for at least one more series after series 9 airs.

Doctor Who - Series 9 Filming Pics

Here is another batch of filming pics from the Doctor Who Instagram site.  Classic Who fans will see something that has been updated from the Patrick Troughton era.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Mad Max: Fury Road" Review: Beyond Thunderdumb

"Wait a minute. Didn't I wear something like this in 'The Dark Knight Rises'"?
Wow, the "Mad Max" reboot is dumb.

And fun. Let's not forget fun. Lots of action - crashes, special effects, things blowing up, etc. If that's what entertains you during Summer Blockbuster Season, then go see "Mad Max: Fury Road" and you won't be disappointed. You get two hours of nearly non-stop, heart-pounding, adrenalin-fueled ... dumbness.

The plot is simple. A one-armed Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) is on a mission to lead a small band of escapees from the hellish Citadel as they search for The Promised Land (called The Green Place). Along the way, she forges an uneasy alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy).

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Marvel vs. DC - Spider-Man, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, The New Mutants

May 16

By Ken Parker

I set out to do this column monthly but there is just too much information going on right now.  We have trailers for two new superhero series starting next season including Supergirl. With The Avengers: Age of Ultron topping 1 billion in the box office, what do we think is going to happen next year with Captain America: Civil War? And has marvel found it's Spider-Man?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Doctor Who - The Fan Show Episodes 1 and 2

A new show on the BBC Doctor Who Youtube channel brings us a show with the fans point of view. Below is the first two episodes of the show and it isn't that bad. The first episode focuses on the return of Osgood and the second on what we know about Series Nine.  Glad to see more original content lately on the different avenues like Youtube.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Doctor Who - 10th Anniversary of NuWho: Father's Day Review

Doctor Who:
Father’s Day
By Paul Cornell

“I did it again. I picked another stupid ape. I should've known. It's not about showing you the universe. It never is. It's about the universe doing something for you.”

Rose asks The Doctor to take her back to November 7th 1987 the day that her Dad died.  She wants to be sure he doesn’t die alone like the way he does in the story that Jackie tells.  At first Rose gets cold feet and she just watches him die and asks The Doctor if she can try again.  Against his better judgment he reluctantly agrees and they go back to that fateful moment. But it doesn’t go as planned.

Rose changes her mind and runs out and saves her father from getting hit by the car that takes his life changing history and making The Doctor extremely angry.  The web of time has been affected and serious consequences could happen. The Doctor decides to leave Rose in 1987 but when he gets back to the TARDIS it is nothing but an ordinary Police Box.  Something devastating has happened as deadly Reapers start appearing out of nowhere killing people.  You see while Pete Tyler lives Earth is destined to be destroyed and The Doctor must come up with a plan to save the Earth from Rose’s stupid mistake at the risk of hurting his young companion.

Doctor Who - Trailer For Doctor Who 's India Debut

Doctor Who will be coming to India starting tomorrow May 15th.  All eight series will be shown on the India channel FX.  Doctor Who has truly become a global success and now the people of India have a lot of Doctor Who to catch up on.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eye of Sci-Fi - Person of Interest, The X-Files and when shows end

Mid May 2015
By Ken Parker

This session I spend a fair amount of time looking at some TV shows which ended in seasons past following the news that Person of Interest has been renewed for only 13 episodes.  We also hear more X-Files information and look back in time at a previously lost fantasy film and ahead in time to a new Luc Besson film.

Supergirl Trailer

And here it is.

Doctor Who - Titan Releases Info On Its Summer Doctor Who 5 Week Event

Titan Comics has announced its comic book event for their Doctor Who comics day.  This is the second time they have done this as last year they released their 10th and 11th Doctor comic books and gave away San Diego Comic Con exclusives.  No word on merchandise yet but they have released the covers for a five week mini series featuring four Doctors.  We know three of them but the fourth one is a mystery.


5-part weekly event written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Neil Edwards, stars Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors and their comics companions!The weekly event, running through August and

Doctor Who - Sneak Peak and Synopsis For 10th Doctor Issue 10

Today sees the release of a new story line for the 10th Doctor and Gabby. This time their travels have them up against a new foe The Echo. Will The Doctor save everyone in time before insanity takes hold.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #10


Gabby and the Doctor are back in New York after a terrifying excursion into the past, catching up

New Comic Book Checklist For May 12th

Abe Sapien 23
Aliens: Fire And Stone:TPB:
Flood:HGN: Novel In Pictures (Fourth Edition)
Harrow County 1
Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island 3
Lady Killer 5
Rebels 2
Tomb Raider:TPB: 2-Secrets And Lies

Arrow: Season 2.5: 8
Astro City 23
Batman (2) 40.2 (Second Print)
Batman: Arkham Knight 4
Batman: Arkham Riddler:TPB:
Batman:THC: Dark Knight Unwrapped David Finch Deluxe Edition
Batman:THC: Robin the Boy Wonder: Celebration of 75 Years

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Doctor Who - Ingrid Oliver Teases Whats To Come For Osgood

Doctor Who - Lego Game Dimensions To Feature 12th Doctor

The Lego site released a picture showing the 12th Doctor and K- 9 in an advert that shows that they will be in the new Lego game Dimensions.  The game while not set in the Whoniverse will have a bunch of adventures which you will have to buy several packs to play.  So far we only know that the 12th Doctor is in it.  Hopefully more Doctors will be added and now what we need to see if there will be any Doctor Who Lego sets to build.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For Last of the Cybermen

The countdown to 200 continues as the 6th Doctor takes center stage in release number 199.  He is joined by Jamie and Zoe and face a mainstay villain from the 2nd Doctor era The Cybermen.  You can get this audio adventure from the Big Finish website.

It's been ten years since the final assault on Telos, the last act of the Great Cyber War. Thanks to the Glittergun, humanity prevailed – and the half-machine Cybermen were utterly obliterated. 

Out on the furthest fringes of the galaxy, however, they left their mark – in the form of a giant Cyber-head, hundreds of feet high. A monument? A memorial? A tomb? The Doctor, the Cybermen's most indefatigable adversary, sets out to investigate... but he fails to return to his TARDIS. Leaving the Ship, his two companions – brave Highlander Jamie MacCrimmon, and super-intelligent Zoe Heriot – find a stranger in the Doctor's place. A stranger in a coat of many colours, who insists that he's the Doctor – transposed in time and space with one of his former selves...

But why here? Why now? Has the universe really seen the last of the Cybermen..?

Written By: Alan Barnes
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe), Lucy Liemann (Zennox), Keiran Hodgson (Findel), Nicholas Farrell (Captain Frank), Nicholas Briggs (Cybermen)

Friday, May 8, 2015


UNIT scientist Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver, returns to Doctor Who for season nine. Having been killed by Missy (Michelle Gomez) in the show’s season eight finale ‘Death in Heaven’, Steven Moffat decides to bring back the Doctor’s biggest fan.

Steven Moffat, lead writer and Executive Producer, said: “Osgood is back, fresh from her recent murder at the end of last series. We recently confirmed that Osgood was definitely dead and not returning - but in a show about time travel, anything can happen. The brilliant Ingrid Oliver is back in action. This time though, can the Doctor trust his number one fan?"

Doctor Who - An Ordinary Life Review

Doctor Who:
An Ordinary Life
By Matt Fitton
Starring Peter Purves and 
Jean Marsh

While escaping from the Daleks the TARDIS makes an emergency landing in London in the 1950’s. Steven and Sarah rush over to The Doctor who has collapsed.  They go outside as the TARDIS more or less has pushed them out to save them from what is caused it to make the emergency landing.  Out in the cold and snowy streets of London Steven and Sarah find help and shelter from Joe and Audrey. Joe and Audrey are immigrants from the Caribbean and struggling to make a living with a new born and the constant racist harassments.  But despite all that they take the three travelers in and help them out.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Doctor Who - 10th Anniversary of NuWho: The Long Game Review

Doctor Who:
The Long Game
By Russell T. Davies

“And no one's going to stop you because you've bred a human race that doesn't bother to ask questions. Stupid little slaves, believing every lie. They'll just trot right into the slaughter house if they're told it's made of gold.”

The Doctor, Rose and Adam arrive on Satellite 5 in the year 200,000 which is during The Fourth Great and Bountiful Earth Empire.  They do a little bit of exploring and find out that Satellite 5 main job is to send information across the Earth Empire.   Lots of stuff goes on in Satellite 5 like how they do the information sending which is pretty strange in itself as the computer is interfaced from a chip they implant in you.  The highest upgrade has the info downloaded into your brain directly.

Doctor Who - Cover For Return To Telos Revealed

The August release and the series four finale for The Fourth Doctor Adventures Return to Telos has had it's cover released.  This story features the Cybermen and also guest stars Frazer Hines as Jamie and takes place during The Tomb of the Cybermen.  I'm pretty curious to see how Big Finish pulls this one off.  Preorder details at the link below.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Marvel vs. DC - Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman, Death of Superman, Flash, Suicide Squad and the problem with Female Superheroes

May 2015
By Ken Parker

This imaginary battle is heating up both on TV and in movies. While DC has been sluggish in getting going, Marvel is hitting the target with The Avengers: Age of Ultron. DC is fairing better on TV but Marvel is gaining some momentum.

Read more about Gotham, Flash, Arrow, Suicide Squad, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman vs. Superman and Agents of SHIELD.  We also see that Marvel is not perfect.

Doctor Who - Series 9 Filming Pics

The BBC Doctor Who Instagram page has released a few more pics and one of them is spoilerish.  It does show a really good picture of one of the aliens or a battle suit of some kind.  If you don't want to see it do not press read more.

Comic Book Checklist For May 6th

Angel And Faith: Season 10: 14
Baltimore: Cult of the Red King 1
Concrete Park:THC: 2-Respect
Dragon Age:THC: World of Thedas 2
EC Archives:THC: Shock SuspenStories 3
Neverboy 3
Rat God 4
Strain:TPB: 5-Night Eternal
Usagi Yojimbo: Senso:THC:
Witcher Fox Children 2

Batman:HGN: Earth One 2
Batman/Superman:THC: 3-Second Chance
Batman/Superman:TPB: 2-Game Over
Convergence 5

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For Suburban Hell

A new month another batch of Big Finish audio adventures.  May sees the release of the fifth release in Series four of the 4th Doctor Adventures.  The Doctor and Leela invite themselves to a dinner party only to find out that something isn't quite right.  Suburban Hell also has a guest star whose voice will sound familiar to NuWho fans.  You can order Suburban Hell  from the Big Finish website.

Somewhere in a suburb of North London, there's a crisis. More than a crisis, a positive disaster: Belinda and Ralph are expecting four for supper, and there's no Marie Rose sauce for the Prawns Marie Rose. All in all, the evening couldn't possibly get any worse...

Until the doorbell rings, bringing the Doctor and Leela to the dinner party. They've got a crisis, too – temporal ruckage has sent the TARDIS to another time zone entirely. Meaning they might have to endure a whole evening in Belinda's company.

But the Doctor and Leela aren't the only uninvited guests tonight. There's a strange fog falling, out in the road. And in that fog: savage blue-skinned monsters, with dinner party plans of their own. Because it's not Prawns Marie Rose on their menu – it's people!

Written By: Alan Barnes
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Katy Wix (Belinda), Raymond Coulthard (Ralph), Annette Badland (Thelma)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor John Dorney
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs