Monday, October 31, 2016

Class - “The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo” Review

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo 
By Patrick Ness

Ram is struggling with the events that have befallen him with the death of his girlfriend and the loss of his leg. He’s trying to get used to the new leg and playing soccer at the same time and it isn’t going well as Coach Dawson is on him for his declining performance and drops him to the second team.  Ram also notices that something strange is going on as he has witnessed two school faculty get killed by a strange creature that looks like a dragon.

Tanya, Charlie and April want to help Ram but he keeps pushing them away as he doesn’t want to talk about it.  Until they see the dragon for themselves as it has a striking resemblance to the tattoo on Coach Dawson’s arm and back.  Ms. Quill on the other hand has her hands filled with a reviewer of her class and teaching technics and he isn’t all that he appears to be.  It’s just another day at Coal Hill School with a killer dragon on the loose.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Doctor Who - "The Power of the Daleks" DVD Extras and Cover Art Revealed

The BBC have reveled the DVD extras and cover art for the upcoming release The Power of the Daleks.  There are extras also for when it is released first on the BBC Store which will not be available on the DVD release.  The Power of the Daleks episode one will be released on Saturday November 5th at 5:50PM UK time and each episode will be released on consecutive days after.  The DVD will be released on Monday November 21st in the UK.  No word on a North America release yet but it will air on BBC America on November 19th.


Doctor Who - The Wheel in Space Review

Continuing Our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Cybermen

Doctor Who:
The Wheel in Space
By David Whitaker 
and Kit Pedler

“You know our ways. You must be destroyed.”

After saying their farewells to Victoria The Doctor makes an emergency landing, due to the mercury fluid link exploding, on what appears to be an abandon spaceship. The pair end up exploring the ship in hopes of finding some Mercury when The Doctor suspects they are not alone after all.  The ship is being controlled by the Servo Robot and he is doing what his masters have programmed to do.  Pilot the ship to the Wheel and release debris towards the Wheel.  The Servo Robot notice there are others on the ship and proceeds to handle the situation as it pilots the ship hard off course causing The Doctor to lose his balance and hit his head taking him out of commission.

Jamie is on his own to deal with the Servo Robot but not before it accomplishes its orders and starts the activation of two strange spherical objects in the ship.  Jamie and The Doctor are soon saved by the crew of the Wheel and Jamie gets himself in trouble by sabatoging the lazer as he was trying to save the TARDIS from being destroyed inside the spaceship.  Unfortunately that act by Jamie was poorly timed as the two figures in the sphere are Cybermen and they plan on taking over the Wheel as a launching point to invade Earth.  As usual it’s up to The Doctor to save the day and stop the Cybermen from taking over the Wheel.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

BBC America Trailer For Doctor Who - The Power of the Daleks

Doctor Who Comic Book Preview and Covers for October 26th

Out today at your local comic book store is 11th Doctor 2.14 and it continues with the Time War storyline. Will The Doctor be able to clear his name from what he did in the Time War?  Find out in the latest Doctor Who comic book by Titan Comics.

The year-long chase is reaching its final straight! Armed with revelations from the Time War, but challenged by resistance within his own ranks, the Doctor faces his most difficult hour yet as he battles to clear his name! Having plunged into the depths of darkness in his quest for the truth, can he re-emerge triumphant?

Writer: Si Spurrier
Artist: Simon Fraser
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: October 26

Cover A: Alex Ronald
Cover B: Will Brooks Photo
Cover C: Simon Myers – Watercolor Variant

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Class - For Tonight We Might Die Review (Mild Spoilers)

For Tonight We Might Die
By Patrick Ness

So here we are with the beginning of a new spin off series of Doctor Who with Class.  Doctor Who has had two successful spinoff series with Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures and now we have Class written by Patrick Ness and available on the streaming channel that is BBC 3 and iPlayer.  Class is the creation of Young Adult author Patrick Ness and Steven Moffat has tapped him to come up with this series of eight episodes that takes place in Coal Hill School.

For those not familiar with Coal Hill School it was first introduced in 1963’s An Unearthly Child. The Doctors granddaughter Susan was enrolled there and caught the curiosity of two of her school teachers Ian and Barbara and well you know the rest of the story.  Coal Hill School would be featured again in 1988’s Remembrance of the Daleks and would be a focal point in NuWho as Clara would have a teaching job there.  So now we have a new series taking place at Coal Hill School with a bunch of students and one teacher as its protector all with The Doctor’s blessing.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Details on The Torchwood Archive

Out now is a special Torchwood audio adventure that celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Torchwood. The Torchwood Archive is a feature length story that features most of the cast from the audio series. You can order this special release from the Big Finish website.

The Torchwood Archive

"Welcome, visitor. The Torchwood Archive provides a complete history of our Institute from its distant beginnings to the present day. When we founded our great enterprise in the year of our Lord 1879, we decreed that there should be a record of this achievement, stored at the very furthest limits of the British Empire. By visiting you are spreading that legacy, perhaps out through the skies. For now, I shall bid you a good day and welcome you to the Torchwood Archive. Do, please look around."

The Torchwood Archive is a forgotten asteroid in the centre of a great war. Jeremiah is its first visitor in many centuries. He's come to learn something very important. And the ghosts of Torchwood are waiting for him.

Written By: James Goss
Directed By: Scott Handcock

John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness), Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones), Naoko Mori (Toshiko Sato), Indira Varma (Suzie Costello), Kai Owen (Rhys Williams), Tom Price (Andy Davidson), Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman), Richie Campbell (Jeremiah Bash Henderson), Rowena Cooper (Queen Victoria), Julian Lewis Jones (Alex Hopkins), Samuel Barnett (Norton Folgate), David Warner (The Committee), Emma Reeves (Miss Trent), Krystian Godlewski (Maxim Ivanov), Guy Adams (Archie), Geoffrey Breton (Bartender), Lisa Bowerman (Miss Mitford), Laura Doddington (Delilah), Aaron Neil (Mandrake), Kerry Gooderson (Little Girl), Ryan Sampson (Ivan Putin), Damian Lynch (Kieran Frost), Paul Clayton (Mr Colchester)

Produced by James Goss
Script Editor Steve Tribe
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Friday, October 21, 2016

Doctor Who - The Tomb of the Cybermen Review

Continuing Our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Cybermen

Doctor Who:
The Tomb of the Cybermen
By Kit Pedler and
Gerry Davis

“Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that's the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they sleep in my mind, and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You'll find there's so much else to think about. So remember, our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing. There's nobody in the universe can do what we're doing. You must get some sleep and let this poor old man stay awake.”

The Tomb of the Cybermen is the earliest complete story to survive featuring Patrick Troughton.  It was found in Hong Kong back in 1991 and was until The Enemy of the World was found with The Web of Fear (minus ep 3) the only complete story from Season 5 of Doctor Who.  The Tomb of the Cybermen opens up Season 5 and also brings back The Cybermen yet again last seen in The Moonbase (which is out on DVD with animated missing episodes 1 &3).  What is a pretty cool side bar for Season 5 is that it is known as The Season of Monsters.  The Cybermen start off the Season of Monsters in The Tomb of the Cybermen and also finishes it with the Cybermen returning in The Wheel in Space.   So in essence Season 5 is bookend with Cybermen stories.

I remember when this story was found back in 1991 and was really excited to see this story as I had read the Target novelization way back in the 80’s and enjoyed it.  So when the VHS copy of the story was finally released in the US in 1992 I headed for the video store right after my college course was over for the day to purchase it and watch it that day and well the studies took a  back seat to my parents dismay.  Well there wasn’t a test to study for so the homework could wait an hour or two.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Into The Time Vortex Podcast - Episode 24 - Day of the Daleks

Doctor Who Magazine 505 Cover and Details

Today sees the release of issue 505 of Doctor Who Magazine and this issue celebrates the tenth anniversary of Torchwood with an interview with John Barrowman. Plus  this issue sees all the usual stuff like a new comic strip, interviews and Fact or Fiction with the missing Hartnell story the Savages.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Details and Previews For Doctor Who and Torchwood Comic Books Released For October 19th

This week Titan Comics is releasing  five Doctor Who related comics books today and as usual you can get them at your local comic book store.  Coming out today October 19th is Torchwood #2, Third Doctor #2, Tenth Doctor #2.15, Twelfth Doctor  #2.10, and Supremacy of the Cyberman #4. Below is cover art and previews for the issues coming out today.

The penultimate chapter of the Doctor Who event of 2016! Things get worse for the Doctor - across four separate time zones! The ninth Doctor gets too close to the enemy. The tenth Doctor's companions offer a terrifying sacrifice. The eleventh Doctor digs deep and gives back with interest, and the twelfth Doctor is faced with the most momentous choice of his life!

Writer: George Mann, Cavan Scott
Artist: Ivan Rodriguez, Walter Geovani
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: Oct 19

Cover A: Vitti
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: Listran

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Synopsis and Promo Pics for the First Two Episodes of Class

The BBC have released the synopsis and promo pics for the first two episodes of Class yesterday ahead of its premiere on Saturday.  Also the first two episodes will be on BBC iPlayer at 10 AM UK time on Saturday.

For Tonight We Might Die:
It's a new term at Coal Hill Academy, and students are preparing for their Autumn Prom. But when the school comes under attack from the monstrous Shadow Kin, four alienated students must form an unlikely alliance to defeat them.  

Charlie, April, Ram and Tanya, assisted by their physics teacher Miss Quill, are now charged with a great responsibility by the mysterious alien known as 'The Doctor': to guard against the creatures of nightmare, who want nothing more than to find a way through to Earth and take it for their own.

And this incursion is only the beginning…

The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo:
Following the tragic events at the Prom, a devastated Ram isolates himself from the other three as he struggles with his new reality. Desperate to hold himself together on the football pitch, when he thinks he witnesses someone getting skinned alive he's convinced he's cracking up.

But when Tanya, Charlie and April are all confronted with the same thing: a horrific, monstrous, skin-peeling dragon, they know that they're under attack. The gang must pull together to fight against the monster, and try to keep Coal Hill safe.

For Tonight We Might Die Promo Pics

Monday, October 17, 2016

Details for Doctor Who - The Fifth Traveller

This month sees the continuation of the 1st Doctors turn in The Early Adventures Series where the TARDIS crew deal with a new traveler.   You can order this Big Finish adventure starring William Russell and Maureen O'Brien at the Big Finish website.

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, Vicki and Jospa land the TARDIS on the homeworld of the Arunde. Emerging into the jungle that covers the planet and encountering the strange wildlife dwelling within, the travellers are unaware that the true rulers live high above them in the trees.

The ape-like members of the tribe are in trouble. The last Matriar's nest has been lost to the surface, and the people are hungry... Maybe these strangers may be responsible. And some believe they may be salvation.

The TARDIS crew are about to find themselves in the middle of somebody else's battle. But there's more at stake than even they can know.

Written By: Philip Lawrence
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

William Russell (Ian/The Doctor), Maureen O'Brien (Vicki/Narrator) Jemma Powell (Barbara/Fula), James Joyce (Jospa), Kate Byers (Sharna), Elliot Cowan (Gark) and Orlando James (Krube)

Producer: David Richardson
Script Editor: John Dorney
Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Friday, October 14, 2016

Doctor Who - The Moonbase Review

Continuing Our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Cybermen

The Moonbase
By Kit Peddler

“Funny. Funny. Go to all that trouble to make the men do the work. Why? Do it themselves, easy. They're using the men as tools. Why? Don't know. Yes, I do though. There must be something in here they don't like. Pressure? Electricity? Radiation? Maybe. Gravity! Now there's a thought. Gravity. Oh, yes. Gravity.”

After the events of The Underwater Menace The Doctor makes the attempt to get Ben, Polly and Jamie to Mars.  Where they ended up was not Mars but in fact the moon.  The travelers have fun experiencing the low gravity of the moon until Jamie gets hurt.  Luckily there is a base on the moon that is there to help control the weather on Earth.  But there is a problem in the base.  A mysterious plague has swept over the base only infecting a certain few.  The Doctor has no idea what is causing the crew of the moonbase to get infected but once The Cybermen have been seen sneaking around it becomes all the more obvious what is going on.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Details For Doctor Who - The Memory Bank

This month sees a one off release with the 5th Doctor in four stories with Turlough.  These releases are a yearly tradition and a welcome distraction from the two hour adventures.  You can get this audio adventure compilation at the Big Finish website.

The Memory Bank by Chris Chapman

The Doctor and Turlough arrive on a planet where to be forgotten is to cease to exist. But the Forgotten leave a gap in the world – and that’s where the monsters are hiding.

The Last Fairy Tale by Paul Magrs

Deep in the heart of old Europe, the village of Vadhoc awaits the coming of a mythical teller of magical tales – but not all such stories end happily, the TARDIS travellers discover.

Repeat Offender by Eddie Robson

The Doctor has tracked the deadly Bratanian Shroud to 22nd century Reykjavík – where he’s about to become the victim of a serial criminal. Again. 

The Becoming by Ian Potter

A young woman climbs a perilous mountain in search of her destiny. The Doctor and Turlough save her from the monsters on her trail – but what awaits them in the Cavern of Becoming is stranger, even, than the ravening Hungerers outside.

Written By: Chris Chapman, Paul Magrs, Eddie Robson, Ian Potter
Directed By: Helen Goldwyn

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Suzann McLean (Max/Autumn Voice), Ian Brooker (Archivist/Computer/Elder), Mandi Symonds (Alitha/Inspector Jill Sveinsbottir) Duncan Wisbey (Grayling Frimlish/Shiri/Zounds), Kae Alexander (Waywalker)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Animated Trailer For Doctor Who - The Power of the Daleks

BBC AMERICA and Fathom Events Present Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks Animated Series in Cinemas Nationwide For One Night

BBC America will be presenting Power of the Daleks in the movie theaters for one night only before it airs on BBC America.  Get your tickets now.  Info in the press release below.



A Special Cinema Event on November 14 Only, in Advance of BBC AMERICA’s Premiere on November 19

New York - October 12, 2016 - BBC AMERICA and Fathom Events announced today a one-night special theatrical screening event of Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks animated series on Monday, November 14, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. local time – 50 years after the original BBC broadcast – in advance of the premiere on BBC AMERICA on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 8:25pm ET. The cinema event will also feature exclusive bonus content including interviews with members of the original cast.

Tickets for Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks in cinemas can be purchased online beginning Friday, October 14, 2016 at 10am ET by visiting, or at participating theater box offices. Fans throughout the U.S. will be able to enjoy the event in select movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network. For a complete list of theater locations visit the Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change).

The Power of the Daleks is one of the most celebrated Doctor Who adventures, and yet no complete film recordings are known to have survived. The master negatives were destroyed in an archive purge in 1974. This brand new animation, being released 50 years after its only UK broadcast, is based on the program’s original audio recordings, surviving photographs, and film clips.  The six-part adventure features the regeneration - or as it was then called “renewal” - of First Doctor, William Hartnell, into Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and follows the Time Lord and his companions Polly (Anneke Wills) and Ben (Michael Craze) as they do battle with the Daleks on the planet Vulcan.

“Ahead of the premiere on BBC AMERICA, it is a rare treat to be able to bring the lost episode, Power of the Daleks, to life using modern animation techniques. Doctor Who cinema events have been incredibly successful, and this is extraordinary opportunity to allow a new generation of fans the opportunity to experience this classic adventure for the first time,” said Soumya Sriraman, EVP, Franchise and Digital Enterprises, BBC Worldwide North America.

“We’re pleased to continue our long-standing and successful partnership with BBC AMERICA to bring more fantastic Doctor Who content to the big screen,” said Fathom Events Vice President of Programming Kymberli Frueh. “The Whovians are always one of our biggest and most passionate groups of fans at the cinemas.”
Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks is produced and directed by Charles Norton, with character designs from acclaimed comic book artists Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon.

Since its launch in 1963, Doctor Who has become one of the world’s best loved dramas and is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful sci-fi series ever.  Doctor Who is BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated series and has received numerous awards across its 53 years. The series set new records in 2013 with a global simulcast event of the 50th anniversary special on television and in theaters, in partnership with Fathom Events in the U.S. Doctor Who returns with a Christmas Special in December and new season in Spring 2017 on BBC AMERICA

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doctor Who To Get The Hargreaves Treatment

The popular book series by Roger Hargreaves will be getting a new addition.  Four Doctor Who books in the Hargreaves style will be coming out in the Spring of 2017 and will be written and illustrated by Roger Hargreaves son Adam.  The first four books will feature the First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.  The first four books will be out on April 25th and are available to pre order on Amazon.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Roundup of Doctor Who NYCC' 16 Panels and Interviews

Doctor Who was well representated at NYCC with a question and answer with Amazon Video, lots of surprise interviews, to two panels at NYYC with the present Doctor Peter Capaldi and his predecessor Matt Smith.  Here is a collection of what went down this past weekend at NYCC' 16 including the full BBC America panels for Class and Doctor Who.
Thanks to those who recorded and posted on Youtube.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Doctor Who - The Tenth Planet Review

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the First Appearance of the Cybermen and the First Regeneration

Doctor Who:
The Tenth Planet
By Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis

“Emotions. Love, pride, hate, fear. Have you no emotions, sir?”

The Doctor, Ben and Polly arrive at the South Pole by the TARDIS in the year 1986.  There they quickly find the Snowcap Base which is a monitoring base for space rockets.  The crew of Snowcap Base is now in the process of supervising the mission of the Zeus 4 spaceship which is running a routine check of the Earth’s atmosphere.  But something unexpected happens.  Zeus 4 picks up a new planet heading toward Earth and suddenly Zeus 4 starts to experience power failures and the crew of Snowcap Base tries to help Zeus 4 back to Earth but to no avail as the ship is destroyed.

The Doctor quickly realizes what the planet is.  It is the Earth’s twin planet Mondas and he predicts its inhabitants will be visiting Earth soon.  While the crew of Snowcap Base are distracted with what happened to Zeus 4 no one noticed the three visitors that have entered the base wearing parkas that they acquired from the search party they killed earlier.  Once General Cutler realizes that something is wrong the Cybermen made their presence known and successfully takes over the base.  The Cybermen plan for the destruction of Earth has begun and it’s up to The Doctor, who isn’t quite his old self, with the aid of Ben and Polly to stop The Cybermen from siphoning the power from Earth causing Earth’s own destruction.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Into the Time Vortex Episode 23 - Doctor Who - The Tenth Planet

Doctor Who Spinoff Class Full Trailer Released

Another Promo Pic for Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special

The BBC have released another promo pick and this is the one of the Super Hero being played by Charity Wakefield.

Doctor Who Christmas Special First Look Special Video

Doctor Who Spinoff Class Teaser Featuring Peter Capaldi

Doctor Who Christmas Special Title and Promo Picture Revealed

The BBC have announced the title and have released a promo image for this years Christmas Special that is written by Steven Moffat and stars Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas.  The title of the Christmas episode has been revealed as "The Return of Doctor Mysterio"  Yep that's it. Make of it as you will and let the speculation begin.

Doctor Who Stars Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat Interviews

On their way to New York City for NYCC Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie and Steven Moffat made a stop in Toronto Canada and did a bunch of interviews including one on the Space Facebook page. Below is the interviews that they did during the week and hopefully their panel from NYCC will be available later this weekend.




Thursday, October 6, 2016

Details on Doctor Who - The War Doctor: Agents of Chaos

This month sees the 3rd volume in the War Doctor Series Agents of Chaos which stars John Hurt and Jacqueline Pearce.  Three more audio adventures for the War Doctor as we see the Sontarans making an appearance in the Time War.  You can order this box set from the Big Finish website. 

The Time War between Daleks and Time Lords rages across the history of the cosmos. Nowhere is safe. Worlds are ravaged by battles beyond their understanding, but certain other races hunger to fight in the ultimate conflict.

When Earth comes under threat, the War Doctor is drawn into Ollistra’s schemes once again. But the wily Time Lord Cardinal has not foreseen every move. The Dalek Time Strategist has its own game-pieces in play, and when volatile forces with their own agenda join the fray, no-one can predict how the war might turn…

3.1 The Shadow Vortex by David Llewellyn

Cardinal Ollistra exploits the War Doctor’s affection for Earth to send him to East Berlin, 1961, on the trail of a Dalek agent. Lara Zannis has breached the planet’s quantum shield on a very special mission for the Dalek Time Strategist.

Caught between MI6 and the KGB, the War Doctor must first escape the Stasi before he can hope to stop Lara. Cold War scientists are about to make a breakthrough – the Daleks want control of the ‘Shadow Vortex’, and Agent Zannis can provide it.

3.2 The Eternity Cage by Andrew Smith

Sontarans are the ultimate warriors – so they believe – and the Time War the ultimate conflict. Denied that glory by Skaro and Gallifrey alike, General Fesk of the Eighth Sontaran Battle Fleet employs a dangerous strategy to draw both sides to the planet Rovidia and prove his forces worthy…

Meanwhile, the War Doctor leads a rescue mission, aided by Rovidian street-urchin Kalan. Neither Daleks nor Time Lords expect the Sontarans to be so fearsome a foe, until they uncover the secret of the Eternity Cage.

3.3 Eye of Harmony by Ken Bentley

In the aftermath of events on Rovidia, the Dalek Time Strategist is presented with a unique opportunity to strike a lethal blow to the heart of Gallifrey. A devastating power is set to be unleashed, and with agents in place ready to do the bidding of the Dalek Time Strategist, the future of the Time War could turn in an instant.

Trapped inside a critically-damaged Battle-TARDIS, hopelessly adrift in the Time Vortex, the War Doctor and his allies have a final desperate fight on their hands...

Written By: David Llewellyn, Andrew Smith, Ken Bentley
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

John Hurt (The War Doctor), Jacqueline Pearce (Cardinal Ollistra), Neve McIntosh (Lara), Honeysuckle Weeks (Heleyna), Timothy Speyer (Kruger), Helen Goldwyn (Professor Crane), Gunnar Cauthery (Kavarin), Matthew Cottle (Leith), Dan Starkey (General Fesk/Sontarans), Josh Bolt (Kalan), Barnaby Edwards (Vassarian), Andrew French (Muren) and Nicholas Briggs (Dalek Time Strategist/Daleks)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor Matt Fitton
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Details and Preview For Doctor Who Ninth Doctor Issue 6

This weeks Doctor Who Comic Book release is the 9th Doctor series in which we see the TARDIS crew in the 70's meeting up with some familiar faces from The Doctors past.  You can get issue 6 of the 9th Doctor Series out today at your local comic book store.

Welcome back to the 70s (or is it the 80s?)! The Doctor becomes entangled once more with the forces of UNIT when a cache of potentially devastating top secret material is leaked to the media. But does the UNIT whistleblower have a point? Alien invasion and internecine intrigue combine in an explosive new story!

 Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #6
Ninth Doctor #6
Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Adriana Melo
Colorist: Mateus Lopes
Letterer: Comicraft
FC - 32pp - $3.99 - On sale: October 5

Cover A: Simon Fraser
Cover B: Photo
Cover C: jaKE

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Doctor Who - The Trial of a Time Lord: Mindwarp Review

Celebrating 30 years of Colin Baker's season 23 story The Trial of a Time Lord

Doctor Who:
The Trial of a Time Lord
By Philip Martin

“I should now like to present the Doctor's next frightening adventure. In fact, the one in which he was engaged when removed from time and brought to this court.”

The next piece of evidence that The Valeyard brings up against The Doctor is the recent events that happened on the planet Thoros Beta events that ended up to be pretty and very damaging to The Doctor. In which the High Council of the Time Lords decided to take matter into their own hands and removed The Doctor from the time stream and then they used an agent to take action into their own hands.

On the Matrix screen we see The Doctor and Peri arriving on Thoros Beta to investigate why there are high grade weapons being distributed from the ruling party.  While investigating in the caves The Doctor and Peri see a familiar foe in the repulsive form of Sil.   While watching Sil further to see what is going on The Doctor notices the scientist Crozier.  Crozier is an expert in transferring the brain from one body to another and Sil wants him to help to do that to Sil’s leader Kiv who is dying.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Details on Doctor Who - The Rulebook

This months download only audio adventure features the 5th Doctor and it is narrated by Nicola Bryant who played Peri during the 5th and 6th Doctor eras.  You can order this download only 5th Doctor audio adventure from the Big Finish website.

The Ellani of Beadledom 3 lived their lives in regulated harmony until they were invaded by the Valtor. Of course the Doctor and his new companion Peri were delighted to help out, but they didn’t know their biggest challenge wouldn’t be the Valtor army, but the Rulebook...

Producer Ian Atkins
Script Editor Ian Atkins
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Tony Jones
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

Nicola Bryant (Narrator)