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Doctor Who Debuts: Time and The Rani by @ThePlanetHarris

Time and the Rani: 
Sylvester McCoy’s Debut As The Doctor 
By Steven Harris

September 7th 1987 saw Sylvester McCoy take over from Colin Baker as the world’s favourite Timelord. Baker himself was not on hand to film the regeneration scene, however. Having been unceremoniously sacked by the show he refused to come in and do the traditional handover. Instead McCoy himself substitutes for Baker in an obvious wig.

Written by Pip and Jane Barker who had previously written three 6th Doctor stories, and directed by Andrew Morgan, the action starts pre-titles with a computer generated scene of the Tardis being zapped by something big and zappy whilst spinning around in space and time. Wibbly wobbly stuff happens and then the Tardis lands in a quarry, sorry, on Lakertya, having left a rainbow trail in its wake. The rainbow annoys me, as if it is there to further prove that Doctor Who is no longer family entertainment but a kid’s programme. 

Anyhoo, a scaly, feathery Lakertyan watches the landing from the ground but is patently nothing to do with the Rani who enters the Tardis in the next scene with some kind of creature on hand to carry the unconscious Doctor wherever it is the Rani wants the Doctor carried. She has no interest in Mel who is also out cold on the floor, in which respect she echoes the sentiments of pretty much all viewers who had surely tired of the squealing Bonnie Langford during her time with Colin Baker’s Doctor. The creature – I’m going to call him Batfink as he is later revealed to be one of the batlike Tetraps whom she has subdued, along with various Lakertyans – Batfink rolls the Doctor over, McCoy’s wig slips, his face goes all out of focus, regeneration begins and the new Paintbox titles start up accompanied by a new, more lethargic version of the theme tune (as arranged by Keff McCulloch). Oh dear, more kid’s stuff – the image of the Doctor during the titles not only smiles, it winks.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Colin Baker The Sixth Doctor

“I am The Doctor whether you like it or not.”  Were the words that Colin Baker so gracefully said at the end of his first story The Twin Dilemma.  Unfortunately not seemed to be what happened to Colin Baker as the BBC did not like him and blamed him for all that was wrong with the show during his all too short tenure as the Time Lord.   Even the fans turned on poor Colin as the shows rating dropped also.

That is just unfair to Colin Baker as it was clearly not his fault his tenure was doomed from the start.  The blame can squarely be put on John Nathan – Turner for not keeping the show fresh and for pandering to the fans too much.  JN-T decided to make the Sixth Doctor more crotchety to be the opposite from Peter Davison’s calm and nice Doctor but they took it to far by making Colin’s Doctor to violent more than any of his 5 predecessors. 

Everything Wrong With Independence Day

Check Out This New Kick Ass 2 Viral Video

The Wand Company To Unveil Two New Sonic Screwdrivers At SDCC

The Wand Company will unveil and be selling two new sonic screwdrivers at this years San Diego Comic Con.  If you are lucky enough to be going to the huge geek party then check out The Wand Company at their booth.

The Wand Company presents two new Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers at
San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Everybody needs a Sonic Screwdriver; the Doctor’s wonderful science fiction gadget that can unlock doors, control objects at a distance and is the pocket sized answer to all sorts of tricky situations.

To commemorate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary year, The Wand Company is launching a limited-edition gold and silver plated version of their enormously successful Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control. A small quantity will be available first at San Diego Comic-Con, and then from other selected retailers in the US and UK, but with only 250 of these special, individually laser-numbered Sonic Screwdrivers ever being produced, this is the ultimate collectible for Doctor Who fans.

In addition, fans of David Tennant's Tenth Doctor are in for a treat. This summer, in response to massive consumer demand, The Wand Company will reveal their new, authentic Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control.

Painstakingly 3D scanned from the original screen-used prop, kindly loaned to The Wand Company by David Tennant himself, this Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is a faithful clone, CNC machined from aluminium, crammed full of technology and is a fully functioning gesture-based universal remote control that looks, feels and works just like the real prop.

Previewing on the ThinkGeek booth (#5541) at San Diego Comic-Con in July, the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Remote will be available exclusively through selected retailers in the US (also available in UK and Australia) in October to coincide with the broadcast of BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Revisted – The Tenth Doctor special. (BBC AMERICA has been celebrating a different Doctor with specials airing each month leading up to November 2013).
Doctor Who, from lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special premieres November 23 in the US on BBC AMERICA.

About the 50th Anniversary gold and silver plated Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Supplied in a premium high-quality presentation box, with a hand-painted stand and certificate of authenticity, each unit is individually laser-numbered. Limited to 250 units worldwide, and expected to retail for $199.95 in the US (£119.95 in the UK).

About the Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver The Wand Company’s Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, officially licensed from BBC Worldwide, is a 1:1 scale replica of the original filming prop. As well as being a fully-functioning universal learning remote control, the Sonic Screwdriver comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, has authentic sound effects taken from the BBC sound effects archives, 10 special secret Morse code messages to discover and a light-up blue tip. It is supplied with a die cast metal stand and comes in its own protective hard case. The Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver is expected to retail for, $109.95 in the US (£69.95 in the UK, $129.95 in Australia).

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My God, It's Full of Stars: A Journey to the Edge of Science Fiction

From BBC America:

New York – June 12, 2013 – BBC AMERICA and BBC Two announced today a new four-part docu-series co-production My God, It’s Full of Stars: A Journey to the Edge of Science Fiction (W/T). The series heads to the very frontiers of space and science to produce the definitive television history of science fiction. The story of one of the liveliest and most stimulating genres in popular culture will be told through its impact on cinema, television and literature.

Each episode will explore one of the enduring themes of science fiction: time travel; the exploration of space; robots and artificial intelligence; and aliens. It will be made with the help of the genre’s greatest pioneers: the filmmakers, writers, actors, and graphic artists whose obsession and imagination has taken them into the unknown. Having explored the future, the past, parallel universes and galaxies far, far away, they are now ready to report back on their experiences.

This is the story of science fiction told by the men and women who fell to earth… From HG Wells's War Of The Worlds to The Terminator, from Doctor Who to Star Wars this series will guide viewers through a rich, thought-provoking and endlessly exciting genre.

The executive producer for the BBC is Michael Poole and overseeing production for BBC AMERICA are Richard De Croce and Rachel Smith.

This sounds really cool and I am even more excited as British sci-fi won't be ignored as it often is in American documentaries.  No word on when this show will be ready to airing but we will keep you posted.

Elementary Casts It's Mycroft Holmes

Rhys Ifans who played the Lizard in last years The Amazing Spider - Man will be playing Sherlock Holmes brother Mycroft in the second season of Elementary.  He will make his debut in the season opener when Sherlock and Joan take a trip to London where Mycroft will allow them to stay at his new home at 221B Baker Street.

DVD Details for Doctor Who The Doctors Revisited


Street Date: July 16, 2013

Suggested Retail Price: DVD $39.98 ($49.98 in Canada)

Length: Approx. 456 mins / 4-disc set

New York – June 26, 2013 – Four Doctors, one special set: BBC Home Entertainment is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with a look back at the best of the Time Lord’s eleven incarnations. Doctor Who – The Doctors Revisted: One – Four, available on DVD July 16, 2013, features a select story ark from the eras of William Hartnell (the First Doctor), Patrick Troughton (the Second Doctor), Jon Pertwee (the Third Doctor), and Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), along with four specials that explore the legacy of each Doctor and what they brought to the series. 

Doctor Who earned an Institutional Peabody Award in 2013 for “evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe.” The longest running science fiction series on television will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on November 23, 2013, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on the evolution of the series. The first four Doctors represent a career time span of nearly twenty years, from the series premiere with William Hartnell in 1963 to Tom Baker’s departure in 1981. This specially curated collection features one classic story ark from each Doctor: The Aztecs, a time-travel story that takes the First Doctor to 15th century Mexico, inside the tomb of one-time Aztec High Priest Yetaxa; The Tomb of the Cybermen, which finds the Second Doctor arriving on Telos – the last resting place of the infamous Cybermen – where he discovers a band of archaeologists on a secret expedition to uncover his old enemies’ lost tomb; Spearhead from Space, the first story to feature the newly-regenerated Third Doctor, banished by the Time Lords to Earth where the Nestene consciousness has also just arrived; and Pyramids of Mars, where an Egyptologist possessed by the god-like Sutekh needs the Fourth Doctor’s help.

Accompanying the classic stories are four specials that profile each of the Doctors. Featuring contributions by a range of Doctor Who actors including Tom Baker, David Tennant (Tenth Doctor), John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Frazer Hines (companion Jamie McCrimmon), and Louise Jameson (companion Leela), as well as current Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, contributing writer Neil Gaiman, and many more, these specials explore the unique personality that each new Doctor brings to the show.
Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited premiered in the US on BBC AMERICA, starting with the First Doctor on January 27, 2013.

Bonus Features Include:
·    Specially recorded introduction to each classic story by current series Executive Producer Steven Moffat.

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Siberia - NBC's Summer Mystery Series

Siberia is a drama that depicts a reality game show similar to Survivor where contestants most take part in a series of games and tasks to stay playing until the end where a cash prize is awarded.  The drama takes place in Siberia where strange happenings begin the plague the contestants.  Not only do they have to survive the game and each other, but also something in the woods.  The series begins on July 1 but NBC is showing the first episode online here -

I watched the first episode and found it compelling enough to continue to watch.  While I detest reality shows like this I will watch to see what could be in the woods with them.  The use of cameras and cameramen in the show is a bit off (you don't see any cameramen for quite some time and then all of the sudden they are they.) but if you can ignore that, it has potential.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Eighties

The Eighties The decade of gag me with a spoon, leg warmers, parachute pants, Duran Duran and of course Ronnie and Maggie. It was also the decade of the aids epidemic, Falkland Island War and of course the unfortunate Space Shuttle Challenger exploding on lift off.  The Eighties also gave us the last 2 Star War movies and a boatload of great movies like Raiders of The lost Ark, Star Trek 2, Blade Runner and a slew of others.  It was also a decade that saw four Doctors helm the TARDIS controls in Doctor Who and it was the decade that I got hooked on this wonderful show.

The Eighties in a nutshell was the end of an era the beginning of an era and a definite end of an era.   The Eighties will forever be remembered as the decade that the show had its plug pulled.   After Twenty Six years on TV 1989 were the last time diehard fans watched the show for the last time. (Luckily it wasn’t.)   The show came to an end after episode three of Survival with the Seventh Doctor and Ace walking off into the sunset.  But we are getting ahead of ourselves.  Let’s go back to 1980 and the start of the decade.

Doctor Who - Something Borrowed Review (Mild Spoilers)

Doctor Who: 
Something Borrowed 
By Richelle Mead

The Doctor and Peri have arrived on the Planet Koturia to visit The Doctor’s friend Eviris whose son Jonos is going to be married.  As they arrive they notice the town is being attacked by little Pterodactylus which causes the Doctor to have a moment of déjà vu.  In fact once they stop the attack and meet Eviris at his humongous home The Doctor is a bit suspicious of Jonos bride who is in the woman section and off limits to men.  Peri is surprised that Koturia is modeled from Las Vegas and its main revenue is weddings.  Peri finds this part of the planet to be pretty cool and makes her feel at home.

The Doctor still bugged by his suspicion sends Peri off to investigate by telling Eviris that Peri needs to get cleaned up.  Peri is taken to the woman side by a servant girl named Wira.  Wira tells Peri all about the weddings and how the Koturians have a window to get married to be able to change their appearance once during the wedding.  Almost like Time Lords Peri thought. When all of a sudden the bride shows up and is surprised to see Peri. If Peri is there then he is here as the Bride is revealed to be the Rani and it’s up to The Doctor to stop her crazy scheme and to save Jonos from making a big mistake.


I really liked this story.  It had the feel of a Sixth Doctor story and it actually captured Colin Bakers Doctor to a t.  The author clearly painted a great picture of the Sixth Doctor and had all his mannerisms perfected.  While reading Something Borrowed I truly could hear Colin’s Doctor saying the dialog that was written in the eBook.

The story was pretty good too.  It was a fun story and having the Rani in it added to the fun as the bickering between Time Lords was fun to read.  What was different from previous books in this series is that this story was from Peri’s point of view.   It was good to get the companions perspective for once and I found this to be a pretty good idea as it made the story a little bit more interesting including Peri’s sarcastic remarks.  The inclusion of the Rani was a tad predictable as you more or less guess it was her from the get go.  This doesn’t detract from the story or overall enjoyment at all as it was fun to see how she would be discovered.

Something Borrowed is a pretty good Doctor Who story and works really well.  So if you are looking for a pretty entertaining Doctor Who short story then give Something Borrowed by Richelle Mead a try.

Grade A

This Weeks New Comic Book Checklist For June 26th

  • Akaneiro 2
  • Amalas Blade 3
  • BPRD: Vampire 4
  • Buffy: Angel + Faith 23
  • Daredevil:THC: Original Daredevil Archives 1
  • King Conan: Hour Of the Dragon 2
  • Last Of Us: American Dreams 3
  • Massive 13
  • Mind Mgmt 12
  • Star Wars: Legacy 4
  • Usagi Yojimbo:TPB: 27-Town Called Hell

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Ender's Game Propaganda Posters

From IMDB: 70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion.

This movie is set to be released on November 1, 2013 in the U.S.

Warner Bros Announces Its TV Guests For Comic Con Including Arrow

Its that time of year again.  Its time for the San Diego Comic Con that big gathering of geeks that happens every year as tons of people line up for hours to see panels and celebrities.  Warner Bros has announced who they are bringing to San Diego on the TV side of things.  So here is who and when your favorites from Warner Bros. will be there.

Thursday, July 18

MAD (Mondays 8.30/7.30c Cartoon Network): Get a glimpse behind the MADness with MAD television producers Kevin Shinick and Mark Marek.

Friday, July 19

CW Announces Premiere Dates For Arrow, Supernatural and Other Sci - Fi Shows

The CW has announced the premiere dates for their shows for the upcoming fall season and this is when you can expect to see your favorites return.

Monday October 7th Beauty And The Beast's Season Premiere.  
Wednesday October 9th Arrow Season 2 Premiere followed by The Tomorrow People at 9pm.
On Thursday October 10th The Vampire Diaries Season 5 at 8pm.
Tuesday October 15th Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals at 8pm  followed by  Supernatural Season 9

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder New Creative Team On Action Comics

Writer Greg Pak and artist Aaron Kuder are the new creative team that will be taking over Action Comics replacing Andy Diggle after he abruptly quit the book this past Spring.  His first issue will be Action Comics 25 and will be out in November.  Aaron Kuder has been doing some work already on the Superman titles like the cover above.  This is some exciting times for the Man of Steel as all three books have some top notch writers on them. 

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Richard Matheson - R.I.P

That great author Richard Matheson has passed away. Writer of so many classics including "I Am Legend," "The Shrinking Man," "A Stir of Echoes," "What Dreams May Come," "Bid Time Return," all of which were made into movies as well as many short stories that were eventually made into Twilight Zone and Night Gallery episodes.

He wrote a total of 14 episodes of Twilight Zone including "Third From the Sun", "Little Girl Lost," "The Invaders," "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and "Death-Ship".  He also wrote for many other series including Star Trek - "The Enemy Within", The Night Stalker and The Night Strangler as well as Trilogy of Terror and Amazing Stories.

Matheson wrote tons of short stories and novels but his influence on television and movies is very powerful.  In addition to books turned into movies he also wrote screenplays for movies such as Master of the World (1961), The Raven (1963) and Real Steel (2011).

It's hard to find an author with so much influence on Sci-Fi and Horror over the years and no doubt his work will continue to be enjoyed by new generations to come.

Matheson was 87

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Top Five Colin Baker Stories

Unfortunately Colin Baker’s tenure as The Doctor wasn’t that long to warrant a top 10 list.  Being unceremoniously fired after The Trial of a Time Lord Colin’s Doctor wasn’t able to build a big back catalog of stories to pick from and he only had 11 stories so in fairness I picked the top 5 from his era which is often overlooked and has some really good stories in it.

The Return of the Living Rumor - Missing Doctor Who Episodes Found (Rumor)

Here we go again.  Bleeding Cool has come back and stated that the original rumor of 90 episodes of Doctor Who were found is indeed a truth.  After a series of denials and then silence it would appear that a special trailer will be attached to the "Terror of the Zygons" DVD release in September and that 3 completed stories are ready for immediate release.

The story goes that Television International Enterprise Archive has indeed located 90 episodes in Africa and over the past couple of years has been working on cleaning them up.  A dispute with the BBC has held back these episodes from being released.  Finally three stories have cleared the red tape.  "Marco Polo", "Enemy of the World" and "Web of Fear" are in the BBC's hands and would see the light of day this year in time fort he 50th anniversary.

Bleeding Cool is hesitant about reporting this rumor and so again, it is just a rumor.  Meanwhile the forum at Outpost Gallifrey is all abuzz with the rumor news and so too is its sister website, Outpost Skaro.  There is talk that Outpost Skaro is either purposely spreading these rumors in hopes of torturing Outpost Gallifrey or they have inside info they are holding.  Either way, if this is true, it seems odd that a large group of fans on one website are so malicious toward another - rather childish.

So we are still nowhere with this but will keep you posted.  Again, this is just a rumor.  From the looks of the forum at Outpost Gallifrey most people are not buying this new report and remain skeptical as should we all. We are just reporting what is being discussed in fandom right now and are not trying to gain "hits" or what have you.  Unlike some sites, we do not have advertisers, we just want to keep people informed.


Continuum Series 1 Episode 8 "Play Time" Review By @Rivergate31

Series 1 Episode 8
Play Time 
By Andrea Stevens
Reviewed By Lara Luke

The future at Sad Tech: Lucas demonstrates a new piece of technology that has the potential to neutralize aggressiveness in criminal, using soldiers as test subjects. Kiera is present at the demonstration, where Jaworski is the guinea pig. However, during the demonstration, Jaworski is able to break through the control.

2012: A group playing paintball is shocked when a young man comes in and shoots the CEO of their company as they are involved in a team building project, and then proceeds to shoot himself. 
A man is waiting for the train. A young woman walks up to him and grabs him, pulling him and herself in front of an oncoming train.

Vancouver PD, seeking a connection between these two murder/ suicides, traces the two killers to a video game company called Ten Dyne Systems. The two were employed as beta testers. Carlos, Kiera and Betty visit the company and are introduced to Fred Nettinger, who supervised the testers. He shows off a new immersive game that’s in the works. It uses an impulse beam that goes directly into the retina in order to give one the virtual reality effect. The programmer is concerned about a glitch he’s been working on; however, Nettinger is confident it is safe for a demonstration. Kiera and Betty don the head gear and find themselves in a snowy setting firing upon the enemy. A “bullet” comes straight at Kiera and upon impact she goes down in real life.  With her HUD acting fried. Alec is alerted and calls her on her cell phone. After explaining the situation he feels he must reboot her system.

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Review: 'World War Z" gets a B-minus (yes, some spoilers)

Philadelphia just hasn't been the same since the zombies moved in.
"World War Z" confirms something that some of my friends have been telling me for quite some time: I'm old.

I can remember when movie zombies were slow and stupid. In "WWZ," they move with reckless abandon in pursuit of their non-infected human victims. OK, none of the undead is likely to win a Nobel Prize. At the same time, though, they have enough brain power - or maybe single-mindedness - to overwhelm much of the human race.

Cover To Doctor Who Magazine 462

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Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in zombie film 'Maggie'

We know he has the looks for a zombie film.
We might as well get straight to the joke on this one. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie film sounds like a a great idea if he's playing a zombie because that pretty much matches his acting talents.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog says the action hero will star in "Maggie," a film about a man whose daughter is infected by the walking-dead virus. Director Henry Hobson will helm the film, with production starting in the fall.

Even the premise sounds dead.

Gatchaman Movie Trailer

Where's 7-Zark-7?  Just kidding.  

Doctor Who Thank You Message From Matt Smith

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Superman IV: The Quest For Peace Honest Trailer

Oh boy...

Everything Wrong With Superman

Say what you will about Man of Steel - this is funny!! SORRY - I fixed the link so now it is correct!!

The Rumor - Missing Doctor Who Episodes - Statement By TIEA

A statement issued by Philip Morris of the Television International Enterprise Archive, the authority on recovering missing videos and films appears to end the most recent batch of rumors surrounding the finding of 90 episodes of Doctor Who.

T.I.E.A DOES NOT HOLD ANY MISSING EPISODES OF THE LONG RUNNING DR WHO SERIES. THE ORIGINAL VIDEO TAPES WERE WIPED SUBSEQUENT FILM COPIES WERE EITHER RETURNED TO THE BBC AND SENT TO LANDFILL ODD FRAGMENTS HAVE SURFACED TWO EPISODES ON 16MM FILM BUT THATS IT. THE PROGRAMMES IN QUESTION LIKE MANY OTHERS WERE DESTROYED AS THEY HAD NO FURTHER COMMERCIAL VALUE .THEY ARE NOT MISSING BUT DESTROYED THE END.I am sorry if this upsets some people but these are the facts.I have also become aware of the tracking of some of our clients shipments these are local cultural materials sent to us for migration to a modern format as the playback equipment in the country of origin no longer exists and as such is the best road to preserve international cultural heritage .I will be making no more statements on this subject.Philip MORRIS Executive director T.i.e.a

Ian Levine, the superfan who received false information about the locating of the films had this to say -

Rival archivist, Ian Levine, tweeted in response;

@JM_Watson Deeply sick, distressed, disheartend, all hopes dashed, all joy gone from the world. That’s it. DO NOT ASK ME TO SAY ANOTHER WORD

— Ian Levine (@IanLevine) June 20, 2013

So all that for nothing.  I am sure Doctor Who fans are devastated by this news.  I was very sure at one point that this rumor was true and it didn't help that some vile people out there fueled the false rumor with lies.  As I said before the internet has an unfortunate side effect of allowing people to lie without any consequences.  Those cowards know who they are and I hope they feel proud of themselves.

I also fault miscommunication and jumping to conclusions as part of this rumor and while we may never learn the whole story, it is one that we should never forget if and when a new rumor surfaces later on.

Desptie what Morris states above, I can't imagine that it is the end.  Just two years ago two episodes had been found and it is still possible that more will come.  That dream of finding all or most is perhaps science fiction but locating more in the future is certainly possible.

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King Kong Stage Play

Melbourne's Regent Theater has a musical stage adaptation of King Kong and here is a clip - 2 minutes in you can see King Kong in action.

Casting for Star Wars VII?

 A list that is said to be the description of the primary cast for Star Wars VII is online.

1) MAN in his 20′s, intelligent, funny, not bad on the eyes.
2) MAN in his late 20′s, strong, good looking, and assured.
3) WOMAN in her teens. Strong willed, in shape and intelligent.
4) MAN in his 40′s, strong and able, militaristic.
5) WOMAN in her teens. Strong, sure-headed and funny.
6) MAN, 30′s, smart as a whip.
7) MAN, between the ages of 60 and 70, rough around the edges and head strong.

Not sure who they are but Ainticool is looking at the descriptions as recasting Luke, Leia, Han, Obi-Wan etc which is odd since this is a sequel.  This cast is not officially being attached to Star Wars but it is assumed that it is.  Anyhow, if you fit any of these descriptions... go for it!!

Well, it is possible!!!

Mary Jane Watson is Not in Spider-man 2

Despite being cast as Mary Jane Watson, actress Shailene Woodley's role has been cut from the film.  Her several scenes won't make the final cut and her role will now be moved to Spider-man 3.  More than likely this means that the role will be recast with another actress when the time comes.

From Superherohype

Newspaper: BBC favors Sheridan Smith for 'Dr. Who'

One Smith to replace another?
I knew there was a reason I renewed my subscription to the Scunthorpe Telegram. It was for exclusives like this one.

The newspaper is reporting that actress Sheridan Smith is a front-runner to replace Matt Smith on "Dr. Who." The newspaper said unnamed BBC insiders believe "Sheridan’s popularity is at an all-time high, and there’s a strong feeling that the next Doctor should be a woman. They think she’d be perfect, and are planning to put a lot of effort into convincing her to consider the iconic role.”

If the 31-year-old actress took over the part, she would become the first female Doctor in the history of the long-running program.
At this point, of course, the Internet is overflowing with rumors about candidates to succeed Matt Smith, so we're keeping this post brief. For more on Sheridan Smith, here's a link to her Wikipedia page.

Death of Dr. Who fan noted in Best Obituary Ever

Matt grieves for another lost Whovian.
If you know nothing else about the late Jeffrey M. Daly of Newton, N.J., you know he had a sense of humor. Here is the opening to his obituary, from the New Jersey Herald:
"NEWTON - Jeffrey M. Daly, 67, of Newton, got in the TARDIS on June 17, 2013, and has left for places and times unknown."
The notice includes several other gems, such as: "Surviving is the rest of humanity."

The Rumor - Missing Doctor Who Episodes Found? - Radio Times Statement

A statement from the Radio Times is not looking good for the rumor -

From a Spokesperson from Television International Enterprises Archives

“There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered - however we cannot confirm any new finds,” a statement says.

Can’t confirm? What does that mean? Doe this meant that it may be true but they can’t confirm or that they can’t confirm because they have no information to this effect? Can they not confirm because it isn’t true?

“We can’t confirm because it’s not true as far a I’m aware,” the spokeswoman adds.

But are they talking to Morris? Or anyone with lost episodes.

“I don’t think so?”

So there are no episodes?

“Not as far as we know.”

Today's New Comic Book Checklist 6/19/13

  • Baltimore: The Inquisitor (One Shot)
  • Bloodhound:TPB:
  • BPRD: Hell On Earth: Wasteland 2
  • Captain Midnight 0
  • Conan (7): The Barbarian 17
  • Conan:TPB: 13-Queen Of the Black Coast
  • Dark Horse Presents 25
  • Domovi:GN:
  • Dream Thief 2
  • Fall Of the House of Usher 2
  • House Of Gold & Bones 3
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars:TPB: Smugglers Code
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader & Ninth Assassin 3
  • Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith:TPB: Spiral
  • 100 Bullets: Brother Lono 1
  • Animal Man (2) 21
  • Batman and Robin (2) 21
  • Batman Beyond: Unlimited 17
  • Batman: Birds of Prey (7) 21
  • Batman:TPB: Batgirl/Robin Year One
  • Batwoman (2) 21
  • Fables 130
  • Firestorm (4):Fury of:TPB: Firestorm Protocols 2
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians 21
  • Justice League Of America: Vibe 5
  • Legion of Super-Heroes (7) 21
  • Metal Men:THC: 2-Archives
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws 21
  • Supergirl (6) 21
  • Sweet Tooth:TPB: 6-Wild Game
  • Teen Titans (9):TPB: 2-The Culling
  • Wonder Woman (4) 21

Director Named For Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Director has been named for Matt Smith's last story which also happens to be this years Christmas Special.  The person in question is Jamie Payne who directed the Series 7 story "Hide".
His other credits include Ashes to Ashes, Survivors and Primeval.  So that is the first bit of news for the Steven Moffat episode so I'm sure there will be more to come in the coming weeks.

Trailer For LEGO The Movie

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Trial of a Time Lord 13 - 14 The Ultimate Foe

Doctor Who: 
The Trial of a Time Lord 
The Ultimate Foe 
By Robert Holmes Episode 13 
Pip and Jane Baker Episode 14

“In all my travellings throughout the universe I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation, decadent, degenerate and rotten to the core. Ha! Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power, that's what it takes to be really corrupt.”

After the turn of events from Terror of the Vervoids  The Doctor is now on trial for genocide to go along with the charges of meddling.  The Inquisitor tells The Doctor that he can call witnesses to help his cause but how can he get them as they are all scattered throughout space and time.   When suddenly Mel and Glitz appear at the trial and this turn of events catches The Valeyard by surprise. 

Then a more shocking turn of events as The Master appears on the Matrix screen offering to help The Doctor.  The Master shows proof that The Doctor is correct that the Matrix can be entered by anyone and events can be altered as he shows the key of the Matrix he has that has dumbfounded the Keeper of the Matrix.  The Master beckons the Time Lords to let Sabalom Glitz give his testimony.  Glitz explains that on Ravalox he was there to steal the secrets of the Matrix that the Sleepers had stolen.  It appears that the tide might be turning for The Doctor.

The big bombshell is about to be revealed as The Master reveals that The Valeyard is in fact The Doctor.  It appears The Valeyard is an amalgamation of The Doctor between his 12th and final regeneration.  The Master proclaims there is evil in everyone including The Doctor and The VAleyard is it and the kicker is the High Council promised The Valeyard The Doctors remaining regenerations.  With this revelation The Valeyard flees into The Matrix setting up the final showdown with The Doctor.

The Rumor - Missing Doctor Who Episodes Found - Official BBC Statement

For what it is worth - posted from

Philip Fleming, Head of Communications, Brands, Content & Digital, BBC Worldwide tells me;
There are always rumours and speculation about Doctor Who missing episodes being discovered, however we cannot confirm any new finds.

First off, apparently this find happened in 2011 and a shipping label with 3 tons of film made its way to the UK in 2011.  Not sure what is going on but that statement clears nothing up.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Rumor part 3 - Missing Episodes Gains Momentum - Could Be True!!!

WOW - this is too much for me.  Apparently there are now statements leading to the fact that there were indeed 90 episodes located., who broke all this last week is now stating that Ian Levine is now saying that he was lied to -

@keefybabe I've just been given proof that backs up the entire story,from 2011. So yes I now really believe he has found 90 missing episodes

WOW - in addition, there is a shipment of old film - 3 tons of old film that has been confirmed sent to England.

This is a complete turn around from the negativity we got earlier in the day and so now it looks like it may be true after all.  

To recap - 90 episodes previously missing might have been found in Africa.  Word has it that it would include all Hartnell and Troughton except for 16 episodes. The missing episodes still include Invasion 1 & 4,  9 episodes from "The Dalek Master Plan", Mission to the Unknown and 2 from "The  Ice Warriors" and 2 from "Wheel In space." WOW!!!

So this is still a rumor but the source (Ian Levine) that stated earlier that it was not true is now saying it is true - I would expect official word any day now!!

Stay Tuned

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Trial of a Time Lord Parts 9 - 12 Terror of the Vervoids

Doctor Who:
The Trial of a Time Lord 
Terror of the Vervoids
By Pip and Jane Baker

VALEYARD: Whether or not the Doctor has proved himself innocent of meddling is no longer the cardinal issue before this court. He has proved himself guilty of a far greater crime.
INQUISITOR: You refer to Article seven of Gallifreyan law?
DOCTOR: No, my lady, that cannot apply! Had a single Vervoid reached Earth, the human race would have been eliminated!
VALEYARD: Article seven permits no exceptions. The Doctor has destroyed a complete species. The charge must now be genocide.

The Doctor is now ready to present his case after a short time to mourn the death of Peri shows the court an adventure from his future.  The Doctor and new companion Mel respond to a distress signal from the Hyperion 3.  Apparently there is something sinister going on as a string of murders has taken place.  The Commodore is an old friend of The Doctor and lets him take charge of the investigation.

That is not the only strange occurrence going on as there appears to be some strange seed pods in the cargo deck.   In fact the pods are big enough for a human to fit in them.  Mel wanted to see them but is stopped by a member of the crew who decides to show her the pods.  He proceeds to open the gate when he is electrocuted and that bright light has brought to life the creatures inside the pods.  Now more people have started to disappear and and there are leaves being left at the scene.  The Doctor now has two mysteries and the task of saving everyone on the ship and preventing the Vervoids from getting to Earth and killing the entire population.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctor Who - The Doctors Revisited The 6th Doctor BBC America Trailer

The Rumor - Doctor Who Missing Episodes UPDATE

More information concerning the rumor that a lot of missing Doctor Who episodes were found is not what we want to hear.  From our original article yesterday, it was stated that a rumor that potentially 50 or more episodes were located now appears to be a massive hoax., who broke the news wide open yesterday is now agreeing that signs look bad for this miracle find. Too bad really but it did sound too good to be true.  We will keep an eye on the story still hoping there is something to it.

Even super extreme missing episode expert fan Ian Levine tweeted - 

 My previous tweet was not ironic. I too wanted to believe ninety episodes had been found. I now believe none have been found. A massive hoax