Monday, August 31, 2015

Doctor Who - Season 13 40th Anniversary: Terror of the Zygons Review

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the beginning of Tom Baker's second season as The Doctor. Season 13 had a lot of memorable stories and not a weak one in the bunch.  It gave us one of the more popular villains that have only just recently made a comeback and will be featured in Series 9 with Peter Capaldi. Here is what we thought of Terror of the Zygons.

Doctor Who:
Terror of the Zygons
By Robert Banks Stewart

“This one they call the Doctor is a threat to us. Already he has found out too much. He must be destroyed.”

Responding to the message from The Brigadier from the space/time telegraph he left him The Doctor, Harry and Sarah find them in present day Scotland.  Apparently something is destroying oil rigs off the coast of Scotland and causing alarm as these rigs are huge and supposedly are unsinkable.   The Doctor examines some of the wreckage that has washed ashore and found one particular piece of steel interesting.  After using some plaster and making a mold The Doctor shows The Brigadier that the mold is of a giant tooth.  What makes it impressive is that whatever is the owner of the tooth is strong enough to eat through steel as if it was paper.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Doctor Who - Waris Hussein on Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Doctor Who

Doctor Who's first director Waris Hussein talks about Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and the show now compared to back then.  Waris Hussein directed the Doctor Who stories An Unearthly Child and Marco Polo.

Doctor Who - The Fan Show Jenna Coleman on what it takes to be a companion

This week The Fan Show interviews Jenna Coleman and talks about what it takes to be a companion. Glad to see there is a nod to the classic series this time.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doctor Who - We Are The Daleks Review

Doctor Who:
We Are The Daleks
By Jonathan Morris
Starring Sylvester McCoy and
Bonnie Langford

The Doctor and Mel have landed in London in the year 1987 and things are not the way that Mel remembers when she left.   For instance there is a building in London that looks a bit like a Dalek.   Another is that people all over London are acting strange and more violent than normal and causing The Doctor to look into this more intently and everything is pointing to that building.

Inside that building it appears that the Daleks are servants.  Asking people what they want to drink or if they want Hors d'oeuvres.  What The Doctor discovers is that the Daleks are trying to make a deal with the politicians of England to sell them technology and secrets to help in their advancement.  But that is only a hidden agenda as Mel figures out that the video game that people are playing in England is more than a game as they are actually doing the fighting against the Thals for the Daleks.  The Doctor has his hands full trying to figure things out and it gets worse once everyone is under Dalek control.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Doctor Who - Preview Pics For Series 9 Prequel "The Doctor's Meditation"

The BBC have released two sneak peak pictures for the prequel to Series 9 which will be seen in theaters with the special showing of Dark Water/ Death in Heaven. That event will happen on September 15th and 16th.

Doctor Who - Four Doctors Issue 3 Covers and Synopsis

Out Today is the third issue of the multi Doctor adventure which sees the 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctor's on Marinus and they appear to have landed in a trap.  I'm sure the three of them will be able to figure out a plan to get out of it.

Into the lion's den! The Doctors take the fight to the enemy... but have they already been

New Comic Book Checklist For August 26th

Conan: The Avenger 17
Fight Club 2: 4
Grindhouse: Drive In Bleed Out 8
Halo: Escalation 21
Hellboy: In Hell 7
Mulan: Revelations 3
New MGMT 1
Pastaways 6
Sundowners:TPB: 2
Tomorrows 2
Usagi Yojimbo Saga:TPB: 4
Zodiac Starforce 1

Aquaman (7) 43
Batgirl (4) 43
Batman 66: 26
Batman: Arkham Knight: Genesis 1
Batman: Grayson 11
Batman: We Are Robin 3

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Doctor Who - NYC Symphonic Spectacular Canceled

Big blow to New York City area Doctor Who fans as the Symphonic Spectacular has been canceled. Both shows on October 7th will not happen and refunds will be coming.  There are no plans to reschedule this event.

Doctor Who - Shorter Series Nine Trailer

Here is a shorter version of the new trailer.  Doctor Who returns September 19th on BBC and BBC America.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doctor Who - More Series 9 Promo Pics

Here are three more promo pics for the new series of Doctor Who.  In these Peter Capaldi is channeling his inner Jon Pertwee.  Doctor Who returns Saturday September 19th.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Doctor Who - The Fate of Krelos Review

Doctor Who:
The Fate of Krelos
By Nicholas Briggs
Starring Tom Baker, Louise Jameson
And John Leeson

The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Krelos and it appears to be an ordinary planet and for once nothing going on.  The Doctor should have paid more attention to the TARDIS as K – 9 is not acting normal and appears to have been taken over by an outside force.  It seems this unknown entity is trying to get K – 9 to get the Doctor to a certain place so they can extract revenge on him by messing with the TARDIS and in the long term try and take over complete control of the TARDIS.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Doctor Who - Covers and Synopsis For Doctor Who: Four Doctors #2

This week sees part two of Titans multi Doctor story which features the 10th, 11th and 12th Doctors. So far it is pretty good and they incorporate a creature from Series 1 that most of you will remember. Issue two of five is out today at comic book store.

What shocking past event brings three Doctors together – to combat an unknown foe with three incarnations in its sights?

The 5-part weekly series is penned by Paul Cornell (Wolverine) and illustrated by Neil Edwards
(Assassin's Creed)!

The weekly event, running through August and September 2015 features the Tenth, Eleventh

New Comic Book Checklist For August 19th

At the Earths Core:THC: Edgar Rice Burroughs
BPRD: Hell on Earth 133 (Part 25)
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Season 10: 18
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 13
Death Head 2
Empowered:TPB: 9
Groo: Friends And Foes 8
Midnight Society: The Black Lake 2
Resurrectionists:TPB: 1-Near Death Experience
Strain: Night Eternal 12

Astro City 26
Batman: Arkham Knight 7 7
Batman: Robin: Son of Batman 3
Black Canary 3
Constantine:TPB: 4-The Apocalypse Road

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Doctor Who - The Secret History Review

Doctor Who:
The Secret History
By Eddie Robson
Starring Peter Davison, Maureen O’Brien
and Peter Purves

The Doctor finds himself in a TARDIS control room that he hasn’t used since he was in his first incarnation.   In fact the 5th Doctor is now looking at a couple of companions that he hasn’t seen for a very long time.  He is now facing a startled Vicki and Steven who have no idea where there Doctor has gone and who this younger man standing before them is.   The Doctor is also hesitant to leave the TARDIS because of the ramifications of what would happen but curiosity got the better of him and off they go outside of the TARDIS.   Outside is the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 and it is besieged by the highly decorated General Belisarius.

Doctor Who - Cover For Doctor Who Magazine 490

Out Thursday in the UK is Doctor Who Magazine 490 which is the new series preview issue.  This will definitely be one to get with lots of new series articles in it to read.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Doctor Who - A Look Ahead At Series Nine

BBC America has released a couple of videos for the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Here we have Peter Capaldi talking about the new series talking about what's ahead and life is short.  The new series of Doctor Who airs on September 19th at 9PM on BBC America.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Doctor Who - The Fan Show: Doctor Who Comics Day!

Doctor Who The Fan Show takes a look at this Saturday's Doctor Who Comics Day. The special issue came out on Wednesday but the variant covers are out tomorrow. Enjoy the video and go out and enjoy Doctor Who Comics Day.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Doctor Who - The Cloisters of Terror Review

Doctor Who:
The Cloisters of Terror
By Jonathan Morris
Starring Tom Baker and 
Louise Jameson

The Doctor and Leela are in Oxford and run into a mystery.  It appears that young girls have gone missing and when The Doctor runs into the Dean of St. Matilda’s College he finds out that it is the mother of one of his former companions.  Dame Emily Shaw is the mother of Liz Shaw who is familiar with The Doctor but is dubious of this fellow claiming to be The Doctor as he does not fit the description that Liz gave to her.  After convincing her that he is who he says he is they begin to investigate the disappearance of the young girls.  It appears that when the girls disappear they see three nuns.  Now The Doctor isn’t convinced that this is ghosts but something alien that can control the visions of its victims.  The trouble is Leela now hears the nuns and is determined to find them.  Problem is if she finds them Leela will be joining the nuns and be a ghost herself.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Doctor Who - BBC Release New Series Nine Trailer

Here is the new trailer that the BBC have released for Series Nine of Doctor Who which will return to our screens on Saturday September 19th.

Doctor Who - Titan Reveals All Issue #1 Covers For Its Crossover Event Series - Part Of Doctor Who Comics Day!‏

This week sees Doctor Who Comics Day as this Saturday there will be a bunch of variant covers to collect.  Today sees the regular issue released and it is a comic book crossover with four Doctors.  It is written by Paul Cornell and will be released weekly for five weeks.  Below is the 18 covers to collect if your lucky enough to live near these shops.  Some of the shops are Alien Entertainment; Books-A-Million; Borderlands; Cafe Anime; Forbidden Planet; Geppi's Entertainment Museum; Hastings; Hot Topic; Jester Comics; Newbury Comics; Third Eye; Twilight Comics; and The Who Shop.

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Issue 14 Cover and Synopsis

The next to last story for the 10th Doctor Series One by Titan Comics.  Will The Doctor and Gabby save NYC.  Buy the comic book to find out.

Just one issue away from this year’s season finale, and things have never looked more dangerous for the Doctor and Gabby!

Separated by an ancient force from the centre of the galaxy, the Doctor takes a cosmic trip into the

Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Issue 15 Cover and Synopsis

Out today is the last issue of Titan Comics series 1 for the 11th Doctor.  Series 2 will start up in the Fall but for now enjoy this issue.

It's the end... But the moment has been prepared for! The first year of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor series may have finished on astounding highs – but they'll be back for brand-new seasons in September – right after our AMAZING 5-ISSUE WEEKLY EVENT written by Paul Cornell, solicited in the very next issue of Previews!

Aug. 5, 2015
Al Ewing  
Rob Williams
Simon Fraser

Gary Caldwell

New Comic Book Checklist For August 12th

Abe Sapien 25
Adam.3 1
Angel + Faith: Season 9:THC: 2-Library Edition
Avatar: Last Airbender:SC: Poster Collection
Eltingville Club 2
Harrow County 4
Hellboy + the BPRD:TPB: 1952
King Tiger 1
Rebels 5

Arrow: Season 2.5: 11
Batman (2) 43
Batman: Catwoman (4) 43
Batman: Gotham Academy 9 9
Batman:THC: Black & White 1 Book/DVD Blu Ray Set
Batman:THC: Year One Book/DVD Blu Ray Set
Batman/Superman 23
Constantine: Hellblazer 3

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marvel Vs. DC - Daredevil, Deadpool, 2015-2016 TV Season, and the not so Fantastic Four

By Ken Parker

With the next TV season almost upon us we see a lot of exciting match-ups in this ongoing and fun battle between Marvel and DC.  The tides seem to be slightly changing due to a horrible outing by Fantastic Four but until Deadpool and Batman Vs Superman come out next year, all we really have is what is on TV and that is certainly exciting.  This time around I also look at what I think are the most important events for either side in the following year or so.

Doctor Who - Big Finish To Release The 6th Doctor: The Last Adventure Early

Big Finish will be releasing early The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure on August 17th a full six weeks before it was supposed to be released. This will be for Big Finish customers only.  You can order this special release from the Big Finish website.

A very special story which at last provides a heroic exit for Colin Baker's much-loved Time Lord. Four hour-long episodes, connected by the presence of the Valeyard, the entity that exists between the Doctor's twelth and final incarnations.

The End of the Line by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris.
The Doctor and his latest companion Constance investigate a commuter train that has lost its way...

The Red House by Alan Barnes
The Doctor and Charlotte Pollard arrive on a world that is populated by werewolves.

Stage Fright by Matt Fitton
The Doctor and Flip visit Victorian London, where investigators Jago and Litefoot explore theatrical performances that have echoes of the Doctor's past lives...

The Brink of Death by Nicholas Briggs
The Doctor and Mel face the final confrontation with the Valeyard - and the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs, Alan Barnes, Matt Fitton, Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Doctor Who - Strax To Meet Jago and Litefoot

File this one under barf.  I'm not a fan a Strax from NuWho and really do not find him funny all that much anymore.  Plus I liked the Sontarans as the warlike race and not the pantomime character they have turned into.  With that said Big Finish now has the rights to audio adventures with the Strax character and the first outing is teaming him up with Jago and Litefoot.   You can get that two disc adventure from the Big Finish website.

Strax, the Sontaran butler to Victorian investigator Vastra and her wife Jenny, suffers a disorienting attack and mistakes the two Victorian investigators Jago & Litefoot for Jenny and Vastra and moves into Litefoot’s home. Together, they are on the trail of a creature that is stealing brains, which may or may not be linked to a haunted house in London...

To see other Big Finish adventures of Jago & Litefoot, visit here

Written By: Justin Richards
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot), Dan Starkey (Strax), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Conrad Asquith (Inspector Quick), Stephen Critchlow (Marvo)

Other parts played by the cast 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For Return to Telos

This months 4th Doctor adventures see The Doctor, Leela and K-9 heading to the planet of Telos. seems there is something that needs to be taken care of that he didn't do when he was there in a previous incarnation.  You can order this story with the Cybermen and guest star Frazer Hines as Jamie and the Second Doctor from the Big Finish website.

The Doctor reveals to Leela that they’re heading for the planet Telos. And K9 has new masters...

On Telos, in the past, the Second Doctor and Jamie are exploring the ‘tomb of the Cybermen’.

Meanwhile, the Cyber-Controller and Cyber-Planner consolidate their plans. Spare parts from Krelos are being used to construct a mighty Cyber army. The Doctor must be captured.

Out of control, the TARDIS tumbles down a chasm and the Doctor and Leela find themselves caught up in full-scale planetary invasion.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), John Leeson (K9), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Michael Cochrane (Geralk), Bernard Holley (Peter Haydon), Veronica Roberts (Relly), Nicholas Briggs (the Cybermen)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor John Dorney
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Doctor Who - The Fan Show: Behind Doctor Puppet

This week Doctor Who The Fan Show talk to Alisa Stern who has created The Doctor Puppet.  If you follow her on Twitter you can see the many places the Capaldi puppet has traveled to in NYC.  She has also done some webisodes for her creation and you can see her at conventions also.  Below is two videos one with the actual show and the other an extended interview.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For The Warehouse

Mike Tucker returns to pen another 7th Doctor story and this time he is using Mel as the companion instead of Ace as he normally does when he writes for the 7th Doctor. As what is his trademark I'm expecting this story to be scary.  You can order it from the Big Finish website.

The Doctor and Mel land in what appears to be an orbiting warehouse, a delivery facility with a dangerously erratic computer.

Whilst Mel is helping with repairs, the Doctor begins to realise that not everything in the warehouse is as it seems. Why do no goods ever seem to leave the shelves? Why are the staff so obsessed with the stocktake? And who is the mysterious Supervisor?

On the planet below, the Doctor discovers that the computer might be the least of their problems – and that they should be more concerned with the spacestation's mould and vermin...

Written By: Mike Tucker
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Bonnie Langford (Melanie Bush), Phillip Franks (Supervisor/Acolyte), Dillie Keane (Lydek), Clare Buckfield (Ann/Darl), Barry McCarthy (Fred/Terminal), Anna Bentinck (Jean/Computer), Barnaby Edwards (Reef). Other parts played by the cast

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Doctor Who - Reece Shearsmith To Guest Star In Series 9

The man who played the 2nd Doctor in the anniversary special An Adventure in Space and Time will be guest starring in the Mark Gatiss story for series 9 of Doctor Who.  Below is the full press release.

Actor, comedian and award winning writer Reece Shearsmith joins Peter Capaldi (the Doctor) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) as he takes-up a guest role in a special episode of Doctor Who, returning to BBC One this September.

Reece has previously played Patrick Troughton in a docu-drama about the conception and making of Doctor Who, An Adventure In Space And Time, and returns to Cardiff for a part in an adventure written by Mark Gatiss, directed by Justin Molotnikov and produced by Nikki Wilson.

Most famously known for his work as part of The League Of Gentlemen, along with fellow performers Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatiss and co-writer Jeremy Dyson, Reece comments on his casting for the hit show:

“I am absolutely thrilled to be filming Doctor Who, as Mark Gatiss has written a fantastic role for me in a very scary episode. It has been so exciting to be part of a very singular episode - which, I can say with authority will be unlike any previous episode of Doctor Who. It’s a joy to play a part in the show - certainly a badge of honour.”

Mark Gatiss, writer of the episode, adds: “I’m delighted to be writing again for Peter and Jenna’s brilliant TARDIS team and very excited about this particular story. It’s been brewing in the dark recesses of my mind for a while now! I’m also chuffed to bits to finally welcome my old friend Reece Shearsmith onto the show. He’s been badgering me for ten years!”

Reece will be joined by Elaine Tan (Eastenders, Entourage), Neet Mohan (All In Good Time, Desert Dancer), Bethany Black (Cucumber, Banana) and Paul Courtenay Hyu (Dalziel And Pascoe, Coronation Street).

Other guest cast for the new series, launching on Saturday 19 September, include Michelle Gomez, Maisie Williams, Rufus Hound, Ingrid Oliver and Rebecca Front.

Doctor Who has had a decade of success and is one BBC One’s most highly regarded shows. The much-loved brand is already a phenomenon delivering on a global scale, with the last series' (series 8) consolidated average at 7.4 million.

Doctor Who series 9 is shot in Cardiff at BBC Wales Roath Lock studios and is a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One.

Doctor Who - Last of the Cybermen Review

Doctor Who:
Last of the Cybermen
By Alan Barnes
Starring Colin Baker, Frazer Hines and
Wendy Padbury

Jamie and Zoe are waiting in the TARDIS for The Doctor to return.  The scanner shows a rocky landscape and it is dark and it is hard to make out images clearly.  They see a shadow of a man running and it is the familiar shape of The Doctor.  Jamie and Zoe leave the TARDIS to help him when they noticed that he fell in a ditch.  When they get to the ditch the notice the man who fell down it is not the man they were expecting.  It is indeed The Doctor but it isn’t their Doctor as in the place of the 2nd Doctor is the 6th Doctor.

That is the least of their troubles as before the 2nd Doctor disappeared he was being chased.  What the three travelers notice was that a Cyberman was chasing them and that the planet the 6th Doctor is now on is Telos.  It is at the end of the Great Cybermen War and the trio must face the Cybermen once again.

New Comic Book Checklist For August 5th


Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians 3
Angel + Faith: Season 10: 17
Art of Satoshi Kon:HC:
Baltimore: Cult of the Red King 4
Barb Wire
Bowery Boys:THC: Our Fathers 1
Conan:TPB: 17-Shadows Over Kush
Creepy Comics 21
Mighty Skullboy Army:TPB: 1 (New Print)
Neverboy 6
This Damned Band 1
Veda:TPB: Assembly Required
Witcher: Fox Children 5


American Vampire: Second Cycle 9
Batman Beyond (5) 3
Batman: Bat Mite 3
Batman: Detective Comics (2) 43
Batman: We Are Robin 1.2 (Second Print)
Constantine: The Hellblazer 1.2 (Second Print)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Doctor Who - LI Who 3 Adds Janet Fielding and Derrick Sherwin To Their Guestlist

Janet Fielding and Derrick Sherwin have been added to LI Who 3 convention that will be taking place on November 13th to the 15th. The guest list keeps growing and this years show is shaping up to be a fun one. You can order tickets at the LI Who webite.

L.I. Who 3 Is Proud To Announce It’s Guest Of Honour Derrick Sherwin Is Coming To L.I. Who 3 In His First East Coast Appearance.

L.I. Who 3 is proud to announce it’s Guest of Honour Derrick Sherwin is coming to L.I. Who 3 in his first east coast appearance. Derrick G. Sherwin was script editor of Doctor Who from “The Web of Fear” to “The Mind Robber”. He was then producer from “The War Games” to “Spearhead from Space”, overseeing the transition from Patrick Troughton's Second Doctor to Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor, the production's conversion from monochrome to colour, and the re-tooling of the series to a one of Earth-bound, present-day adventures.

Sherwin is also an actor, with a several roles on television in the 1950s and 1960s. He made a cameo appearance in Spearhead from Space as a UNIT commissionaire.

L.I. Who Is Happy To Have Janet Fielding Joining Us For L.I. Who 3 In Her first NY Appearance.

L.I. Who is happy to have Janet Fielding joining us for L.I. Who 3 in her first NY appearance. Janet Fielding enjoyed popularity as bombastic Australian air hostess Tegan Jovanka in Tom Baker’s final Doctor Who serial (“Logopolis”)and alongside Peter Davison for nearly two and a half years of his tenure.  Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Fielding worked in UK television until her retirement from acting in 1991, becoming an advocate for women in film and television and a theatrical agent.  After an initial reticence to return to her famous Doctor Who role, she finally reprised the role of Tegan alongside her co-stars in 2006 in Big Finish’s audio drama “The Gathering” and has been a regular on Big Finish productions since.

Janet Fielding can be found on Twitter as @jfmouthonlegs

Doctor Who - BBC America Releases Promo Pic

BBC America has released this promo picture for the new season of Doctor Who and it looks like the 12th Doctor is now channeling the 2nd Doctor by wearing pants that would be more appropriate for Patrick Troughton.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For Short Trips: Foreshadowing

A new month a new Short Trips.  This month it is the 8th Doctor's turn with an advenebture narrated by India Fisher.  You can order the download only story on the Big Finish website.

A young lieutenant is sent to interrogate two strangers who were apprehended whilst intruding at a secure RAF base. The man seems strangely familiar, could pass for Lord Byron, and says he’s an alien; meanwhile his female friend is apparently from 1930. As the lieutenant tries to find out what they’re doing on his base, something connects them with a strange incident earlier in the day: stories of a giant insect…

Producer Michael Stevens
Script Editor Jac Rayner
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Julian Richards
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

India Fisher (Narrator)

Doctor Who - The Fan Show: Charlieissocoollike In The TARDIS