Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Doctor Who - Suburban Hell Review

Doctor Who:
Suburban Hell
By Alan Barnes
Starring Tom Baker and
Louise Jameson

Ralph and Belinda are expecting four for supper when there was an unexpected knock on the door. At the door is The Doctor and Leela and they are mistaken for the dinner guests.  The Doctor and Leela are stranded as the TARDIS has disappeared because of a temporal ruckage. The Doctor explains that the TARDIS is really on the other side of a wrinkle in time and it’s just a matter of finding a way to get it back.

Soon things don’t appear to be going well for the dinner party.  A fog starts rolling in and inside that fog are monsters that seem to have a taste for humans.  Plus The Doctor seems to have disappeared.  Leela can’t find him anywhere.  Where he ends up is not where he was expecting.  The Doctor finds himself back in time and discovers what the big secret that the house has been hiding all this time.

Doctor Who - Series 9 Filming Pics

The BBC Doctor Who Instagram site has released some more teasers for Series 9.  Looks like more UNIT stuff.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Eye on Sci-Fi - The X-Files, Star Wars - Rebels, The Martian and Summer of Sci-Fi

June- July 2015

By Ken Parker

We have another wide variety of news as well as a look at the summer of sci-fi and some of my opinions on some of the TV shows airing this summer. We also say good-bye to a couple of influential people in the genre and take a look at my most anticipated movie of the year, and it is NOT Star Wars!

Doctor Who - The Chase Review

Last week was the 50th Anniversary of Barbara and Ian leaving the TARDIS.  See what we thought of The Chase.

Doctor Who:
The Chase
By Terry Nation

“I shall miss them. Yes, I shall miss them, silly old fusspots.”

Imagine being chased through space and time.  Imagine the ones chasing you are your most hated enemies The Daleks.   The Daleks have discovered time travel and are now hunting The Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Vicki all through time. The TARDIS crew is being chased all around to the Mary Celeste, to a monster themed fun house, to The Empire State Building in New York City USA.  The Daleks are relentless in their pursuit until the final showdown on the planet Mechanus with the Mechanoids.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Doctor Who - Hello Sweetie!!! River Song and NuWho Arrive At Big Finish

With this new announcement it is surely only time until we get stories for the NuWho Doctors but in the meantime we have some NuWho monsters and friends of The Doctor.  The biggest announcement is that Alex Kingston will be reprising her role as River Song for Big Finish in two box sets.  The first is The River Song Diaries and the second is Doom Coalition 2 starring Paul McGann.  Doom Coalition 2 should be interesting as she must help The Doctor by not meeting him.  Winston Churchill will be getting a box set played again by Ian McNeice.  This NuWho version will recall his exploits with the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors.  The next box set will feature Big Finish Classic Doctor's 5 to 8 facing off against some familiar NuWho villains.  Even though I don't understand how the Sontarrans are new.  Below is the synopsis for the box sets that will be out in 2016.
Full press release from Big Finish. http://www.bigfinish.com/news/v/bf27june

Doom Colilition 2

The Doctor’s past is catching up with him. And so is his future… As a dark chapter dawns for the universe, a friend is at hand. But how can River Song help the Doctor if she can’t meet him?

Directed By: Ken Bentley

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song), Nicola Walker (Liv Chenka), Hattie Morahan (Helen Sinclair)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doctor Who - The Defectors Review

Doctor Who:
The Defectors
By Nicholas Briggs
Starring Sylvester McCoy and 
Katy Manning

UNIT headquarters is being evacuated and Jo is shocked to find that most of her friends are gone already.  This was all sudden and she is very suspicious of the British army officers that are in charge of evacuating UNIT and starts to investigate what is really going on.  This obviously gets Jo in trouble and she is soon captured by the aliens posing as British officers.  Their true motive has to do with The Doctor and Jo doesn’t know where he is at the moment.  Then they hear the familiar sounds of the TARDIS returning but what they see is something else entirely.  The 7th Doctor has arrived and Jo isn’t all that sure of this version of The Doctor and is forced to trust him to save the Earth and hopes he can return her Doctor to them.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Doctor Who - Cover For Doctor Who Magazine 488

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine issue 488 features an interview with Ingrid Oliver and a feature on Doctor Who Cosplay.

Doctor Who - 10th Doctor Comic Book Issue 12 Synopsis Plus Preview

Out today part two of The Fountain of Forever.  Will Gabby convince her friend Cindy that her travels with the Doctor are real?

The Fountains of Forever Part 2

An ancient artefact, fused to the body of a movie star!

An above-top-secret counter-UNIT organisation!

New Comic Book Checklist For June 24th


Conan: King Conan: Chronicles of King Conan:TPB: 11-Nightmare 11
Conan: The Avenger 15
Fight Club 2: 2
Frankenstein Underground 4
Grindhouse: Drive In Bleed Out 6
Halo: Escalation 19
Massive:TPB: 5-Ragnarok
Mulan: Revelations 1
Order of the Forge 3
Pastaways 4
Resident Alien: Sam Hain Mystery 2
Tomb Raider 17


Aquaman (7) 41
Aquaman And the Others:TPB: 2-Alignment Earth  ;
Batgirl (4) 41
Batman 66: 24
Batman and Robin (2):THC: 6-Hunt For Robin
Batman and Robin (2):TPB: 5-The Big Burn
Batman: Grayson 9
Batman: We Are Robin 1

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doctor Who - Death Match Review (Slight Spoilers)

Doctor Who:
Death Match
By Matt Fitton
Starring Tom Baker and
Louise Jameson

The Doctor gets a message from Marshall that Leela has suddenly disappeared.  He says she never returned from saying goodbye to The Doctor and there is no trace of her anywhere.  The Doctor soon finds a trace of her and it appears to be must troubling where she might be.  The particular place is the home to the Death Match.  The Death Match is under new management and The Doctor knows exactly who the new owner is.  The Master has taken over operating the Death Match and his champion is none other than Leela.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Doctor Who - Synopsis For Big Finish's 200th Main Range Release "The Secret History"

The conclusion to the mini trilogy that leads up to the 200th release for the Main Range.  Release 200 sees the 5th Doctor meeting up with Steven and Vicki in Italy in the year 540.  You can order this special release from the Big Finish website.

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to the Italian city of Ravenna in the year 540 – besieged by the army of the celebrated Byzantine general Belisarius. Caught up in the fighting, Steven ends up on a boat bound for Constantinople, the heart of the Roman Empire.

Rescuing Steven, however, is the least of the Doctor's problems – because he shouldn't be mixed up in this particular adventure at all. Someone has sabotaged his own personal timeline, putting him in the place of his First incarnation... but who, and why? The truth is about to be revealed – but at what cost to all of the Doctors, and to the whole future history of the planet Earth?

Written By: Eddie Robson
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Maureen O'Brien (Vicki), Peter Purves (Steven), Lysette Anthony (Sophia), Sarah Woodward (Theodora), Tony Millan (Procopius, Yazid), Giles Watling (Belisarius), Tim Wallers (Justinian)

Doctor Who Trivia Night

Doctor Who trivia night will be held Wednesday, June 24, 2015 from 6:30pm-7:30pm at the West Springfield Public Library, 511 Main Street, West Springfield, MA. This event is free and open to the public. Further details at: www.meetup.com/drwhoclub/events/223318581

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Doctor Who To Return This Fall Video

Doctor Who. Returning this Fall. BBC America.

Posted by BBC America on Saturday, June 20, 2015

SHADO NEWS - Information about Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Related Projects - June 2015 - Thunderbirds Are Go TV Series, Christopher Lee and Firestorm

June 2015
By Ken Parker

Lots of cool Gerry and Sylvia Anderson related stuff this time out.  Not only do we have mini reviews of the remaining Thunderbirds are Go first 13 episodes, we will also look at some merchandise and look at what might have been with the Space: 1999 comic series.  We also pay tribute to a couple of actors who appeared in Space: 1999 as well as get an exciting update from the Gerry Anderson Kickstarter project, Firestorm.

Gerry inside the TARDIS!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Doctor Who - The Cloisters of Terror Synopsis

This months Fourth Doctor adventure sees The Doctor and Leela investigate a haunted college in Oxford.  You can order this release from the Big Finish website.

St Matilda’s College, Oxford is haunted. The building was formerly a convent and, so the story goes, three ghostly nuns wander its passages during the hours of darkness. The story goes on to say that anyone who sees the ‘three sisters’ will not be long for this world.

When one of the students mysteriously disappears, the Dean of the College, Dame Emily Shaw, has no option but to call in the police. Her call appears to be answered when a Police Box arrives in her study; the Doctor and Leela have come to investigate and uncover the dark secret that has lain buried beneath the college for almost a thousand years...

Written By: Jonathan Morris
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

Tom Baker (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Rowena Cooper (Emily Shaw), Richenda Carey (Sister Frances Beckett), Claudia Grant (Megan Matthews), Allison McKenzie (Lynn Pickering), Jane Slavin (Ancient Nun/Brenda)

Producer David Richardson
Script Editor John Dorney
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Doctor Who - The Fan Show: Stealing Series 9 Scripts

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Doctor Who - Celebrating 10 Years of NuWho: The Christmas Invasion Review

Finishing up our 10 year anniversary with The Christmas Invasion.  Last week we said goodbye to Christopher Eccleston and this week we say hello to David Tennant.

Doctor Who:
The Christmas Invasion
By Russell T. Davies

“Here we are then, London. Earth. The Solar System. We did it. Jackie. Mickey. Blimey! No, no, no, no, hold on. Wait there. I've got something to say. There was something I had to tell you, something important. What was it? No, hold on, hold on. Hold on, shush, shush, shush, shush. Oh, I know! Merry Christmas!”

The TARDIS literally falls from the sky and crash lands next to Jackie and Mickey.  Out through the doors appears a confused and somewhat disorientated man.  The man wishes them a Merry Christmas and promptly faints.  Rose exits the TARDIS and tells them that this man indeed the Doctor, a recently regenerated Doctor.  After putting The Doctor to bed and making sure both his heartbeats are all right Rose and Mickey go to town and do some Christmas shopping.  Their presence is soon discovered and they are set to be attacked by four killer Santa’s.  The Santa’s use their musical instruments to cause distruction to the shopping area and Mickey and Rose make a close escape. As soon as they get back to Jackie’s apartment Rose is astonished to see a new Christmas tree.  Not as astonished as she is when the tree suddenly comes alive and tries to kill them.  Rose is able to get The Doctor awake just in a nick of time as he uses his sonic screw driver to destroy it and they discover there is a bigger threat before The Doctor slips back into a coma.

Doctor Who - SDCC 15: Doctor Who Comics Panel Details! New Mini-Series Set To Be Revealed!‏



Titan Comics is thrilled to reveal details about this year’s Doctor Who Comics panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Taking place on Saturday July 11th (3:30PM, Room 5AB), the panel, entitled ‘Doctor Who Comics Panel: Year Two, Cross-Over Event And New Mini-Series’, is part of Titan’s themed Doctor Who Comics Day on Saturday at SDCC – a teaser for next month’s official Doctor Who Comics Day event on August 15.

Doctor Who - More Doctor Who and Sherlock SDCC Exclusives

Titans Merchandise has revealed tons of Doctor Who and Sherlock merchandise for SDCC.  If your luck enough to be going have fun picking out what you want to buy.

Doctor Who TITANS:
4.5" 10th Doctor Tuxedo

Very Limited Stock - $20.00
This 4.5" TITAN figure features the 10th Doctor,
as played by David Tennant, all dressed up in his tuxedo!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Doctor Who 9th Doctor Comic Book Issue 2 Preview and Synopsis

Out today the second issue of the exciting 9th Doctor comic book mini series.  Will The Doctor be able to save Rose?  Find out today.

Don’t miss the second thrilling installment of Weapons Of Past Destruction – an all-new miniseries

Doctor Who - 11th Doctor Comic book Issue 13 Synopsis

Out today issue 13 of the 11th Doctor comic book which is suppose to have a surprise in it.

Two Emperors, and two halves of the Roman Empire, clash inside a freshly-exploded crater in

New Comic Book Checklist For June 17th


Archie vs. Predator 3
Aw Yeah Comics:TPB: 2-Time for Adventure
BPRD: Hell on Earth (132) 23
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Season 10: 16
Colder:TPB: 2-Bad Seed
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 11
Ei8ht 5
Gremlins:THC: Return of the Gremlins (Disney)
Groo: Friends And Foes 6
Mind MGMT 34
Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You 1
Shaper 4
Strain: Night Eternal 10
Tarzan:TPB: Edgar Rice Burroughs Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Tarzan:TPB: Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan Omnibus
Usagi Yojimbo 146
Usagi Yojimbo:THC: 29-200 Jizo


Astro City 24
Batman: Robin: Son of Batman 1
Black Canary 1
Black Canary/Zatanna:TPB: Bloodspell
Deathstroke (4):TPB: 1-Gods of War
Doomed 1
Dr Fate 1

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Doctor Who - Utopia Review

The Master returned eight years ago today. We look back at his NuWho return in Utopia.

Doctor Who:
By Russell T. Davies

“I… Am…The Master.”

The Doctor, Martha and Jack travel so far in the future that they literally have ended up towards the end of the universe.  They have gone so far that Time Lords never ventured there when they were still in existence.   The last humans are trying to get to Utopia with the help of a rocket ship that Professor Yana is trying to make lift off.

The Doctor offers his services and with the help with some power from the TARDIS the ship is ready to launch towards Utopia.  The Future Kind do not want the humans to leave for Utopia because then there would not be any humans for them to eat anymore and they are hungry.  So they have an agent that is trying to sabotage the launch.   The Doctor and Jack fix that problem but have encountered another when Martha informs The Doctor that Yana has a watch just like he does and she suspects he is another Time Lord.  She is correct in her guess but unfortunately for them that Time Lord happens to be The Master who is now reborn to wreak havoc on the universe once again.

Doctor Who - The 12th Doctor Vol 1 Terraformer Preview and Trailer

Out now is the first 12th Doctor collection collecting issues 1 - 5 of the monthly comic by Titan.  It is available now in comic book stores and will soon be in bookstores on June 30th.

The Twelfth Doctor has just regenerated- but the universe won't give him a minute

Monday, June 15, 2015

Doctor Who - Bring Me Knitting!! Paul McGann and Wendy Padbury Added To LI Who 3

LI Who has added a Doctor and a companion for its third convention that will be taking place this November 13 - 15.  They welcome back the 8th Doctor Paul McGann and 2nd Doctor Companion Wendy Padbury.  It's Paul McGanns birthday that weekend and he choose to celebrate it with his American fans this year.
You can order ticket from the LI Who website.

L.I. Who is happy to announce that Paul McGann and Wendy Padbury are returning to Long Island for L.I. Who 3.

Paul McGann best known to Doctor Who fans for his role as the 8th Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who Movie as well as the stunning and surprising appearance in Night of the Doctor celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Paul will be at L.I. Who 3 celebrating his birthday with his fans this coming November 13-15, 2015.

Paul McGann has an extensive repertoire of work including such critically acclaimed roles as Mark North in the BBC show Luther, the titular role of I in Withnail and I, and of course as The Doctor in many Big Finish Audio Productions. Other appearances include work in Empire of the Sun, Alien 3, The Horatio Hornblower series of movies, Ripper Street, and many documentaries. Mr. McGann is currently working on The Pit and the Pendulum: A Study in Torture as well as the film The Minister of Chance.

Wendy Padbury played the brilliant astrophysicist Zoe Heriot during the Second Doctor’s final season. She joined the crew of the Tardis in “Wheel in Space” and remained until the epic ten part story “Wargames”. Her on-screen chemistry with co-stars Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines endeared her to Doctor Who fans. Wendy returned to the show for the twentieth anniversary story “The Five Doctors”. Since 2003 Wendy has worked with Big Finish on over a dozen audio dramas, the latest “The ISOS Network” is out in December. She is now retired and is living in France, having previously been a theatrical agent with Nicholas Courtney, Colin Baker and Mark Strickson, all former Doctor Who actors, amongst her clients. She discovered Matt Smith at the National Youth Theatre.We are delighted to welcome this charming lady back to Long Island.

Doctor Who - SDCC Doctor Who Exclusives From Titan

Titan Merchandice and Titan Comics have revealed what they will be selling at their booth (5537) at this years SDCC.  Lots of cool exclusives that will sure to sell out pretty fast so if your attending SDCC you might want to pick this up on day one.



Available from Titan booth #5537


When the Twelfth Doctor and Clara turn up at San Diego Comic Con, a quick selfie outside the TARDIS reveals an alien threat among the con-goers and cosplayers! The green-skinned Lady of Neverness can only be viewed through mirrors, photos and quantum snapshots, and has turned up in the background of photos all over the convention! But if enough people view her at the same time, she'll gain the power to breach into our dimension... to feed on the life-force of the whole planet! Can the Doctor and Clara defeat her and save the day?

Find out in this exclusive new short story, only available at San Diego Comic Con 2015! Plus, go behind the scenes of the comic with writers George Mann and Cavan Scott, and artist Rachael Stott - and get an early in-print glimpse of the Doctor Who 2015 Event - Four Doctors! All under two amazing covers from fan-favorite artist Alice X. Zhang!



Friday, June 12, 2015

Doctor Who - Trailer and Synopsis For Benny Summerfield and The Triumph of Sutekh

Out now is Doctor Who: The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 02: The Triumph of Sutekh.  Here we see Benny uncovering a pyramid on Mars and someone we  thought was long gone has come back from the dead. Hopefully The Doctor and Ace can help save the day.  This box set is available to buy and you can order it from the Big Finish website.

1) The Pyramid of Sutekh by Guy Adams

Professor Bernice Summerfield, archaeologist and adventurer, has discovered a Pyramid on Mars. Inside she finds her old friend the Doctor is fighting a battle with the Osiran God Sutekh. One he is losing.

2) The Vaults of Osiris by Justin Richards

Egypt in 2015 is an unsettled place. The trade in stolen antiquities is a murky one, and it's about to get a whole lot worse, as an ancient and terrible force enters the market.

3) The Eye of Horus by James Goss

Ancient Egypt is enjoying a golden age - peace, prosperity and a powerful Pharaoh. But something is moving through the sands. A forgotten god requests an invite to the feast.

4) The Tears of Isis by Una McCormack

Russell Courtland prophesied the world would end on Tuesday. No-one was more surprised than he was when it did.

Written By: Guy Adams, Justin Richards, James Goss, Una McCormack
Directed By: Scott Handcock

Lisa Bowerman (Professor Bernice Summerfield), Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Gabriel Woolf (Sutekh the Destroyer), Diveen Henry (Alozza), Nicholas Briggs (Vasha), Sakuntala Ramanee (Hatshepsut), Matthew J Morgan (Tutmosis), Dan Bottomley (Kamos), Matthew Bates (Courtland), Rachel Atkins (Susannah), Naomi McDonald (Alyx), Guy Adams (Cultist)

Producer and Script Editor James Goss
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Doctor Who - Two Episodes of Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Here are two episodes of Doctor Who: The Fan Show.  Seems I missed the one about cosplay.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Horror Legend Christopher Lee Has Passed Away

Christopher Lee has died this past Sunday at the age of 93 following a short illness.  The actor most famous for acting in the Hammer Horror movies as Dracula had acted in 20 Hammer films with fellow legend Peter Cushing.  He also was the villain acting along side Roger Moore in the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun.  Younger fans will know him for his recent work in Star Wars Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and most recently The Hobbit Trilogy.   Christopher Lee appeared in over 270 movies and will be remembered forever as the man that made Dracula scary again and makes watching his movies for Halloween a must.

You can read more about Christopher Lee here at this great article by Variety.

Doctor Who - Celebrating 10 Years of NuWho: BadWolf/The Parting of the Ways Review

Doctor Who:
Bad Wolf/ The Parting of the Ways 
By Russell T. Davies

“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words, I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here.”

The Doctor, Rose and Jack have been taken off the TARDIS by a teleport and dropped into familiar game shows of the past that are now housed on Satellite 5.  The Doctor is concerned that something isn’t what it seems especially if whoever it is is powerful enough to teleport them from inside the TARDIS.   The Doctor and Jack both escape their games but Rose is in trouble on The Weakest Link game and is in danger of being disintegrated.  Unfortunately they are too late and the Anndroid does the deed and Rose is dead.

The Doctor and Jack make their way to level 500 and Jack discovers the TARDIS in one of the archive rooms.  He also makes another discovery.  Rose isn’t dead in fact she has been teleported somewhere else.  The Doctor tries and figures out what is going on by talking to the controller.  What he discovers brings terror to him and to Jack.  Rose is on a Dalek ship and there appears to be an armada of them.  The Doctor must save Rose and defeat the Dalek invasion force even if it costs him his Ninth incarnation.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Doctor Who - Jovian Wade Returns As Rigsy Plus Episode 10 Writer Revealed

The BBC have announced some news for episode ten of series nine of Doctor Who.  The guest star news is the Jovian Wade will return as Rigsy. For those of you who don't remember he was in the Series Eight story Flatline last year.  No information on what brings him back into the company of The Doctor and Clara.  Also the writer and director of this story has been announced and they are director Justin Molotnikov and writer Sarah Dollard whose previous credits include Being Human and The Game.

Doctor Who - Out Today 10th Doctor Issue 11 Cover and Preview

Out today is the Tenth Doctor comic book issue 11 from Titan.  A new story begins and it sees Cindy and Gabby having a falling out.

Cindy and Gabby have a falling out after Gabby’s homecoming – as an ancient artefact from the

Comic Book Checklist For June 10th


Alien vs. Predator: Fire And Stone:TPB:
BPRD:THC: 1946-1948
Criminal Macabre:TPB: Omnibus 3
EC Archives:THC: Tales From the Crypt 1
Ghost Fleet:TPB: 1-Deadhead
Ghost:TPB: 4-Death in the Family
Grip:HGN: Strange World of Men
Harrow County 2
Itty Bitty Comics: Grimmiss Island 4
Itty Bitty Comics: The Mask:TPB:
Midnight Society: The Black Lake 1
Rebels 3


Arrow: Season 2.5: 9
Batgirl (4):THC: 1-The Batgirl Of Burnside
Batgirl (4):TPB: 1-The Batgirl Of Burnside
Batman (2) 41
Batman: Catwoman (4) 41
Batman: Detective Comics (2) 41

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Doctor Who - Blink Review

The Weeping Angels made their debut 8 years ago today in Blink.  We take a look back at the story that started the Weeping Angel phenomenon and is considered one of the best stories from NuWho.

Doctor Who:
By Steven Moffat

“Don’t Blink.  If you blink, you’re dead.”

Sally Sparrow is investigating an old house when she comes across a message on the wall that tells her to duck.  She is so freaked out by this that she gets her friend Cathy Nightingale to come with her to see how crazy this old house is.  Unknown to them there is something inside this old house that is extremely evil.  Cathy decides to go have a look around when Sally is met by someone at the door who claims to be the grandson of Cathy.  Sally finds this odd but without her knowing it Cathy has been transported back to 1920 by a Weeping Angel.

Doctor Who - The First Doctor Volume One Synopsis

Continuing on with The Companion Chronicles but in a newly regenerated format of box set comes The First Doctor Volume One.  In this set you get four stories on four discs with three companions spanning two era's of the First Doctor.  You can order this release from the Big Finish website.

The Sleeping Blood by Martin Day

When the Doctor falls ill, Susan is forced to leave the safety of the TARDIS behind. Exploring a disused research centre in search of medical supplies, she becomes embroiled in the deadly plans of a terrorist holding an entire world to ransom – and the soldier sent to stop him.

The Unwinding World by Ian Potter

Office life is tough, the commute is a grind, nothing works quite as well as you'd like. Vicki seems to remember things being better once, before the little flat. It’s time she put some excitement back in her life. It’s just a shame the Doctor can’t help.

The Founding Fathers by Simon Guerrier

The TARDIS lands in Leicester Square in the summer of 1762. When the Doctor, Steven and Vicki find themselves locked out of the TARDIS, only one man can possibly help them. But the American, Benjamin Franklin, has problems of his own...

The Locked Room by Simon Guerrier

Steven Taylor left the Doctor and the TARDIS to become king of an alien world. But it's now many years since he gave up the throne and went to live in a cell in the mountains, out of sight of his people. He's not escaping his past – quite the opposite, in fact. As his granddaughter, Sida, is about to discover...

Written By: Martin Day, Simon Guerrier, Ian Potter
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman

Carole Ann Ford, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Alix Dunmore, Alice Haig, Darren Strange

Producers David Richardson & Ian Atkins (The Sleeping Blood)
Script Editor Jacqueline Rayner
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Doctor Who - Trailer For Titan Comics 4 Doctor Comic Book Special

Titan Comics has released a trailer for its comic book crossover event that takes place in August and stars four Doctors.  The book comes out August 13 and the big Doctor Who Day is August 15th.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Doctor Who - Full Team Including Osgood Announced For Big Finish UNIT Series

Big Finish have released the info on the team members that will be joining Kate Stewart played by Jemma Redgrave in the upcoming UNIT Series for Big Finish.  The first story Extinction will be out this November and there will be one familiar face or rather voice as Ingrid Oliver has been added as Osgood.  Also joining them will be new characters Lieutenant Sam Bishop played by Warren Brown,
Captain Josh Carter played by James Joyce and Colonel Shindi played by Ramon Tikaram.

For the full press release and to preorder go to the Big Finish website.

Eye on Sci-Fi - Han Solo's Wife and Jack Burton Returns

June 8
By Ken Parker

Where else can you read about Godzilla, Jack Burton, Han Solo and David Lynch in one article?  I will start with my view on remakes as we do have a fair amount of them every year.  One in particular has gotten my attention.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Doctor Who - Rebecca Front Guest Starring In Series 9

The BBC have released a press release for another guest star for Doctor Who Series Nine.  Rebecca Front will be joining the cast in the two part story in which the Zygons return which is still untitled at this time.  No word on the part she will be playing but we will know in time.  For the full release follow the link below.

Doctor Who - The Doctor Who Fan Show: The Doctor Who Festival

Here is this weeks Doctor Who Fan Show about the upcoming Doctor Who Festival.

Doctor Who - Alex Kingston To Appear At Rhode Island Comic Con

Appearing all three days at the Rhode Island Comic Con will be Alex Kingston.  She is the second Doctor Who guest announced for this convention that will be held November 6th to the 8th at the Rhode Island Convention Center and Dunkin Donut Center in Providence Rhode Island.  For more info visit the RICC website.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Doctor Who - Celebrating 10 Years of Nuwho: Boom Town Review

Doctor Who:
Boom Town
By Russell T. Davies

“It's not just any old power source. It's the Tardis. My Tardis. The best ship in the universe.”

The Doctor, Rose Jack and Mickey are enjoying a quiet time out in Cardiff while waiting for the TARDIS to refuel at the rift.  Everything is going good until The Doctor notices the front page of the local newspaper.  To his dismay he sees the face of a familiar foe thought to be dead when Downing Street exploded from a missile.  Margaret the Slitheen is alive and to make matters worse she is the mayor of Cardiff.

So the four travelers head out to find Margaret and to stop her from building a nuclear power plant that would fail and blow up the city to allow her to escape using an extrapolator.   But the thing is once they have her they need to wait before they take her back to Raxacoricofallapatorius they have to wait for the TARDIS to finish refueling and in that time anything could happen to allow Margaret to escape.

Doctor Who - BBC Worldwide Announce Doctor Who Festival

BBC Worldwide has announced a Doctor Who Festival to be held November 13th to the 15th at the London Excel.  Tickets will go on sale tomorrow at 10AM UK and it has already confirmed two guest Steven Moffat and the 12th Doctor himself Peter Capaldi.  Looks like a pretty good convention that might just coincide with the end of Series Nine.

Doctor Who - Check Out This Doctor Who Theme Tube Closure Sign

A London Underground worker really loves Doctor Who.  Check out this Doctor Who themed sign letting people know of the closure for repairs for the Tufnell Park Station.  Pretty clever and another sign of the popularity of Doctor Who.