Friday, November 30, 2012

"The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow" Pirates of the Caribbean Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Here is a look of the new Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and Johnny Depp came back to play the character as well. Here is,a cool behind the scene video feature. Its a walk through attraction called Legend of Jack Sparrow at Disneyland Hollywood studios. That allows guests to follow the,footsteps of Jack Sparrow to see what it takes to be in his crew. Looks fun.
By Rob Nelson

Grant Naylor Working On Red Dwarf XI Scripts

It's looking like Red Dwarf XI might be one step closer to being reality.  Digital Spy is reporting that Grant Naylor is already working on scripts for the next series of Red Dwarf. They were talking with Danny John-Jules who let it out that the scripts were being worked on to avoid time constraints that Naylor faced while writing Red Dwarf X.  Here are his quotes.

"I spoke to Doug the other day, and I know he's already writing outlines," John-Jules said. "Even though the contracts aren't signed, he knows because of the last series [that he needs a head start], because he was under real pressure."
"Directing, writing, producing, and then locations get moved out, actors drop out, and suddenly it's like, 'Well, we've got ten pages that can be filmed and I've got to rewrite four scripts'.
"He doesn't want to be caught like that again, so he's already writing outlines. Well, or scripts - Doug doesn't really do outlines, he just writes a whole script, and then diddles with it."
You can read the full article over at Digital Spy

Source Digital Spy

New Promo Pics For Iron Man 3

Here are some new promo pics released by Marvel Comics for Iron Man 3.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

David Tennant On Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

Were going to get a ton of these from now until there is an official BBC announcement on the casting or details about the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who.  So until we do it take it with a grain of salt.  But I do like the answer David Tennant gave about the 50th when asked in an interview by Moviejuice. Take it for what it is and speculate all you want.  Enjoy the quote.

I’ve nothing to tell you. But, if I did I wouldn’t tell you it, so, you know, deal with that.

Source: David Tennant returning for Dr. Who's 50th anniversary

Coming soon to a blue box near you?
The headline says its all. According to Bleeding Cool, David Tennant is returning to Dr. Who for the 50th anniversary celebration in 2013. A source told the site:
Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…
We hope they're right. And, if they are, maybe they are right about another rumor - John Simm returning to play The Master.

Christopher Eccleston On Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

Den of Geek, Blogtor Who and Red Carpet News have a video of Christopher Eccleston where he talks about the 50th anniversary.  You might be surprised by the answer but you can formulate your own opinion.

Synopsis For The Last Two Merlin Episodes

The BBC has released the synopsis, but not the titles, for the last two Merlin episodes that will be aired during the Christmas season.  These two stories will air on Saturday December 22nd and 29th and will mark the end of Merlin's 5 year story.

Episode 5.12 High in the mountains, a great horde gathers; Morgana prepares for war with a vengeful Mordred at her side. Merlin feels the weight of his destiny like never before as the ancient prophecies play out with terrifying accuracy. But before he can save his beloved Camelot, he must save himself. For it is not just the kingdom Morgana wishes to destroy – it is also Emrys.
Episode 5.13 And so it seems the Prophets did not lie. As the great battle rages on Camlann's mighty plain, Merlin faces his moment of destiny. Can he find the strength to save the man he made a King; the Camelot they fought to build; and the brotherhood they shared?

Trailer For Tonight's Elementary "The Long Fuse"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kaiju Attack - Breaking News - Pacific Rim

Doctor Who's Jenna Louis Coleman On Being The New Companion

There is an interview up on EW.Com of  New Doctor Who Companion Jenna-Louise Coleman and coincidentally its her first American interview.  In the interview she talks about keeping her appearance in Asylum of the Daleks a secret and the Oswin/Clara conundrum. Here is a snippet.

So, you played an ultimately deceased Dalek on that show and now you are about to debut (again!) on the special Christmas show as the Doctor’s assistant. All of which obviously raises about a thousand questions. Is this a subject that is going to be addressed in the Christmas episode?
Uh… mmm… no. We’re going to have what has been referred to as a “soft mystery.” For me, filming, I’ve been totally oblivious to Oswin and the “Asylum of the Daleks.” I really have had to erase it from my memory. Yeah, Christmas is it’s own episode.
You can read the whole exclusive interview at EW.COM  at the link below.

Source Entertainment Weekly

Sir's Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan Confirmed For X-Men: Days of Futures Past

Director Bryan Singer announced yesterday on Twitter that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan will be reprising their X-Men roles of Professor Xavier and Magneto. The next movie is a based on the 1981 comic story Days of Futures Past which have scenes that takes place in the future and this casting makes sense based on that storyline.

Syfy To Develop Waterworld Series???

Why would Syfy and NBC do a Water World movie game and a  TV series?  The reason why is when Syfy showed Waterworld on thier channel it got a 400,000 viewership. I thought it was a horrible film. It was a Mad Max rip off but on the water. Go to to read the full article.
Reported by Rob Nelson

Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars Fan X-Mas Gift Ideas

These are perfect gifts for the Doctor Who fan who has everything - Bathrobes -

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doctor Who - The Snowmen Guest Companion

It has been revealed that the Doctor will have assistance in defeating the "Snowmen" for this year's Christmas Special.  Spoilers??? Probably not....

Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scrapper Reviewed by @Robkixx

By Rob Nelson
Star Wars severed arm Ice scraper. Keeps your hand warm and cozy while you deice your windshield and reflect on the reminder to never wander off on your Tauntaun in a subzero snowstorm. A great geek gift priced at $24.99

Check Out This Cool Japanese Version of The Hobbit Movie Poster

Love this Japanese version of The Hobbit movie poster. I'm sure there will be an American version but this is the first I've seen of the group shot. Plus Sylvester McCoy is on it as well.

Synopsis Revealed For Star Trek Into Darkness

The synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness has been leaked or released depending on who you ask. It appears Paramount has put this out on their official press release. The movie sounds good but still no word on what character Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing.  Maybe we will know when that sneak peak is released before the Imax showing of The Hobbit in a few weeks. Check out the synopsis below.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS – Approved Synopsis 11/26/12
In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes Star Trek Into Darkness.
When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis.
With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.
As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.

Synopsis and New Picture For Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Snowmen"

BBC Picture

The Official BBC Doctor Who website has released another picture and a synopsis for this years Christmas Special "The Snowmen".  The story will air on Christmas Day on BBCA at 9PM EST.
Read the full synopsis here:

Christmas Eve 1892 and the falling snow is the stuff of fairy-tales. When the fairy-tale becomes a nightmare and a chilling menace threatens Earth, an unorthodox young governess, Clara, calls on the Doctor for help. But the Doctor is in mourning, reclusive and determined not to engage in the problems of the universe. As old friends return, will the Doctor really abandon humankind or will he fight to save the world – and Christmas – from the icy clutches of this mysterious menace.

Trailer For This Saturday's Merlin "With All My Heart"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Western MA Sci-Fi Meet-Up Event

Our friends up north are having a special showing at Popcorn Noir.  On Wednesday November 28 they are showing a "Space Western".  For more info please visit here -

In addition to the Western MA Sci-Fi Meet-up there is also a Dr. Who Club of Western Ma and a Western MA Movie Meet-Up that also sponsor events including movie nights at Popcorn Noir.

Promotional Picture For Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Snowmen" Released

In the style of the first five stories of series 7 we have a movie poster style promo for this years Christmas Special "The Snowmen"

Sherlock Production Moved To March Might Not Air Till Late 13 or Early 14

For those hoping to see series 3 of Sherlock sometime in 2013 well you may have to wait a little bit longer.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the start date of filming has been pushed back from January to March. The shift in starting of  filming is due to the busy schedules of the main stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. A BBC Spokesmen has said that Sherlock will air in late 2013 or early 2014 and will be considerable longer for those in the US waiting for PBS to air it.

You can read the full story from Entertainment Weekly here.

Merlin Himself Colin Morgan on Merlin Ending

Merlin Series 5 To Be The Last BBC Announces

In a press release the BBC have announced that the highly popular and ratings success will wrap up its 5 year story with episode 13 of series 5.  Merlin will wrap up its 5 year retelling of the King Arthur legend with a special two part series finale this Christmas.  There is the chance that there will be a trilogy of Merlin movies that the creators were talking on doing which was announced at San Diego Comic Con.  With Merlin ending this leaves a gap in the fall with Merlin's timeslot. Could Doctor Who be moving in there for the 50th?  Time will tell.  Here is the full press release from the BBC taken from the BBC Media Center.

Date: 26.11.2012Last updated: 26.11.2012 at 13.56
Category: BBC One; Drama
It was announced today that the current series of Merlin will be the last as BBC One’s hit show reaches a spectacular conclusion this Christmas. The epic family fantasy drama will bow out with a special two-part finale, as this unique re-telling of the Arthurian legend reaches its natural and dramatic end – it’s not to be missed!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Celebrating 49 years of Doctor Who - The Cosmic Hobo by @cheezypeas

This article is probably one of the most difficult ones to write. A show I adore with a rich and varied history is 49 years old and where do I start? How do I do such a wonderful show enough justice and pay enough respect to it? Do I talk about the first story I ever saw; The Green Death? Do I discuss the Seventh Doctors era I predominantly remember whilst growing up? Then I re-watched my favourite story The Mind Robber and I found my answer.

As a child I recall seeing a picture of the Second Doctor grimacing in a newspaper or magazine and I was actually a little frightened! Over time I have developed a deeper appreciation for earlier stories and in particular, the Second Doctor and his era.

Celebrating 49 Years of Doctor Who - What Got Me Hooked On Doctor Who by @The_Knights87

artist unknown

Here we are.  It is the 49th anniversary to our favorite show.  We are now about a month away from the start of the 50th anniversary year.  There are lots of speculation and lots of anticipation for what is to come in the next year.  But the 49th is something special also.  The show, in one form or another, has persevered for 49 glorious years.  We’ve had original novels and audios to tie us over during the wilderness era.  You remember that time when Doctor Who was off the air and all we had was the video tape releases to watch with no new Who in sight for many years to come. It was a dark time but now that is over and unlike the 30th and 40th anniversary we are on the verge of celebrating the 50th with a televised special with current Doctor Matt Smith.

Celebrating 49 Years of Doctor Who - The David Tennant Years By @Paul _Bowler

The David Tennant Years - I Don't Want To Go
By Paul Bowler

David Tennant is perhaps one of the few people who seem to have truly been born to play the role of The Doctor. The Scot actor and self-confessed Dr Who fan really did get to live the dream of travelling in time and space, and after studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Tennant’s early television career included roles in Rab C Nesbit and Taking over the Asylum to name but a few. By the time Christopher Eccelston had decided he was not returning for a second season, Russell T Davies had already chosen David Tennant to be his successor.  David Tennant was already closely associated with Big Finish Audio Plays, having appeared in Colditz (2001), Sympathy for the Devil and Exile (2002), as well as roles in Dalek Empire III and Medicinal Purposes in 2004 and even the online animated story Scream of the Shalka (2003). By the time Tennant was offered the role of the Doctor while filming the BBC’s three part drama about the life of Casanova, you could say that his appointment with destiny had been sealed, and after only a few days consideration, David Tennant embraced the roll of our favourite Time Lord and effectively made it his own.

Happy 49th Anniversary Doctor Who

Happy 49th Anniversary Doctor Who and the countdown is on to the big 50th Anniversary Year.  On this date 49 years ago the very first episode of Doctor Who was shown "An Unearthly Child" and a worldwide phenomenon was started.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life On Mars? Scientist Aren't Saying ...Yet


It seems like an odd choice of words to describe something discovered by Curiosity on Mars. But that's exactly what John Grotzinger, principal investigator for the Mars Science Laboratory, said about a recent soil sample test, according to an article by Nancy Atkinson at Universe Today. Grotzinger, in an NPR Today interview, was quoted as saying:

"This data is gonna be one for the history books," he said. "It's looking really good."
 The obvious question is "what?" Or, to be more precise, "WHAT?"

For now, the scientists are not saying. They are, after all, scientists who want to be absolutely certain about their discovery before announcing it to the world. That could be weeks away.

Said Joe Palca of NPR:
"They have some exciting new results from one of the rover's instruments. On the one hand, they'd like to tell everybody what they found, but on the other, they have to wait because they want to make sure their results are not just some fluke or error in their instrument."
In the meantime, it's anyone's guess - signs of life? Little green men, maybe?

Fringe Lives on the Science Channel

The Science Channel has just become better with its syndicated airing of all 5 seasons of Fringe.  The debut of the series started on November 20, 2012 (today), and will air episodes on Tuesday as well as some marathons on November 23 & 24.  In addition to the series, special segments will cover the real life science of Fringe.

It is ironic, but with Firefly also airing on the channel, it makes the Science Channel more like the Sci-Fi Channel than SyFy itself!!

This is a great opportunity to catch one of the better Sci-Fi series in the past few years.

Red Dwarf X Series roundup

Hands up who else is missing Red Dwarf already?

Considering some shows reprisals have been disastrous, the brave step taken to relaunch this much loved series was a gamble that's paid off. Having Doug Naylor at the helm has helped keep the shows originality and distinct style, without its characters and story lines becoming stale.

Trailer For Saturday's Merlin "The Hollow Queen"

Monday, November 19, 2012

The X-Files - Blu Ray??

The Digital Bits is reporting a rumor that Fox may be looking to release The X-Files on Blu-ray.  Since the show never aired in high definition and the special effects were made in standard definition, the release would mirror what Star Trek The Next Generation is doing with remastered effects.  The X-Files was shot on film and so an conversion to HD is possible but the effects were made in a standard definition and would have to be remade similar to Star Trek, the Next Generation.  It is uncertain whether the effects elements exist in HD or that they would just have to be done over again.

We could see the first release as early as 2013.

Review of the Interactive Graphic Novel "Anomaly"

Are you looking for something a little bit different than the normal super hero fanfare from Marvel and DC.  Do you want a graphic novel that you can interact with an iPhone or iPad.  Well if you are then Anomaly is just the graphic novel you have been waiting for.

The story takes place in the year 2717 in what is heralded as The Third Golden Age of Man.  Disgraced elite Enforcer Corps member Jon is looking for a chance to redeem himself and to get out of doing work that they wouldn’t risk a robot to do.  Well he gets his chance in an exhibition to an unknown planet that is dubbed Anomaly.  The problem with Anomaly is that there is a virus that eats metal and makes electronics worthless.  But that isn’t all.  Anomaly has an evil force ruling and none of the tribes on the planet are strong enough to defeat the forces of the evil Erebos.  It’s a tall task and Jon needs to unite the tribes and lead a force that will free Anomaly from Erebos forces.  A task that will be very costly to those involved.

Boston SuperMegaFest 2012 An Odyssey Fulfilled

Argh Pirates have arrived at SuperMegaFest

This year’s SuperMegaFest was, for me, a long journey finally completed.  It all started way back in 1995 when I purchased a cast photo from series 2 of Babylon 5.  Now I believe I bought it at United Fancon to get Jeff Conway’s autograph, well, mainly because there were not any good single photos of him from Babylon 5.  Wasn’t a big Grease fan so was not interested in those and Babylon 5 had just started its second season and was just about to hit it’s big popularity era.

Trailer For The Next Fringe Which Airs December 7

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dean Cain puts the 'super' into SuperMegaFest

Superman meets Hercules at SuperMegaFest.
Dean Cain does not like being reminded that it has been 19 years since the actor first donned the tights to play Superman in "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."

But fans attending SuperMegaFest in Framingham, Mass., over the weekend have not forgotten.

Truth be told, the 46-year-old Cain does not mind, either. He was having a little fun with a fan who asked him about continuing to carry the legacy of the Man of Steel some 15 years after "Lois and Clark" ended its four-year run. The still-handsome Cain - ask any female in the audience at his question-and-answer session - shook his head in good-natured horror at the reminder.

Dean Cain has a way of making fans laugh with him and at him. Asked whether his Japanese ancestry ever posed a problem for him as an actor, he recounted how he laughed for 25 minutes after being cast as Superman when one fan wrote, "We wanted Superman, not Sushi-man."

But Cain is not all about laughs. Or even about entertainment. That's why his appearance has to be ranked among the best I have ever seen at any convention by an actor.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Snowmen" Promo Pics

The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Snowmen" Trailer

Here is the trailer for this years Christmas Special "The Snowmen" which airs on Christmas Day on BBCA.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Prequel "The Great Detective"

Here is the Prequel to the Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Great Detective" which was a part of Children In Need.  The Trailer will be up sometime later.

Trailer For Next Wednesday's Arrow "Muse of Fire"

Star Trek: Into Darkness 9 Minute Preview

On December 14 IMAX Theaters will show a special 9 minute preview of Star Trek: Into Darkness.  The footage will be shown before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (which opens that day).  The footage will only be available at IMAX theaters.

Until that date, here is the Conan O'Brien Show clip to tide you over.

Shada North America Cover Art and Release Details

Here are the release details for Shada and More Than 30 Years in TARDIS. It will be coming out January 7 2013 in the UK and January 8 in North America.

The version of the unfinished Douglas Adams story previously released on VHS in 1992 (featuring linking narration from Tom Baker).
The 2003 BBCi animated version of Shada with Paul McGann (via computer).

Taken Out Of Time - a brilliant behind-the-scenes documentary
Now and Then - a featurette visiting the locations of Shada.
Strike! Strike! Strike! - looking at other BBC shows affected by industrial action.
Being A Girl - Samira Ahmed and Emma Price look at the portrayal of women in Doctor Who.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Picture of Matt & Jenna From Doctor Who Christmas Special

Here is a picture released by the BBC for this years Christmas Special.

Neil Gaiman's Cybermen Story for Doctor Who

Writer Neil Gaiman has been talking about his upcoming Doctor Who episode featuring the Cybermen -

Photo Credit:
"I can tell you that there are Cybermen in it. It will be a stand-alone episode, I don't know if it will be number twelve or thirteen. It will be the series' penultimate episode. But it has a beginning, a middle and an end... Steven [Moffat] wrote to me and asked if I wanted to make the Cybermen scary again. I thought back to myself at the age of six or seven, The Moonbase, Tomb of the Cybermen… I saw them when they were first broadcast. The Cybermen were much scarier than the Daleks, because they didn't make any noise. The Daleks moved around all over the place shouting "Exterminate", etc. With the Cybermen, it's different. You turn around and bam! There they are. It's scary. I told him that I was going to take the Cybermen from the sixties […] and see what I could do. I don't know if it's going to work, we'll see."

This is absolutely the best news I have heard from Doctor Who in a while. Finally an episode I am looking forward to!!

The new Cybermen photo above was found on numerous websites including -

But the real credit goes to and I apologize for neglecting the rights for these behind the scenes photos of the Cybermen which is owned by the BBC.

Doctor Who and SJA Win Writers Guild Awards

Steven Moffat and Phil Ford were winners at The Writers of Great Britain Guild Awards. Steven Moffat got a special award while Phil Ford won for The Sarah Jane Adventures.  You can read the full press release here.

The Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards are given annually and we’re delighted to report that Steven Moffat, Doctor’s Who’s lead writer and Executive Producer, won the Writers' Guild Special Award for Outstanding Writing at yesterday’s ceremony.

Accepting the prestigious award, he said, ‘Write what you love. I've never loved anything as much as Doctor Who and Sherlock.’

Phil Ford (The Waters of Mars, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games) was another winner, scooping the award for Best Children’s TV Script for The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Curse of Clyde Langer.

And congratulations also go to Toby Whithouse (School Reunion, A Town Called Mercy) who along with three co-writers picked up the prize in the Best TV Drama Series category, for his long-running BBC show, Being Human.

Alex Kingston Reads Melody Malone "The Angels Kiss"

Alex Kingston will be reading the EBook version of "The Angels Kiss" for AudioGo's Doctor Who range of audio books and adventures.  The download will be available in December with a CD version out later in March. You can read the announcement below.

This month AudioGO have scooped an exclusive coup! River Song herself - actress Alex Kingston - has recorded Doctor Who: The Angel’s Kiss by Melody Malone for release as a download in December, with a CD release following in March. Alex Kingston (Marchlands, ER, Moll Flanders), has become a fan favourite as mysterious River Song in the Doctor Who TV series, and we are thrilled to have her on board to tell Melody Malone's story.

Supermegafest Updates

There are some changes to Supermegafest's line up for this weekend and more information on scheduling and pricing for Stan Lee!  Check out their website for more details including the list of cancellations which include Avery Brooks, Ernie Hudson (he cancelled a while back), Jon Bernthal and others.  Under Event Schedule at their site there is a more detailed list of when the Photo Ops are happening.

Prince Charles Meets Dori The Dwarf From The Hobbit

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adele's Skyfall Music Video Is The Full Title Sequence Watch It Now

First Promo Picture Of Matt Smith From This Years Doctor Who Christmas Special

Here is the first promo picture from this years Christmas Special.  Which will air on Christmas Day in the US on BBC America at 9PM.

Doctor Who Children In Need This Friday

The BBC have released some info about this Friday's Children In Need Special Doctor Who scene.  There will be a special prequel to the Christmas special and a special trailer for that story also.  So tune in and if your in the UK make a donation.
Here is the full BBC Press Release

Bear with us… The Doctor returns on Friday night!
If you can’t wait until Christmas to catch up with the Doctor, make sure you’re watching Children in Need on BBC One this Friday night!

Doctor Who has a long tradition of taking part in Children in Need and this year fans are in for a double treat! There’s a brilliant new prequel to the Christmas Special starring Matt Smith as the Time Lord and featuring a number of familiar faces… If you need any more incentive to tune in we’ll just add that it was written by Steven Moffat!

Aside from that, there’s a new, exclusive preview trailer of the Christmas Special that includes the first glimpse of the Doctor with his new companion… Both items will be on BBC One on Friday, 16 November and will be available to view online soon after their Children in Need premiere.

Want to get involved with Children in Need? You can find out more, including how to donate and what’s happening in your local area by visiting the Children in Need site now!

CW To Bring Back The Tomorrow People

The CW and the produces of Arrow and The Vampire Diaries will be bringing back the hit ITV show from the 70's.  The Tomorrow People was a show that aired between 1973 and 1979 and dealt with the next stage of human evolution.

New Trailer For Oz The Great and Powerful

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Latest Star Wars 7-9 Rumor - Darth Vader Returns!

It appears that the UK tabloid, "The Express", is stating that Disney is looking to bring back Darth Vader for the next series of movies and that he is an "integral part of the franchise."

It is probably a made up rumor and we will hear a million more before the next movie comes out but what if it is true?

I can see several possibilities.  One is that Darth Vader is back, resurrected somehow.  This is very bad as it would cheapen the Episodes 1-6.  Vader no longer exists and even if he had survived, Anakin returned to the good side of the Force.  So could Vader time travel?  Or is his return in the form of an evil ghost like figure haunting Luke?  Imagine a spirit world of deceased Jedi continually interacting with the living.

Another more realistic method would be someone else dons Darth Vader's costume and calls himself Darth Vader.  This other evil Jedi becomes Darth Vader II of sorts and becomes a new villain for the Jedi in the next batch of movies.  This seems to be the least objectionable way for him to return.  Luke knows it is not really Darth Vader but perhaps rumors of Vader still being alive are supported by someone else taking the part.  That way we see the return of Vader in a similar fashion than the many superheroes and villains who's identity is taken up by someone new. (Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Green Goblin, etc)

I don't have a problem with Vader returning as long as it is done imaginatively and not ruining the previous movies.  Still, moving on and dealing with new villains would be preferred.

By the way, there is no reason why Boba Fett could not return to the franchise in a similar fashion.  That would be another popular character that could redeem his short appearances in the previous movies.