Friday, May 31, 2013

Karen Gillan Joins Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Karen Gillan, who starred in Doctor Who, is joining the cast of Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy. Details for Gillan's role were not revealed, although it is known she will play the film’s lead female villain. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Peter Davison The Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison is my favorite Doctor and if you read my reviews of his stories then you know I’m kind of biased towards his era.   For years my area had the good fortune of watching Doctor Who but mostly the Tom Baker stories.  Then on Wednesday November 23rd 1983 I watched The Five Doctors and it was my first exposure to the other Doctors.  I was intrigued and happy to know that there were others besides Tom Baker to watch on TV.  From there I started to like the Fifth Doctor and was hoping to see his stories and what happens after Logopolis.

BBC America The Doctor's Revisited The 6th Doctor/ Vengeance On Varos

BBC America continues its excellent Doctor Who The Doctor's Revisited documentary with The Sixth Doctor this June followed by the adventure Vengeance on Varos.  The Sixth Doctor gets his due on Saturday June 29th at 7:30PM ET.

Official Trailer For Machete Kills

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Or What Do You Want On Our Banner?

I have been working on the next few monthly banners for our blog site and was hoping that you guys would help by picking out who or what you would like to see on the banner in the upcoming months.  We might be changing the format at the end of the year and we already have a November banner completed so we are looking for ideas over the next few months.

Often the characters in our banner have some relevance for the month they appear in.  They might be from a movie or TV show coming out soon or one that has an anniversary.  In the past we have covered Star Wars, Star Trek, etc but is there a series or movie that we have neglected?  Just comment below on some ideas and we will try to use as many as we can.  Thanks for your input!!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Top 10 Peter Davison Stories

Peter Davison is my favorite Doctor so picking out the ten best stories from his era was pretty difficult as I like all the stories from that era.  Ok, well, maybe not Time Flight all that much.  So with much debate within myself I was able to widdle down his twenty stories down to the ten best and this is the list of what I believe are the best stories from the Peter Davison era.

Elementary - One Perspective By @MAntoniaP

Elementary – One Perspective
By Marie Parsons
Now that the first season of Elementary has ended-and viewers can excitedly anticipate a second season-it is time to reflect and take stock.

Elementary includes the familiar character of Sherlock Holmes.  While Holmes is properly British, the series is set in the familiar streets of current-day New York City. Holmes works as a consulting detective, often helping his long-time friend, NYPD Captain Gregson, whom he met in London while Gregson was helping at Scotland Yard. 

Holmes is a recovering drug user. He meets Joan Watson, a former surgeon, who has been hired by Holmes unseen father, to serve as Holmes’ “sober companion.” As time goes by, Watson finds herself intrigued by the art of detection-she even exhibits her own spark of deductive talent, and so Holmes begins to treat her as an apprentice detective. Eventually he bestows on her a heartfelt compliment, when explaining to Moriarty that now there are two people, himself and Watson, who are as clever, if not more so, than his long time archenemy.

This Weeks Comic Book Releases May 29, 2013

  • Amalas Blade 2
  • BPRD: Vampire 3
  • Buffy: Angel + Faith 22
  • Dragon Age: Until We Sleep 3
  • King Conan: Hour Of the Dragon 1
  • Last Of Us: American Dreams 2
  • Star Wars:TPB: Omnibus: Wild Space 1
  • Batman Noir Eduardo Risso Deluxe Ed:HC
  • Batman The Dark Knight Annual

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doctor Who Season 7B Fan Discussion

The Knights discussed the second half of season 7 of Doctor Who and here it is -

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Caves of Androzani

Doctor Who: 
The Caves of Androzani 
By Robert Holmes

STOTZ: All right, snoop. Hands in the air and over here.
STOTZ: Because I'll kill you if you don't.
DOCTOR: Not a very persuasive argument actually, Stotz, because I'm going to die soon anyway. Unless, of course
STOTZ: I'll give you to a count of three.
DOCTOR: Unless, of course, I can find the antidote. I owe it to my friend to try because I got her into this. So you see, I'm not going to let you stop me now!

The Doctor and Peri arrive on Androzani Minor which is the twin planet of Androzani Major but it is also not colonized due to the fact of its constant mud bursts when its orbit takes it close to Major.  While exploring in the caves, which The Doctor proclaimed them to be actually blow holes for the mud, Peri seems to fall into a nest that is sticky and causes stinging on contact.  The Doctor thinks it is harmless as he helps Peri to take the stuff off her legs.  Unknown to the two travelers they have come in contact with a spectrox web and they have now been infected with spectrox toxameia in which there is only one cure. 

It appears that The Doctor and Peri have stumbled into a private war between the conglomerate run by Trau Morgus and Sharez Jek.  The two guys hate each other and Morgus wants control of Spectrox a drug that the rich on Major use to slow down the aging process and Sharez Jek has the Spectrox and isn’t going to give it up willingly.  The Doctor and Peri get caught by the army and are accused of being weapons dealers.  After pleading their case Morgus orders General Chellak to execute them even though it is looking more likely that they are innocent.  Sharez Jek is watching what is going on and replaces The Doctor and Peri with android which Chellack executes instead of The Doctor and Peri.

Trailer for Doctor Who DVD Release "The Mind of Evil"

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Knights May Party Report!

Threatening rain and cool temperatures did not stop lots of outdoor fun at our annual Memorial Day Party.  The Knights were in attendance in Connecticut and enjoyed some fun indoors and outdoors.  Katy whipped up another excellent dinner for us and had our usual discussions and fun.  For a few who had not caught up with Doctor Who this season, we watched the latest episode, "The Name of the Doctor" and recorded our podcast discussion right after.

The fun outside was windy and at times, wet, but just as fun.  All of the current Knights kids were in attendance.  Something that has not happened since that number is now at 7.  That was pretty special.  Here are some photo highlights of that day!

Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant Clip: Agents Coulson and Sitwell face a problem in this clip from 'Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant'!

Phoenix Comic Con Review By @thenerdygirlie

Phoenix Comic Con Review
By: The Nerdy Girlie

Having San Diego Comic Con as my very first con experience has really spoiled me.   That being said, I am really enjoying the experience of attending the smaller cons.  I love meeting and interacting with like-minded nerds, and it doesn’t matter what con I am at, I have an amazing time.

Phoenix was almost a five hour commute for me, so this would be the very first time I would stay in a hotel prior to a con.  I had visions of celebrities in every room dancing in my dreams.  When I finally decided to book the hotel room, the two closest to the convention center were sold out.  I was lucky enough to get a room at the Sheraton only a block away.  The hotel was beautiful and the beds were perfection after that LONG drive.

In the morning, while we were checking out, my celebrity dreams were answered.   John Barrowman and Sam Witwer were there in the hotel lobby!  I was able to get a picture with Sam and one of the two of them meeting.  My day was made then -- time to go home {just kidding!}.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is Xena: Warrior Princess Coming Back???

Lucy Lawless who played Xena from 1995 to 2001 has hinted that the show may come back.  She tweeted out a few tweets that seem it might but might have to come back in a different way.

This is pretty interesting news and hope it happens plus how will they revive her from the land of the dead as Xena was killed off in the series finale.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Planet of Fire By @paul_bowler

Doctor Who:
Planet of Fire
By Peter Grimwade
Reviewed By Paul Bowler

"I shall come from this fire a thousand times stronger, to hound you to the borders of the universe. Bwahahahahaha!  Oh! Cancel the ray injection immediately. Doctor! I'll plague you to the end of time for this. Help me! I'll give you anything in creation. Please! Won't you show mercy to your own Argh!!!"

While taking a holiday in Lanzarote with her stepfather, Howard Foster (Dallas Adams), a young American teenager called Peri (Nicola Bryant) decides to go travelling. She visits Howard on his boat, where has just discovered a strange alien artefact on a shipwreck he has been investigating. Worried that her travel plans will affect her studies, Howard tricks Peri into staying on the boat, but when Peri decides to swim to shore she gets into difficulty.

The Doctor (Peter Davison) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) are also on the island, having detected the signal emanating from the artefact. Trulough swims out and saves Peri from drowning, taking her back to the TARDIS, where he realises that the alien artefact is from his home planet of Trion. When the Doctor returns they all travel by TARDIS to the planet Sarn, a barren volcanic world, where the population worship a fire deity called Logar. They are actually political prisoners from Turlough’s home planet - Trion - and when Turlough finds his brother, Malkon (Edward Highmore); he is forced to reveal to the Doctor that he is actually a refugee from his own people. The Sarn elder Timanov (Peter Wyngarde) is dismissive of the Doctor and Turlough, even though Turlough has the mark of Misos triangle on his arm.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Resurrection of The Daleks By @BlackAdder345

Doctor Who:
Resurrection of the Daleks
By Eric Saward
Reviewed By Will Barber

Davros: If I were you, I'd be dead.
The Doctor: I lack your practice, Davros.
Davros: You are soft, like all Time Lords. You prefer to stand and watch. Action requires courage; something you lack.

Captured in a time corridor, the Doctor and his companions are forced to land on 20th century Earth, diverted by the Doctor's oldest enemy - the Daleks. It is here the true purpose of the time corridor becomes apparent: after ninety years of imprisonment, Davros, the ruthless creator of the Daleks, is to be liberated to assist in the resurrection of his army. Even the Daleks do not foresee the poisonous threat of their creator. Indeed, who would suspect Davros of wanting to destroy his own Daleks? Only the Doctor knows the truth. Will he descend to Davros' level of evil to stop him?

Resurrection of The Daleks marks the return of the Daleks after an absence of five years. The Daleks returned at the perfect time; which is the middle of Doctor Who’s darkest and most brooding season seen at the time. Even compared to the great horror classics of the 70s, such as Pyramids of Mars and The Talons of Weng Chiang, Resurrection stands as possibly the most gruesome and gory with a body count few other Doctor Who stories possess.

Trailer For This Sunday's Continuum Series 2 Ep5 "Second Opinion"

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox DC Animation Trailer

Based on the Geoff Johns Flashpoint mini series that came out in 2011 and which lead into DC Comics new 52 launch is a story about The Flash and an alternate history of Earth. The Blu Ray arrives in store on July 30th in the US .

Doctor Who - Strax Field Report: The Doctor's Greatest Secret

Relive The Closing Moments Of Doctor Who "The Name of The Doctor"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Frontios

Doctor Who: 
By Christopher H. Bidmead

“Oh, you think so? I got it cheap because the walk's not quite right. And then there's the accent, of course. But, when it's working well, it's very reliable. Keeping track of appointments, financial planning, word processing, that sort of thing.”

The TARDIS has gone as far into the future as it is allowed to by Time Lord law.  They look on the screen and see the planet Frontios which happens to be an Earth colony that houses some of the last humans from Earth before it was destroyed.   Tegan wants to go down to the planet and see them but The Doctor is insistent that they do not go down there and interfere with their development.  But a meteor storm appears to have happened and the TARDIS appears to have gotten caught in a gravitational pull and is heading to the planet.

It appears that Frontios has been under threat of meteors for quite a while now and it seems to be having its toll as the population has thinned out and for some reason people have been disappearing into the ground.   The Doctor and his companions decide to help with the wounded and get involved but it comes at a price.  During the next wave of meteor storms the TARDIS is destroyed and all that is left is the hat stand.    The Doctor decides to explore the underground passage ways that exist under the settlement along with Turlough, Tegan, Norna and Brazen. 

Cover For Doctor Who Magazine 461

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Doctor Who – Destiny of The Doctor: Vengeance of the Stones

Doctor Who – Destiny of The Doctor 
Vengeance of the Stones 
By Andrew Smith 
Performed By Richard Franklin

Two fighter jets are on a training exercise when one of them disappears.  UNIT has been called in to Scotland and The Brigadier and The Doctor enlist the help from a local lieutenant named Mike Yates.  Mike Yates knows the area pretty well and is soon helping The Doctor investigate a stone circle.   The stones are over a thousand years olds but The Doctor and Mike Yates seem to think that there is something unusual about them.  The Doctor soon discover that aliens have been harnessing the power of the stones and want to extract revenge against the humans for what they have done to them when they first arrived thousands of years ago.   So it’s up to The Doctor to stop the aliens from destroying the Earth and to save a young lieutenant who has a promising future.

I absolutely loved Vengeance of the Stones.  It was a really good story and we get to see some insight on how Mike Yates ends up joining UNIT.  The previous two stories have been Doctor heavy but this one is centered more on Mike Yates.  I thought this was a pretty good change of pace as The Doctor did have a fair amount of time in this story but it was good to see how Mike Yates got his foot in the door and became a regular in the UNIT stories we have all seen on TV.   It was also interesting to see him confront the aliens and what his reaction would be to them.  It was also interesting to see how he would react to The Doctor when he discovered that he was an alien. 

Vengeance of the Stones is a pretty good UNIT story and I could see this story on TV during the Pertwee era during the Seventies.  Andrew Smith does a wonderful job capturing the feel of that era and the characters were done really brilliantly by Richard Franklin who does a pretty good Brigadier impersonation.   So far the Destiny of The Doctor series has been top notch and a good 50th Anniversary celebration for the good Doctor and you should be getting these audios and give them a listen.
Grade A –

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Awakening

Doctor Who: 
The Awakening 
By Eric Pringle

“Yes, the trouble is, I don't think he can have any idea of what he's doing. The Malus is pure evil. Given enough energy, it will not only destroy him, but everything else. Cheer up.”

The English Civil War, Roundheads, and Little Hodcombe under siege it’s 1643.  Well no actually it’s 1984 and The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough have thought to have landed in the village for a relaxing visit with Tegans Grandfather.  But unfortunately he has gone missing and something very strange is going on with the village of Little Hodcombe and with the reenactment of the war games of the English Civil War. 

Something evil that seems to strive on conflict and hate, an evil that projects deadly images, people from the past and is rearing its ugly head in the old church of Little Hodcombe. The evil being that is known as the Malus.   The problem is the Malus is feeding off the psychic energy of the war games. The war games is allowing the Malus to feed off the energy of the violence and hate that is being spawned from it.  The Doctor must find a way to stop the Malus and the war games but unfortunately Sir George is too far gone into the influence of the Malus to see sense to stop the war games reenactment.

This Weeks Comic Book Releases 5/22/13

Today is new comic book day and this is a list of all the new books coming out today 5/22/13

  • Akaneiro 1
  • Dark Horse Presents 24
  • Deep Sea (One Shot)
  • House Of Gold & Bones 2
  • Lobster Johnson: Satan Smells A Rat (One Shot)
  • Massive 12
  • Mind Mgmt 11
  • Star Wars: Dawn Of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan 5
  • Star Wars: Legacy 3

Two Movie Posters For The Simon Pegg Movie "The World's End"

"The Fate Of Your Planet" New Man Of Steel Trailer !!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Warriors of the Deep

Doctor Who: 
Warriors of the Deep 
By Johnny Bryne

“There should have been another way.”

The TARDIS materializes in an underwater base after escaping being shot at it in orbit by a defense satellite Sentinel Six.  It appears to be the year 2084 and the super powers appear to be on the brink of war.  This event makes it a perfect time for a group of Silurians with their elite group of Sea Devil warriors to attack the sea base. 

The Silurians plan on launching the missiles from the sea base and start a world war that would kill all the humans on the surface.  The thing about the missiles  is that they destroy all life but leave all the buildings which would make it ideal for the Silurians and Sea Devils to reoccupy the Earth.  The dilemma for The Doctor is that he wants to save both groups but the Silurians are making it really difficult with their actions for The Doctor to help them.  What makes matters worse is that an enemy faction is in the sea base also sabotaging it so it can’t fire its missiles making The Doctors job all that more difficult.

The Wolverine New Trailer!!!!

Three Character Posters Released For "Man of Steel"

Here is the beginning of the final onslaught of publicity with a new trailer expected this week and a ton more posters also.

Monday, May 20, 2013

NBC Explores Siberia

NBC will debut a new series called Siberia starting on July 1 at 10pm.  The series deals with a group of contestants who are entering Tunguska, a remote area of Siberia where a meteorite hit in 1908.  The contestants begin experiencing strange happenings and struggle to survive.  The series is 13 episodes long.

The Fall Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Line Up - 2013

Overview and Review
by Ken Parker

So things are starting to come into focus on what will be on TV this fall and there are quite a few new TV series to keep an eye on. Here is the schedule and some previews of what looks interesting -

Dark Horse Comics To Release Luvisi's Last Man Standing: Killbook Of A Bounty Hunter

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing this out of print cult favorite which also includes brand new material.  You can read the press release below.

Long out of print, the cult-status art book launches in Top 100 Books on Amazon

MAY 20, MILWAUKIE, OR—From the mind of Dan LuVisi comes a brand-spanking-new intellectual property. Where most comics start off with a first issue, Last Man Standing starts off with a 272-page bible, Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, that sets up the entire universe of the LMS world.
Dark Horse Comics is set to reprint the hard-to-find cult tome. The hardcover book will include thirty pages of all-new material and a new cover. This bible takes the form of a scrapbook filled with maps, history, over forty character biographies and dossiers, tons of faux advertisements, and much, much more.

A limited San Diego Comic-Con exclusive edition is currently in the works, with a special cover shown here, which will only be for sale through Dark Horse at Comic-Con International 2013.
More on Last Man Standing: Meet Gabriel—last of a genetically engineered breed of supersoldiers known as the Paladin. After winning an interstellar war between Earth and Mars, Gabriel is celebrated back home and given the new title of Protector of Amerika. All goes well for the newly entitled superhero as he begins to rid the streets of the scum that plagues it. However, as Gabriel is distracted by his duties, a terrorist organization known as Pandemonium frames the hero for a series of atrocious crimes. 

Now stripped of his title and prestige, Gabriel is sentenced to the notorious Level-9 Facility, where he endures nine long years of torture and imprisonment. But as the clock ticks down to Gabriel’s eventual demise, he is introduced to the elusive Agent O, who offers the Paladin a chance at redemption. Learn his story—and that of his allies and enemies—through Gabriel’s eyes, as he begins to orchestrate his revenge in the scarred and vivid world of New Amerika.

Catch an exclusive interview about Last Man Standing with Dan LuVisi on Nerdist News.
Last Man Standing is on sale November 6, 2013.