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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: David Tennant The Tenth Doctor

“I don’t want to go”  the final words uttered by David Tennant as the 10th Doctor might be what a majority of fans were actually thinking as the days were counting down towards his last story.  I myself didn’t want David Tennant to leave the show as I really enjoyed his take on The Doctor. I guess after 4 years of enjoying his performance as the Doctor I got a bit selfish, as most fans do when a Doctor they like leaves the show, and didn’t want his era to end.  As with most things in life and as the quote goes “in life all good things come to an end” and indeed the 10th Doctor did make way for Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who: 
Voyage of the Damned 
By Russell T. Davies

“I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm nine hundred and three years old and I'm the man who's going to save your lives and all six billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?”

Its once again time for another Christmas special and once again the Tenth Doctor is without a companion.   This time around he is paired with Kylie Minogue who is more famous for being a pop singer.  During the Summer and Fall all the speculation was about whether or not the Titanic that crashed into the TARDIS was the genuine article or a spaceship.  Well it turned out that it was of course a spaceship.  The Titanic it turned out was a holiday cruise spaceship that had tons of passengers traveling to Earth to experience the Christmas holidays.  Unfortunately The Doctor shows up so you know what is about to happen next.

When this story first came out I was a tad hesitant about it and thought that the premise wouldn’t work and that it would not be a good story.  But my worries were for not as it was an entertaining story for the most part.  What we got was a story that had some elements of The Robots of Death and The Poseidon Adventure.  In other words we had an homage to disaster movies.  RTD gives us a pretty good disaster movie with the spaceship getting pelted by asteroids when the suicidal captain of the ship leaves the shields down so he can kill himself.  What ensues next is a fight for survival as the robot Hosts have also been programmed to kill anyone left alive on the ship.  Plenty of action in Voyage of the Damned to keep you interested.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords

Doctor Who: 
The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords 
By Russell T. Davies


Another classic confrontation between The Doctor and The Master their first in the new series and its not like the ones we have been accustomed to before.  It is sort of like the type of confrontations that the Third Doctor and Master used to have during the Seventies.  This time The Master is Prime Minister of England and has all the powers available to him to make The Doctor and Martha and her family fugitives of the state.  The Harold Saxon umbrella story comes to a head in the finale as all the clues where in place since The Runaway Bride and if you did not figure them out well then too bad it was subtle but pretty obvious. 

It was pretty obvious how the story would start and the resolution of Utopia’s cliffhanger as The Doctor fixed Jack’s Vortex Manipulator and get them back to present day.  It’s good to have a former Time Agent as a friend.  Which lead up to a pretty good reveal that The Master was in present day all along as The Master duped The Doctor and everyone in the UK.  Just seeing the look of horror and surprise on the hero’s faces was priceless and then the realization that they soon are now wanted fugitives was a pretty good twist.

Terror of the Zygons DVD Review

by Ken Parker

I have been watching a fair amount of Doctor Who this year and watching this latest DVD release has certainly been one of the many highlights for me. “Terror of the Zygons” is one of the earliest stories I had seen and during the late 70's to early 80's it was one I had seen quite often. Since then though I had not seen it until this month and I was happy to see that it has held up fairly well. Known for the first and up to this point, the only appearance of the Zygons, this story is also famous for the not so great effect of the Loch Ness monster creature. So does the excellent story and acting off set the poor effect or other short comings?

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Utopia

Doctor Who: 
By Russell T. Davies

“I… Am…The Master.”

The Doctor, Martha and Jack travel so far in the future that they literally have ended up towards the end of the universe.  They have gone so far that Time Lords never ventured there when they were still in existence.   The last humans are trying to get to Utopia with the help of a rocket ship that Professor Yana is trying to make lift off.

The Doctor offers his services and with the help with some power from the TARDIS the ship is ready to launch towards Utopia.  The Future Kind do not want the humans to leave for Utopia because then there would not be any humans for them to eat anymore and they are hungry.  So they have an agent that is trying to sabotage the launch.   The Doctor and Jack fix that problem but have encountered another when Martha informs The Doctor that Yana has a watch just like he does and she suspects he is another Time Lord.  She is correct in her guess but unfortunately for them that Time Lord happens to be The Master who is now reborn to wreak havoc on the universe once again.

New Comic Book Checklist For 10/30/13

  • Astounding Villain House (One Shot)
  • Bad Houses:GN:
  • Baltimore: Plague Ships 1 for $1
  • Blood Brothers 3
  • Captain Midnight 4
  • Conan:TPB: Chronicles: 25
  • Criminal Macabre: Eyes of Frankenstein 2
  • EC Archives:THC: Tales From the Crypt 4
  • Edgar Allan Poes: The Raven + Red Death (One Shot)
  • Hellboy: Itty Bitty Hellboy 3
  • Jeremiah:THC: Omnibus 3
  • King Conan: Hour Of the Dragon 6
  • Last Of Us:TPB:
  • Star Wars: Dark Times: Spark Remains 4
  • True Lives Of the Fabulous Killjoys 5
  • Aquaman (7): Annual 1
  • Batgirl (4):TPB: 2-Knightfall
  • Batman (2):TCH: 3-Death Of the Family
  • Damian: Son of Batman 1
  • DC: One Million:THC: Omnibus
  • Deadshot:TPB: Beginnings
  • Extremist: Vertigo Resurrected 1
  • Forever Evil: Argus 1
  • Green Lantern (5): Annual 2
  • JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull:TPB:
  • Nightwing (3): Annual 1
  • Sandman: Overture 1
  • Smallville: Season 11: Special 3
  • Superman: Action Comics (2) Annual 2
  • Superman: Adventures:TPB: The Man Of Steel
  • Superman: The Man Of Steel:TPB: Believe
  • Swamp Thing (5) Annual 2
  • Teen Titans (9): Annual 2
  • V for Vendetta: DCE Essentials

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An Adventure in Space and Time - Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary High Point

by Ken Parker

While I am looking forward to "The Day of the Doctor", I am only doing so in case it is better than I am expecting it to be.  What I am REALLY looking forward to is "An Adventure in Space and Time" which is a docu drama covering the earliest days of Doctor Who.  One of the reasons I am looking forward to it is the level of detail that the production appears to be undertaking.  Look below at some of the photos -

Love the design of the posters

So that is where they got the idea!

My Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Disappointments

By Kenneth Parker

Over the years we all have had experiences where we went to go see a movie or sat down to watch a TV show and were devastated on what we saw.  Whether it was high expectations or just the fact that the product was bad, we were let down by the hope of something better.  Often this happens with sequels but it could also happen for something that looked good in the trailer or had all the elements for a good outcome.  In any case, we are left shaking our heads and either being sad or even mad, wondering how this could happen.

I have chosen a few of my own personal experiences, some you would expect to see while others might be controversial.  Not everything on my list is a bad product.  Some are excellent but because of expectations or other factors, they are deemed a let down to some degree. 

Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space Blu-ray Review

by Ken Parker

A few facts about this Doctor Who story.  It is the first story to be shot and air in color.  It is the first Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor) story.  It is the first of the UNIT years (after their introduction in “The Invasion”) and the first in a long line of stories where the Doctor is in exile on Earth.  It is the first to feature Caroline John as Liz Shaw and the first to feature the Autons.  It is also the only classic series to be made on film and because of this fluke, we are able to see a Blu-ray release.

Doctor Who - An Adventure In Space and Time Poster Art

These are pretty cool and reminiscent of the old Doctor Who annuals of the 60's with the same style of art work.

Doctor Who - The Doctor's Revisited Matt Smith Date and Story Revealed

November 24th at at 8PM on BBC America will be the date for the 11th and final chapter in the Revisited series and of course this one focuses on the current Doctor, but not much longer, Matt Smith.  They will also be showing the Series 6 opener The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. Press release below.

BBC America celebrates the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, in a new special of Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited. Smith first stepped into the TARDIS in 2010 and will leave the series after starring in the 50th Anniversary Special on November 23 and regenerating in the Christmas special. The Doctors Revisited begins with Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman (companion Clara Oswald), lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, among others, examining the human side of this Doctor and taking a look at how all the years he has lived have affected him. The special is followed by the Eleventh Doctor story The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon.

X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST - Official Trailer

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Blink

Doctor Who: 
By Steven Moffat

“Don’t Blink.  If you blink, you’re dead.”

Sally Sparrow is investigating an old house when she comes across a message on the wall that tells her to duck.  She is so freaked out by this that she gets her friend Cathy Nightingale to come with her to see how crazy this old house is.  Unknown to them there is something inside this old house that is extremely evil.  Cathy decides to go have a look around when Sally is met by someone at the door who claims to be the grandson of Cathy.  Sally finds this odd but without her knowing it Cathy has been transported back to 1920 by a Weeping Angel. 

The Doctor and Martha are trapped in 1969 and the TARDIS is in 2007.  By placing Easter Eggs in the DVD’s The Doctor is able to get a message to Sally Sparrow to help him get his TARDIS back and free him from 1969.  The problem is The Weeping Angels have the TARDIS and it is up to Sally Sparrow to save the day and rescue The Doctor and Martha. Oh and Don’t Blink.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Doctor Who: 
Human Nature/The Family of Blood 
By Paul Cornell

“Because I've seen him. He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun.  He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe.  And he's wonderful.”

For fans of the old Doctor Who book range that was published by Virgin Publishing all those many years ago Human Nature is the story for them.  Originally published in May 1995 Paul Cornell took the plot from his book and made it into the David Tennant story we all enjoy now.  While I was reading this book 18 years ago I considered Human Nature to be one of the best novels in the Virgin Doctor Who line.  So way back in 2007 when I heard it was going to be made into a TV adventure loosely adapted from print to screen I had some reservations.  Would it be just as good in its new form and would be kept from the original. 

Well to be honest this two part adventure is one of the best stories in the David Tennant era.  Here you have a story that has not been attempted before on television.  What a unique concept they pulled off by having The Doctor become human with no trace of his Time Lord self with new memories and identity programmed in by the TARDIS.  The reason to make him human is different from the book.  While in the book it was more of a curiosity while on TV it was out of desperation to hide from the Family.  The Family of Blood wants to live forever and need The Doctor’s essence to achieve it hence why he decides to hide from them by making himself human.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Top Ten David Tennant Stories

Top 10 David Tennant Stories

David Tennant’s era is where the show really took off and became popular.  It lead the ground work for the mega season finales where everything was thrown in except the kitchen sink.  It was an era of returns, sadness and some really good stories.  I really liked this era and along with Matt Smith’s top ten list coming in December it was hard to pick and place these stories.

Friday, October 25, 2013


From the creators of Merlin and BAFTA award-winning series Misfits

New York – October 24, 2013 – BBC AMERICA’s Supernatural Saturday brings the iconic lost city to life in new 13-part fantasy-adventure series, Atlantis. When Jason (Jack Donnelly, Dancing on the Edge) sets out to find his father, he could never imagine his journey would lead to a strange, yet impossibly familiar land full of dangerous creatures, legendary heroes and palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants – the ancient fabled city of Atlantis. In a milestone television event, Atlantis premieres Saturday, November 23, 9:00pm ET/PT following the encore broadcast of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, as part of BBC AMERICA’s biggest Supernatural Saturday ever.

A young man trying to unearth his roots and find his missing father, Jason’s search unexpectedly leads him to this strange mythical realm – and whether he likes it or not, he isn’t leaving anytime soon. He must now familiarize himself with their customs, earn a living, forge alliances and fight-off otherworldly foes. Jason quickly learns that beneath the surface of what appears to be a magical place, is a dark and simmering past filled with secrets and deceit to which he now seems inexplicably bound. And when he becomes embroiled in a perilous game of politics and power, Jason will need all the help he can get. 

Befriended by an overweight, overly-confident Hercules (Mark Addy, Game of Thrones) and the studious young Pythagoras (Robert Emms, War Horse), Jason embarks on an adventure, which sees him brush shoulders with a sweet girl named Medusa (Jemima Rooper, Hex), come face to face with the fearsome Minotaur, do battle with the dead and catch the eye and heart of the beautiful Ariadne (Aiysha Hart, About Time), the princess of Atlantis whose family and royal standing restricts who she may love. Accordingly, Jason discovers the treachery of Atlantis’ rulers, including Queen PasiphaĆ« (Sarah Parish, Hatfields & McCoys), a rumored manipulator of the dark arts who has her own plans for Ariadne. Jason finds guidance and protection with the revered Oracle (Juliet Stevenson, The Hour), who has never felt the burden of responsibility more than when Jason arrives in Atlantis. He learns from the soothsayer that it’s no mistake he happens upon the shores of the famed city – it is fate. In realizing his destiny, Jason and his allies will voyage through a vast store of myths and legends, re-imagined for a new generation.

Creator, writer, and executive producer Howard Overman (Misfits), on the series: "It is both a privilege and a delight to have the opportunity to take audiences on a journey into the fantastical world of Atlantis. Drawing on the Greek Myths for inspiration, we aim to tell classic, action adventure stories in unexpected and exciting ways." 

The new 13-part series was filmed in Wales and Morocco. Executive producers are Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, and Howard Overman for Urban Myth Films and Bethan Jones for BBC Cymru Wales. 


Jason Jack Donnelly (Dancing on the Edge, House of Anubis)
Hercules Mark Addy (Game of Thrones, The Full Monty)
Pythagoras Robert Emms (War Horse, Kick-Ass 2)
Pasiphaƫ Sarah Parish (Hatfields & McCoys, Mistresses)
The Oracle Juliet Stevenson (The Hour, Bend it Like Beckham)
Medusa Jemima Rooper (Lost in Austen, Hex)
Ariadne Aiysha Hart (About Time, Djinn)
Minos Alexander Siddig (Da Vinci’s Demons, 24)
Creators Julian Murphy (Merlin, Hex)
Johnny Capps (Merlin, Hex) 
Howard Overman (Misfits, Merlin)
Director Justin Molotnikov (Shameless, Merlin)
Executive Producer Bethan Jones (Sherlock, Mistresses)

Jason goes searching for his father and ends up on the shores of an ancient land full of mythical creatures and legendary heroes: the lost city of Atlantis. But it seems the newcomer has arrived at the worst possible time, and becomes caught in a deadly ritual from which no one has ever escaped. 

When a dying old man asks for the trio’s help in locating his missing daughter, Jason, Hercules, and Pythagoras find themselves battling the fierce worshipers of Dionysus alongside a young woman named Medusa. 

After insulting the rich and powerful Heptarian, Jason and his friends are arrested and sentenced to compete in the perilous sport of bull leaping. In order to gain their freedom they must first survive this daunting test of bravery, but Jason’s enemies are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep him from getting out alive.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: 42 By @Paul_Bowler

Doctor Who:
By Chris Chibnall
Reviewed By Paul Bowler

"Burn with me."

The 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and Martha (Freema Agyeman) respond to a distress signal from the SS Pentallian, a spaceship with engine failure, which is falling into a star in the Torajii system. Shortly after they arrive, the Doctor and Martha are cut off from the TARIDS because of the extreme temperatures. They team up with the Pentallian’s crew and their captain Kath McDonnell (Michelle Collins), and together they must find away to find a way through the deadlocked doors to reach the bridge so they can deal with the crisis facing the ship.

The doors are encrypted with a series of passwords, consisting of various pop-music questions, which must be answered correctly to advance to the next part of the ship. While Martha and Riley (William Ash) beging to make their way to the bridge, answering the questions for each lock, the Doctor attempts to help the engineering team fix the engines. Martha also calls her mother, Francine (Adjoa Andoh), on her modified mobile phone for help with one of the questions. Francine helps them with the question, but she also has a few awkward questions for Martha, about the Doctor…

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer

BBC AMERICA Celebrates Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary with two Special 3D Screening Events in Theaters



New York - October 24, 2013 - BBC AMERICA announced today two special theatrical screening events of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, in RealD™ 3D on November 23 and 25, 2013. 

In association with AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc., and Regal Entertainment Group, BBC AMERICA makes history by honoring eleven Doctors on Saturday, November 23 with a global simulcast 3D screening event in eleven cities at the same time the 75-minute Anniversary special premieres on BBC AMERICA and across the globe. Tickets for the Saturday, November 23 screenings will go on sale October 25, 2013 at 9:00am EST for theater locations* in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Minneapolis. Tickets may be purchased at and

The festivities won’t stop there: BBC AMERICA and NCM Fathom Events are teaming up for the first time to continue the celebration, giving fans across the U.S. a chance to experience Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in RealD™3D on Monday, November 25 for only one night in more than 300 select cinemas. Tickets will be available at participating theater box offices and online at For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the NCM Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). The event will be broadcast via the new digital cinema projection systems.

In addition to Matt Smith, the 50th Anniversary special also stars former Time Lord David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt. The theatrical events will include specially shot introductions and The Day of The Doctor: Behind The Lens, a 10 minute behind-the-scene featurette directly following the special. The short features Matt Smith, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt, as well as lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, discussing their 50th Anniversary experiences.

Soumya Sriraman, EVP Home Entertainment and Licensing for BBC Worldwide North America, commented: “Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary is truly a global celebration and we’re thrilled to bring the special to the silver screen. Our partnerships with Cinemark, AMC, Regal Cinemas and NCM Fathom Events will give fans, on November 23 and 25, the opportunity to see the Doctor in a whole new way – in RealD™ 3D.”

Since its launch in 1963, Doctor Who has become one of the world’s best loved dramas and is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful sci-fi series ever. Doctor Who is BBC AMERICA’s highest-rated series and has received numerous awards across its 50 years. The series has enjoyed success off-air with over 10 million DVDs and 8 million action figures sold globally and is the BBC’s top series on iTunes in the U.S. and UK. BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the UK broadcaster, distributes Doctor Who to over 200 territories across the world. 

The Day of The Doctor is upon us and fans of the BBC AMERICA sci-fi series Doctor Who have the opportunity to see the time-travelling adventures like never before in 3D from their local movie theater,” said Shelly Maxwell, executive vice president of NCM Fathom Events. “There’s never been a better time to be a Whovian during the 50th Anniversary celebration of this huge BBC hit that’s invaded America .”

*Participating theaters on Nov. 23:

Los Angeles
Cinemark Rave 18 + IMAX (Los Angeles, CA)
Los Angeles
Century Huntington Beach Bella Terra + XD (Huntington Beach, CA)
New York
AMC Loews Village 7 (New York, NY)
New York
Regal E-Walk Stadium 13 & RPX (New York, NY)
Century Evanston + XD (Evanston, IL)
Cinemark at Seven Bridges + IMAX (Woodridge, IL)
Cinemark Rave University City Penn (Philadelphia, PA)
Cinemark 16 (Somerdale, NJ)
Dallas-Ft. Worth
Cinemark West Plano + XD (Plano, TX)
San Francisco-Oak-San Jose
Century San Francisco Centre 9 (San Francisco, CA)
Washington, DC (Hagrstwn)
Cinemark Rave Fairfax Corner + XD (Fairfax, VA)
Cinemark Tinseltown + XD (The Woodlands, TX)
Cinemark Tinseltown 17 (Fayetteville, GA)
Cinemark Lincoln Square Cinema (Bellevue, WA)
AMC Southdale 16 (Edina, MN)

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Lazarus Experiment By @Paul_Bowler

Doctor Who:
The Lazarus Experiment
By Stephen Greenhorn
Reviewed By Paul Bowler

" Ladies and gentlemen, I am Richard Lazarus. I am seventy six years old and I am reborn!"

The Doctor (David Tennant) and Martha (Freema Angyeman) return to present day London, the TARDIS materialises inside Martha’s flat, only a few hours after she first met the Doctor and stepped into to the TARDIS. After listening to a message from Martha’s mother, Francine (Adjoa Andoh), telling them that her sister, Trish (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), is on TV, they watch a news report about the elderly Professor Lazarus (Mark Gatiss) who says he has made a startling discovery that will change what it means to be human.

Having changed his mind about leaving, the Doctor accompanies Martha to the launch party, where also Trish works, where they meet up with Francine and Martha’s brother, Leo (Reggie Yates), before watching Professor Lazarus as he steps into his machine. Suddenly, the machine begins to run out of control, forcing the Doctor to intervene and stop the device overloading. Professor Lazarus emerges from the machine, his DNA completely rejuvenated, now a much younger man. The Doctor has doubts about the process, so remembering they had a DNA sample after Lazarus kissed Martha’s hand, they sneak off to the Professors lab to analyse it, where they are concerned to discover the sample is indeed fluctuating and highly unstable.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

Doctor Who: 
Daleks In Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks 
By Helen Raynor

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no. They survived. They always survive while I lose everything.”

The Cult of Skaro is in 1930’s New York City using the construction of the Empire State Building as a means to return to dominance.  The Daleks are using the building as a receiver to help power their new army of Daleks.  It appears that the sun is going to be discharging a massive solar flare and the brunt of the energy will be heading to New York City in the form of lightning storms.  The Dalkes in turn will use this energy to awaken their army of human’s that have been imbedded with Dalek DNA in them.  This will in turn be the new Dalek army. 

The Doctor and Martha stumble upon this when they investigate the sewers on NYC that center around a theater.  They are horrified when they see the pig mutants running around. What is worse is that The Doctor sees that the Daleks have combined themselves with a human in essence becoming a human Dalek.  This plan of theirs must be stopped and it is up to The Doctor and Martha to come up with a plan to stop this new Dalek uprising.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: Gridlock

Doctor Who: 
By Russell T. Davies

“You are not alone.”

The Doctor said one journey for Martha but he changed his mind and gives her another trip this time to the future.   They arrive at New Earth in the city of New New York a place he visited before with Rose and this time he wants to show Martha even though she quips the sarcastic rebound remark.   Unfortunately they do not land in the best part of the city in fact the arrive in a seedy underground part of it where there is shops selling drugs that can change your moods or even make you forget your troubles all together. 

Martha is soon kidnapped by two strangers who are desperate to find a third passanger so they can take advantage of the fast lane and escape the gridlock of the endless traffic jam on the freeway.   The Doctor finds out that in fact the people on the freeway have been in a traffic jam for as long as 20 years and that no one has seen one police car at all.  The drivers have their faith and believe they will get somewhere even if it has taken 12 years to drive 5 miles.  There is another problem as something is lurking in the fast lane that is destroying the vehicles and killing the occupants and that is where Martha is headed.  The Doctor also is reunited with an old friend who has an important message for him.

Synopsis For Big Finish's Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special "The Light At The End" Which Is Out A Month Early

In a surprise announcement from Big Finish their 50th Anniversary Story The Light At The End has been released early for download and the pre orders have already begun to ship on all the versions. This is a celebratory story featuring all 8 classic Doctors as the go up against the Master.  This is a highly anticipated story and the rush of fans going to the site to download it has caused Big Finish's servers to crash.  You can order all the versions at the link below.

November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors…
It's the day that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart…

It's also a day that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart…

From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly, artificial dimension, all these Doctors and their companions must struggle against the power of an unfathomable, alien technology.

From the very beginning, it is clear that the Master is somehow involved. By the end, for the Doctors, there may only be darkness.

Written By: Nicholas Briggs
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Sophie Aldred (Ace), India Fisher (Charley Pollard), Geoffrey Beevers (The Master) with special guest stars!

Sherlock Series 3 US Air Date Revealed

What is probably a surprise and quite funny is that the  BBC have announced that Sherlock Series 3 will make its return to US airwaves on Sunday January 19th at 10PM as part of PBS's Masterpiece.  It will be a twin bill with Downtown Abby airing before it.  The BBC did say that Sherlock would air in the UK first on BBC1 but as normal there is no air date yet.  That's the funny part in all this is the UK air date is not determined yet but a US one has been.  Still I'm sure the UK air date will surface soon enough my guess is that it will be December 29th or January 5th. 

New Promo Pics For Doctor Who - An Adventure In Space and Time

These photos are pretty spectacular and the attention to detail they took in recreating the early days is pretty amazing.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Posters

Below is the US and UK one sheets for the new Captain America movie.  There is also a rumor of a trailer coming this week also.

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Shakespeare Code

Doctor Who: 
The Shakespeare Code 
By Gareth Roberts

“That's it. They used you. They gave you the final words like a spell, like a code. Love's Labor’s Won. It's a weapon. The right combination of words, spoken at the right place, with the shape of the Globe as an energy converter! The play's the thing! And yes, you can have that.”

The Doctor takes Martha to 1599 London where they go to the Globe Theatre to see a play by William Shakespeare.   There are others interested by Shakespeare also and want to use his genius with words to open a portal from their dimension to ours.  The way they plan on doing it is with the play Love’s Labor’s Won which is the lost play by William Shakespeare.

The Doctor and Martha do some snooping around and discover that the ones behind all this are the Cartonites.  A race that manipulates words to make things happen which looks like magic when they do it.  The Doctor and needs the help of Shakespeare to stop the Carronites by postponing his newest play which debuts tonight and it might already be too late to stop the invasion.  Unless of course The Doctor can think up of a way to stopping it using the words of Shakespeare as a weapon.