Gallifreyan Gazette Newsletter Archive

The Knights of the White Guardian Doctor Who Fan Club was formed in 1987 and for 23 years we published a newsletter which contained news, reviews, interviews and articles of all kinds.  Below is the start of a massive archive project that will include (eventually) every one of our issues available for people to read.  The issues are for an archive purpose only and will include articles, news and weblinks that are oudated.  This will be a fascinating insight into a fan club's perspective of the state of Doctor Who and Sci-Fi at the time.

2005 - This was an exciting year for our newsletter because the new Doctor Who series would begin airing in the UK in March.  For the first time since our earliest issues we would have new Doctor Who episodes to write about.  Unfortunately the show would not air in the U.S. for a whole year so our thoughts of attracting lots of attention and new fans went out the door.  Still, we had lots of content including reviews, ratings and news about the new series.

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