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41 DVD Disc Set for Doctor Who

BBC America is releasing a limited edition box set featuring all episodes from the first 6 seasons of the "New" Doctor Who.  The set will include Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and the first two seasons of Matt Smith.

It also includes an "11th-Doctor-style" Sonic Screwdriver, a comic book (or graphic novel if you prefer) called "Doctor Who at Comic Con," and three original art cards (one for each Doctor represented in the set). New on-disc content, to supplement the included bonus material identical to what's already available on the individual season sets, was said by the BBC to consist of "3 new Doctor Specials coming to DVD for the first time ever."

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This set will be available November 20 for an SRP of $249.99

The Angels Take Manhattan review by @cheezypeas

So, it finally happened; the Pond's departure. This episode had possibly been one of the most eagerly anticipated (and dreaded) storylines to date.

Oh Moffat, you really got the heart strings pulled to breaking point with this one. Its never a happy moment when the Doctor loses a companion or 2 (although there have been a few which we've been pleased to see the back of).

Also the reprise of the Weeping Angels and the return of River Song made the story appealing to all fans.

Karen and Arthur on Doctor Who

Doctor Who Inside Look: The Angels Take Manhattan

Weeping Angels In Central Park

Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan (Spoilers)

Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

Review By Ken Parker

The Weeping Angels are back and can Steven Moffat use them to send Amy and Rory off in style?


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Angels Take Manhattan--SPOILERS and Opinions, Sweetie! posted by @mAntoniaP

First things first (and in no real particular order):

Angels Take Manhattan was assuredly one of the creepiest television episodes I have seen on any program. It was one of the scariest Doctor Who episodes I have ever seen. I choked up at seeing the lovingly brave resolve of two characters who, whatever anyone may think of their place in the Doctor Who universe, exemplified a level of personal commitment that should inspire. And finally, I am in admiration for the new perspective we have of the Doctor. Fire and Rage, Oncoming Storm, Time-Lord Victorious—and when it came right down to it, he could not fix this, and he really should never be alone.

So, on to the episode. Keep your Daleks, Davros. Cyberleader, go rust in a corner. Ice Men, sleep another several million years or so. The Angels are frightening. They are with us. In our cities. On our buildings. Walk by a graveyard, you may see a winged figure standing quiet watch.  Look up at the high buildings. They are gracing the tops. Perhaps you don’t remember the last few days because—you blinked.

Doctor Who - The Angels Take Manhattan Review (Spoilers Sweety)

Doctor Who
The Angels Take Manhattan
By Steven Moffat

"You are creating a fixed time. I will never be able to see you again."

Well here we are.  The big farewell to Rory and Amy Pond and the story filmed in New York City.   In a mini season of five stories with one pretty good, one average and a couple that were less than stellar.  Well I had been looking forward to this story and had some high hopes that Steven Moffat would spin a gem.  So was I disappointed like I have so far this series or did this one save face with me and truly was the gem of the five?

Big-Screen Presentation of William Hartnell’s Doctor in Planet of the Giants

Big-Screen Presentation of William Hartnell’s Doctor in Planet of the Giants
By Marie Parsons @mAntoniaP

On Saturday September 29, The Paley Center for Media ( in New York City screened the classic Doctor Who episode, Planet of the Giants. Prior to the start of the episode, the audience participated in a brief trivia challenge. The person who gave the correct answer when chosen received a special DVD donated by the BBC.

Here are the three questions for your own enjoyment. Do you know the answers? No Tardis.wikia please!

1--Before Doctor Who, William Hartnell appeared in what classic Peter Sellers Cold-War Era movie?

2--Two years before Planet of Giants Carole Ann Ford, who plays Susan Foreman, had a role in the film version of which classic science fiction story by John Wyndham, which featured carnivorous plants?

3--Who was the Doctor when Jacqueline Hill, who plays Barbara, returned to the show as Lexa?

Answers will be given at the end of this report.

Doctor Who Team Talk Angels and Whats In Store For The Doctor

The Doctor Will Return Promo

The Last Days of The Ponds

Michael O'Hare, who portrayed Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on 'Babylon 5,' dies at age 60

Michael O'Hare as Jeffrey Sinclair
Actor Michael O'Hare, who helped launch the "Babylon 5" television series as Commander Jeffrey Sinclair in its first season, has passed away.

The show's creator, J. Michael Straczynski, posted on his Facebook page Friday that O'Hare, who had been in a coma since suffering a heart attack on Sept. 23, had died at age 60.

Sci-fi fans will forever remember O'Hare for landing his role as Sinclair, military governor of space station Babylon 5 - mankind's "last, best hope for peace." In one of the more bizarre casting changes on television, Sinclair and Straczynski parted ways after a single season. O'Hare, however, would return to make guest appearances on the program.

In season two, Capt. John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) replaced Sinclair for the remainder of the show's five-year run.

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New Promo Pics For Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan"

Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" Preview Clip Number 2

Melody Malone Novel Being Released By BBC Books

The book that will be taking center stage in The Angels Take Manhattan will be released October 4 as an E-Book.  The Angels Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery will surely be a integral plot point in this Saturdays episode.  Here is the synopsis and cover of the book.

On some days, New York is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
This was one of the other days…
Melody Malone, owner and sole employee of the Angel Detective Agency, has an unexpected caller. It’s movie star Rock Railton, and he thinks someone is out to kill him. When he mentions the ‘kiss of the Angel’, she takes the case. Angels are Melody’s business…
At the press party for Railton’s latest movie, studio owner Max Kliener invites Melody to the film set of their next blockbuster. He’s obviously spotted her potential, and Melody is flattered when Kliener asks her to become a star. But the cost of fame, she’ll soon discover, is greater than anyone could possibly imagine.
Will Melody be able to escape Kliener’s dastardly plan – before the Angels take Manhattan?

Karen Gillan on Last Nights Conan

Primeval: New World Trailer

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New Hobbit Movie Poster Featuring The Dwarves

Doctor Who - Touch By An Angel Book Review

Doctor Who
Touch By An Angel
By Jonathan Morris

Mark Whitaker is a grieving widow who lost the love of his life in a car accident in 2003.  He then receives an envelope that has “You can save her” in the message.  Confused and perplex mark seems to be aware that something is watching and following him.  Something that is sinister and really nasty.   Then Mark bumps into The Doctor who seems to arrive at the right time to save Mark from a Weeping Angel image in a TV in a store display.  That intervention is short lived as The Angel gets Mark at his apartment and sends him back in time to before he met his wife Rebecca and that note and envelope make sense.  But the Doctor finds this out and it’s up to him and Amy and Rory to go back in time and prevent a time stream problem that will feed energy to The Weeping Angels.

Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" Preview Clip # 1

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Thunderbirds Cafe Is Go!!

Next time you go to Japan, check out the Thunderbirds Cafe.

The cafe shows episodes all the time and has props and replica props on display from Gerry Anderson's popular Thunderbirds series.

Watch 'Ant Man' footage here ... sort of

In this summer of "The Avengers" and the latest "Dark Knight" film, it was easy to overlook news about Ant Man. Yes, Ant Man.

I'll admit I've always thought Ant Man was one of the sillier comic book heroes and nowhere near the top of my list for movies. But this is cool.

It's not the actual footage that Edgar Wright premiered at San Diego Comic Con, obviously. That's because Marvel has not released it yet. But a hard-working fan, known as Deviant Artist Samurai Jack, has recreated their video. Thanks to for sharing this.

Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" New Promo Pics

Doctor Who In The US. New BBC America Special Trailer

Before we say goodbye to The Ponds watch this new BBC America Doctor Who Special at 8PM this Saturday the 29th of September.

Merlin's Start Date Confirmed

The 5th Season of Merlin will return on Saturday October 6th.  It will be taking over the time slot that Doctor Who has had for the last month.  The first episode The Bane of Arthur part 1 will air at the time of 7:45 PM UK on BBC One.

Doctor Who The Return of River and The Weeping Angels

The Doctor Who Cast And Execs Introduce "The Angels Take Manhattan"

Fringe Returns Friday! Check Out This Trailer!

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UFO on Blu-Ray!!!

And I won't be buying it!!!

Of course UFO one of my favorite TV shows of all time and I have been waiting patiently for a Blu-Ray release.  Show creator Gerry Anderson always emphasized great special effects, crisp visuals on his shows and UFO will no doubt look spectacular in high definition.  So here we have an ad for the Blu-Ray release -

Wait a minute, a Japanese release? Okay, well as long as you can turn off the subtitles, should be good -

Only $324?????  What?  Okay, so I will wait and hope that a UK and US release are soon to follow.

Doctor Who Book Review "Magic of the Angels"

The Doctor, Amy and Rory are taking in the sites of modern day London.  They are sightseeing on a double decker bus and The Doctor is adding his own two cents which promptly gets the threesome kicked off the tour bus.  They decide to see a magic act at a theatre.  In fact they go and see Sammy Star’s Amazing Magic Act.  Sammy Star’s act has a really good gimmick one that keeps packing the people in every night.  That is where everything goes wrong.  In fact the gimmick that Sammy Star is using is a Weeping Angel one of the deadliest creatures in the universe.

This is the newest addition to the Quick Reads Doctor Who line.  In fact this is the first book in the line that I have read.  For those who don’t know Quick Reads are books that are around 100 to 120 pages and are a really nice short story.  So far I have found them to be pretty cool and enjoyable.  Sometimes when you are busy, like me being a parent with an active kid, it is good to read something that isn’t complex and short.

With that said what did I think about Magic of Angels?  Well I really enjoyed it.  I really liked how the Weeping Angel was used.   To use it to make girls disappear in a magic act is pretty clever.  Especially that the Angel is chained up and can’t move.
Plus this book was fun.  It wasn’t complicated which at times is a good thing for a book especially a short story.  There is nothing worse than a complicated short story which makes you scratch your head. Plus the story made sense and was just a nice adventure for The Doctor, Amy and Rory to have.  It lived up to its name as a Quick Read as it didn’t take me long at all to read.  It was indeed quick.

So if you have a busy life, just don’t have time to read a long book or just looking for a story that is quick and easy to read then I recommend Magic of the Angels.  It is a well done and fun book to read that captures the feel of an 11th Doctor story and has a lot of good things going on also that will keep you guessing.

Skyfall US TV Spot

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The Power of Three - A review by @cheezypeas (spoilers)

"You were the first. The first face this face saw and you were seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. I’m running to you and Rory before you fade from me.”

As we approach the climatic episode of the Pond's departure, the story lines of each episode appear to be increasingly focused on this, building the emotion and tension before the inevitable goodbye.

This penultimate episode encompasses this perfectly, with focus on a particular part the anatomy affiliated with emotion....

Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" BBC America Trailer

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Doctor Who - The Power of Three Review (Few Spoilers)

Doctor Who
The Power of Three
By Chris Chibnall

"Through the looking glass."

Here we are with the penultimate story with The Ponds before their big goodbye next week.  Well The Power of Three was the one story that we did not know much about while we knew quite a bit about the other four to make some good assumptions.  Finding out that Chris Chibnall wrote it I did have very strong reservations about The Power of Three and was hoping he would redeem himself from the second story this season, which he wrote, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.  Yes, I was truly hoping for something far better than that abomination to one’s eyes and mind.  So read on to see what I thought of The Power of Three.

Doctor Who - The Power of Three Review (some spoilers)

The Power of Three

Review by Ken Parker

So basically we have three filler episodes in between a Dalek story and the final Amy and Rory story. So far nothing to write home about. Could The Power of Three salvage a half season that so far has one excellent, on okay and one bad episode? We will assume the fifth story will have enough emotion in it to achieve a passing grade so it is up to the fourth story to make something happen.

Some Spoilers

Doctor Who Behind The Scenes 'The Power of Three"

Trailers For Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan"

Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" Space Trailer (Big Time Spoilers)

Contains Spoilers watch at your own risk.  You've been warned.

Big Finish Doctor Who Adventures Synopsis for Project:Nirvana & The Rosemariners

The next two releases for Big Finish this month is the 7th Doctor story Project: Nirvana and the next Lost Story entry the 2nd Doctor's The Rosemariners performed by Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury.  You can read the synopsis below which has been taken from The Big Finish website.

Project: Nirvana
by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
starring Maggie O’Neill, Amy Pemberton, and Sylvester McCoy

The place is Eastern Europe. The year is 2015.

The TARDIS lands in mid-air, and Captain Lysandra Aristedes is dropped into a daring mission in her own past. There are enemies and creatures out there in the night, and the Doctor is waiting at the rendezvous point.

Because this is all part of his bigger picture. And Aristedes is going to learn something about herself...

The Rosemariners
by Donald Tosh
starring Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, with David Warner and Clive Wood

The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find themselves on an almost deserted space lab. Earth Station 454 is being closed down, mothballed, its staff relocated. Years of research and co-operation are coming to an end and only distinguished xeno-botantist Professor Arnold Biggs remains on board.

But is there more to the closure than meets the eye? For the operation is being supervised by the Rosemariners of the planet Rosa Damascena. Their terrifying Commander, Rugosa, seems to have something to hide. Who is he? What do the Rosemariners want with the scientists? And what is the secret of Rosedream?

In a world where no one is quite what they seem, and deadly plants lurk around every corner, the Doctor will have to use all his ingenuity just to stay alive... just to stay himself.

You Can Order Them Here
Project: Nirvana

The Rosemariners

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Brave Heart Tegan Janet Fielding Battles Cancer - Help Her Out Support Project MotorMouth

Sad news in the world of Doctor Who as Janet Fielding is battling cancer.  No details are known of her condition but former Doctor Peter Davison has rallied some former Doctors to do a charity fund raising convention Project Motor Mouth.

"Janet Fielding has a new fight on her hands not against the Daleks or Cybermen but against cancer. Peter Davison has swung into action and enlisted the help of his fellow Doctors to launch Project MotorMouth. It will not only raise money for a good cause but also keep Janet's spirits up. " 
The profits from this convention will go to Project Motor House which is a project that Janet Fielding is project co-ordinator and its champion in the community.  Project Motor House is raising money to convert an abandon building in Thanet  into a mixed-use venue promoting sustainable technology and a place where youngsters can get help with starting their own businesses.

So if your in the UK and want to see Doctors Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Peter Davison and David Tennant plus help out a worth cause and to help one of Doctor Who's beloved companions then follow the link below and buy a ticket to Project Motor Mouth which takes place Saturday 19th January 2013 10:00am - 5:00pm at the Copthorne Hotel Slough-Windsor
Cippenham Labe, Berkshire, SL1 2YE.

Big Finish Doctor Who - The Burning Prince Synopsis

Big Finish has released the synopsis for The Burning Prince.  What cool about this story is that it spans across three Doctor's eras.  It will continue in the next two months with the 6th and 7th Doctor respectively and starts off this month with the 5th Doctor. The synopsis taken from Big Finish website.

 Today's third Doctor Who release is the second of this month's main range full cast audiobooks The Burning Prince, the start of a new linked trilogy with each story featuring a different Doctor. This opener stars Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, who he played from 1982-1984.
The Burning Prince, written by John Dorney, is the beginning of an outer space adventure so enormous it couldn't be held on only two CDs! Prepare for a journey into the heart of the Drashani Empire, as three different Doctors take turns paying a visit and discovering that time can change many things...
The Fifth Doctor kicks off the trilogy, which continues next month with Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor (who he played from 1984-1986) in The Acheron Pulse and concludes with Sylvester McCoy's Seventh Doctor (1987-1989, plus the TV movie) making a final trip to the Empire in The Shadow Heart in November.
The Burning Prince also stars Caroline Langrishe and George Rainsford, and is directed by Ken Bentley. It can be downloaded now, and CDs will be posted out today.

You can order it here

Thanos Confirmed For Two Marvel Movies!!!!

Thanos ceator Jim Starlin has confirmed that he has signed a deal with Marvel to allow his creation to appear in The Avengers 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy.  It is also rumored that the two movies might also deal with the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems similar to the cosmic cube story line.

New International Trailer For James Bond "Skyfall"

Doctor Who "The Power of Three" Invasion of The Very Small Cubes Preview Clip

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Join William Shatner at Fenway Park (?)

Now pitching, Admiral James T. Kirk.
And we thought Benjamin Sisko was the Star Trek captain with a connection to baseball.

Well, McElroy Films needs extras to appear as Red Sox fans in a Brian Evans music video filming at Fenway Park on Tuesday evening, Sept. 25.

Participants will fill in the backgrounds for scenes featuring, among others, William Shatner and Red Sox Hall of Famer Jim Rice.

Filming will take place after a Red Sox night game (call time is 10 p.m.), so be prepared for a shoot that will last five to six hours. Participants should wear Red Sox apparel, if they own any.

For more information, click here or call 781-229-5900.

Tons of Promo Pics For Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan"

New Hobbit Trailer !!!!

Arrow Sneak Peek Clip

Preview Clip From Doctor Who "The Power of Three"

Doctor Who Big Finish Adventure "Gods and Monsters" Synopsis

Big Finish has released Gods and Monsters today and this is the 3rd part of this 7th Doctor Trilogy.  The below synopsis is from the Big Finish website

The September Doctor Who releases begin with the latest main range full cast audiobook Gods and Monsters, which finds the Seventh Doctor and a gaggle of companions facing off against the evil Fenric!

Gods and Monsters, by Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes, finds the Doctor in grave danger, with his latest manipulations having gone wildly out of his control. And he's got a lot of explaining to do to four companions wanting to know just why they've all been brought together...

Starring Sylvester McCoy (the Doctor from 1987 to 1989, plus the TV movie) and Sophie Aldred as Ace (as seen on TV from 1987-1989), alongside Philip Olivier as Hex, Maggie O'Neill as Aristedes and Amy Pemberton as Sally, Gods and Monsters is the epic conclusion to the latest trilogy of Seventh Doctor main range adventures, and pulls together threads which have been building since Ace's first appearance way back in the TV story Dragonfireand which have continued through recent audio range releases!

It also features John Standing, Blake Ritson, Gus Brown and Tim Treloar, and is directed by Ken Bentley. It can be downloaded now, and CDs will be posted out today.

You Can order it here

Promo Pic For Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan

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Space: 1999 Year Two Blu-ray Delay

Koenig is not amused!
Not a big surprise here but the planned season 2 release on blu-ray may not be out until 2014!!

Essentially, here's deal: When Network (which does all the production and remastering on the BDs under license with ITV) went to produce the Season One set, they discovered that all of the mag tracks (that make up the audio on the first season episodes) had already been digitized, so the company didn't have to take on the cost of doing it themselves in order to create new 5.1 audio mixes for each episode (in addition to the original mono). However, those tracks haven't been converted yet for Season Two and the high cost of digitizing this material has caused the budget for the BD production to become quite expensive. Network has informed me that they're definitely committed to releasing the season on Blu-ray and they're talking with ITV and New Video about the best way to make it happen affordably while ensuring that the set is of the same high quality as Season One. As with that set, Network will transfer all the episode film elements in full HD for remastering and hopes to find additional film material in the archives as well (outtakes and the like) that they'll also scan in HD for inclusion on the set. Of course, they again plan for the audio to be available in both 5.1 and the original mono. That said, the time needed to work out these details and complete the production properly means that Season Two will likely not street on BD until late next year or early 2014. In any case, rest assured that it's coming... just not right away. Adjust your plans accordingly.

Taken from:

iTunes Prequel For Doctor Who "A Town Called Mercy"

More Promo Pics For Doctor Who "The Power of Three"

Red Dwarf X Teaser

A Town Called Mercy by @cheezypeas (Spoilers)

Well, after all the hullabaloo surrounding last weeks episode (which was very much a marmite episode - you either loved or loathed it) we all needed a well deserved break from space and Jurassic creatures.

The wild wild West, guns blazing, high noon standoffs, saloon bars and suspicious locals. This episode had it all with the added addition of a fiery TimeLord, war, regret & guilt. oh and of course a cyborg hell bent on avenging his creator.

How could I forget the transgender horse called Susan? Every Western should have one!

father Ted's "My Lovely Horse" springs to mind!

New The Hobbit pictures, plus trailer due this week

Sylvester McCoy, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman and more pop up in new pictures from The Hobbit...

Sylvester McCoy as the wizard Radagast the Brown 

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Black and White: The Mystery Revealed~

 Review of the Big Finish-Doctor Who audio: 

This story quickly became one of my top favourite Big Finish audios. It is the second story of a trilogy, starting right where Protect and Survive leaves off but there is more to the Doctor and his TARDIS than meets the eye and even more going on behind the scenes. The story brings the Seventh Doctor's current companions, Ace and Hex, face to face with a couple of familiar names from previous audios - Sally Morgan and  Lysandra Aristedes. Sally Morgan met the Seventh Doctor in the story House of Blue Fire which featured the mysterious Black TARDIS.  Lysandra Aristedes met the Seventh Doctor, along with Ace and Hex, in Project: Destiny which featured the White TARDIS. The Black TARDIS has never been explained even though it was mentioned in three stories, Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain and House of Blue Fire. The White TARDIS is explained by the Seventh Doctor in the audio The Angel of Scutari. The Doctor tells Ace that cannon fire activated the TARDIS' Hostile Action Displacement System and must have shattered her corporeal shell with most of it ending up in the Black Sea. He assures Ace that the TARDIS will grow another one with the familiar blue colour. Nothing more is said about it but this event is an important point in Black and White

There is a lot of action in this fast paced story with many flashbacks of the Doctor travelling with Sally and Lysandra and the big reveal about the TARDIS. It has companions working together and learning about one another, all the while trying to figure out what is happening. The ending is a classic cliffhanger which I recommend listening to a special scene after the closing title sequence. Black TARDIS. White TARDIS. Same TARDIS in different dimensions or something more complicated? A mystery that is revealed in the audio Black and White but leaves you with new questions. 

Doctor Who | Season 12 - 18 | Ultimate Trailer (Tom Baker)

BBC America Trailer For Doctor Who "The Power of Three"

Reviewing A Town Called Mercy (may contain spoilers) by @MantoniaP

Reviewing A Town Called Mercy (may contain spoilers)
by @mantoniap aka Marie Parsons

This is an episode to watch more than once. It is poignant. And alarming. And redemptive.

The Doctor has been running ever since The End of Time, running, faster than ever away from his inner demons. He buried all the Fire, Ice, Rage and self-hatred buried deep within, because, even if his eyes, chin, ears, and hair become new--he still carries all those memories. Little Amelia became Amy, his best friend, and along with Rory, they travel part of their lives with the Doctor (now more than 1200 years old, he says) and part of their lives they stay at home. Waiting months for his visits. The first of the companions to do so.

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More Promo Pics For Doctor Who "The Power of Three"

Doctor Who - A Town Called Mercy (mild spoilers)

Doctor Who – A Town Called Mercy

Review By Ken Parker

Mild Spoilers

The new Doctor Who series has always been inconsistent when it comes to quality. The ups and downs are part of the fabric of the series. Sure, many other series follow suite but not all. Wouldn't it be great to have a bunch of really good episodes in a row. Well, hopefully A Town Called Mercy will start a streak of this type of quality. Shaking off last week's story, we look now to an adventure with the Doctor and the old West.