Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - Blog Tie Breaker Review! (Spoilers)

So far on this blog we have two reviews, one loving it and one not so much.  I will now set the record straight with the correct review. HAHA


Very quickly I will say this.  The story was incredibly elaborate and at times very far fetched.  I do find it very difficult to imagine all the things that happened really happening. If the goal of the movie was to make you believe that there was no way the good guys were going to win, then it certainly did that.  At one point I came to the conclusion that the only way out of this was for the Man of Steel to make a surprise appearance.  Otherwise, give me a break.  All those policemen underground?  I can't imagine it would have been that convenient for the bad guys plans to work that well.  They seemed to have all the answers to any attempt to foil their plan.

The time scale seemed off as well.  Bane actually transported Bruce Wayne out of the country and he had to go back to Gotham.  Seems like a lot of traveling just to prove a point.

Beyond these less important stretches of imagination I actually found the story to be well crafted.  The development of everyone, for the most part was good.  I would go even as far to say that the story was on par with The Dark Knight.  I even thought it was paced better than The Dark Knight.  The 2 hours and 44 minutes flew by where in The Dark Knight it seemed a secondary movie with Harvey Dent was tacked on at the end.

 Bruce Wayne's  relationships with Selina, Blake, Alfred and Gordon and his rise back to Batman was excellent.  The action was superb and the climax was perfect.  The ending was a bit of a cop out but it was good to see a happy one for Mr. Wayne.

I did have some trouble with Bane's voice but my bigger problem was everyone else.  I am not sure if it was the theater or the film itself, but the music and effects overpowered some of the dialog throughout the movie. During action scenes it was hard to hear anyone talking.  At times Bane's muffled dialog was easier to understand than everyone else.  Since I do not see any mention of it online, it was probably a specific theater issue.  It made watching the movie a little difficult.

My shorter review of this movie is this.  The Dark Knight Rises is on par with The Dark Knight but it did not have the incredible performance by Heath Ledger.  Ledger propelled The Dark Knight to an incredible level and that performance was not present in this film.  The Dark Knight Rises still manages to come close The Dark Knight without that performance.

So I don't think it was by far the best of the trilogy but it was an excellent movie. I never thought The Dark Knight Rises could be as good as The Avengers and while I reserve the right to rank those two movies right now, they are my two favorites of the year so far.

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