Friday, July 27, 2012

UFO: 1999

Normally I don't watch fan made films but this one is a sequel of sorts to UFO: 1999.  UFO: 1999 was a short movie put together by a bunch of fans and melded two of Gerry Anderson's shows, Space: 1999 and UFO.

After the original series of UFO was winding up production, a second season of UFO was in the early stages of development and was to include more scenes on the Moon.  Unfortunately the second season was scrapped but some of the ideas were altered and used in Anderson's next series, Space: 1999.  This group of fans created a short that parodied these ideas and melded the two shows together.  it was shown at the Breakaway Convention in 1999 and is actually very funny with plenty of in jokes and so on.

See the original right below.

Well, now the minds behind UFO:1999 are back with a new installment, this time without live performers.  Instead animation and action figures will take center stage.

Here is the trailer -

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