Thursday, April 30, 2015

Doctor Who - Peter Davison on If The Five(ish) Doctors Will Have A Sequel

Peter Davison was talking to Digital Spy and the question came up about a sequel for The Five(ish) Doctors.  He had quite a bit to say but did not rule out a sequel which hopefully does happen sooner rather than later.  Here is what he had to say about a potential sequel for The Five(ish) Doctors.

 “There are two problems, really, in my head. I wouldn’t want to do [a sequel] if it was half-hearted and nowhere near as good as the other one, so it would have to be a good enough idea.  The other problem – and it’s a fairly major one – is we had probably the best cast you can imagine. Literally everyone said yes – with one exception – and it’s very difficult to imagine getting that cast together again… and not paying them!  I couldn’t really ring up people and ask them to do a day for no money at all – their patience might run out! So if I did come up with a good enough idea, I’d then have to figure out a way of actually paying them some money! All these things are not impossible, but I wouldn’t even want to go down that road unless I thought it could be better!”

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