Sunday, August 31, 2014

Doctor Who Criticized for Hair Ripping and Lesbian Kissing Scenes

I have not included the animated GIF so to not upset anyone
Mailonline has an article of interest concerning the recent episode "Deep Breath" has a scene that is upsetting to one particular fan who suffers from trichotillomania which is the compulsion of ripping one's hair out.  The scene in question sees the Doctor pulling one of his own hairs out and then pulling one of Clara's out.  The fan became upset at this action and like any other self mutilation act, feels the BBC was insensitive for showing this.  The obsessive compulsive infliction is rare and the woman in question realizes that most people have never even heard of it and that the BBC would have not even researched it.  I suppose there are many other fears and disorders that can be triggered by watching TV series of all types.

Later in the episode Lady Vastra has to blow air into Jenny's lungs (see episode).  This has obviously gained the attention of a few complainers despite the fact that it was not a kiss but more of a mouth to mouth air transfer.  The 'kiss' was part of the story and even if Vastra thought she had lost Jenny and kissed her then, it would have been all good.  The script telling us over and over again that they are married was what was obsessive! Still a lesbian inter-species kiss is shocking to some I guess.
I have included an animated GIF to upset someone

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