Thursday, August 21, 2014

Doctor Who - Jenna Coleman Will She Stay Or Will She Go Now

If she goes there will be trouble. Apologies to The Clash on that one but recently The Mirror a UK tabloid paper has made claims that Jenna Coleman will be leaving Doctor Who either in Episode 12 or in the Christmas Special.  The BBC in a damage control move commented on the report in The Radio Times by saying, “It’s speculation at this time. People will have to watch the series to see if she’s coming back or not. We want to focus on the upcoming series.”

What is pretty obvious from that comment is that in all likelihood that she is leaving the show in the near future.  Plus the plain and obvious one is they want you to watch the show.  Well duh of course the fans are going to watch the show.  But I think if there is no announcement episode 12 or the Christmas Special will be watched with a bit more interest than normal.  

The thing is this whole is Jenna Coleman leaving or staying is pretty simple to sum up.  She is leaving.  They all do.  From Elizabeth Sladen to Karen Gillan they have all left at some point.  Whether it is at the end of Series 8 at Christmas or somewhere during Series 9 she will be having her episode where Jenna Coleman walks through the TARDIS doors for the last time.  I believe she is gone from Doctor Who sooner rather than later but that is just my own opinion.   So right now the rumor has her leaving at Christmas. If she leaves then so be it.  At least we had 25 episodes to enjoy Jenna Coleman as Oswin, Clara Oswin and the one we know now Clara. 

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