Monday, August 11, 2014

Doctor Who Series 8 Preview - Spoilers

The following is a list of upcoming episodes with director, writer and other known info, some of which would be considered spoilers.  Also listed are estimated dates if there will be an episode each week.

     Title                                 Director                           Writer                  Estimated Air Date (UK/US, etc)

1.  Deep Breath                    Ben Wheatley                Steven Moffat                             August 23

    Guest Characters - Madame Vastra, Jenny, Strax
    Story Setting - Victorian London

2.  Into the Dalek                 Ben Wheatley                 Phil Ford                                    August 30

         Story Setting - Inside a Dalek!

3.  Robots of Sherwood      Paul Murphy                    Mark Gatiss                              September 6

           Guest Characters - Robin Hood, Sheriff
           Story Setting - Robin Hood setting

4.  Listen                             Douglas Mackinnon        Steven Moffat                            September 13

           Guest Characters - Danny Pink

5.  Time Heist                      Douglas Mackinnon       Steve Thompson                         September 20

           Guest Characters - Ms Delphox

6.  Untitled                          Paul Murphy                  Gareth Roberts                           September 27

          Guest Characters - Danny Pink
          Story Setting - Coal Hill School

7. Untitled   (Kill the Moon)  Paul Wilmshurst              Peter Harness                            October 4

         Story Setting - location of a past adventure

8.  Untitled                          Paul Wilmshurst               Jamie Mathieson                        October 11

          Story Setting - possibly the Orient Express

9.  Untitled                         Douglas Mackinnon         Jamie Mathieson                         October 18

10. Untitled                       Sheree Folkson                Frank Cottrell Boyce                   October 25

             Guest Characters - Danny Pink

11-12  Untitled                  Rachel Talalaly                 Steven Moffat                             November 1 & 8

             Guest Characters - Cybermen, UNIT
             Story Setting - present day

Christmas Special                                                        Steven Moffat                           December 25

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