Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review - NO SPOILERS

We have a guest reviewer today with his insights of the new Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Thank you for that in depth review Groot.

I have to agree that the film is highly enjoyable and uplifting to the Nth degree.  The film certainly lives up to the expectations and feelings that other reviewers have noted of being reminded of their childhood and comparing to films that they absolutely fell in love with when they were kids.  The film is not so tied into the Marvel Universe that you have to know what is going on.  You can enjoy it no matter what.  Also I was surprised on how little connection to the existing Marvel story line exists.  Still, if you want to find out more background information there is a great list that you can read before or after watching the film that will help explain some things.

I also agree with Groot that the film stands on its own but it is good to see some of that connection with the appearance of Thanos and the talk of the Infinity Stones.  Beyond that the film has great action, music and excellent characters that unlike The Avengers, had only one movie and two hours to develop.  The chemistry and character interaction is excellent throughout the film and like all good films, is front and center no matter what is going on.  Everything is from
effects to editing is certainly up to what we would expect from a Marvel product.

Groot certainly feels that a sequel is warranted and yes, there is one planned for 2017.  The film leaves you wanting to see more of these characters, even the bad guys.  Just a related note, as this is a Doctor Who blog site, Karen Gillan was excellent in the part of Nebula in this movie.  In the past I have criticized some of her acting in Doctor Who but she certainly came through in this movie and it is good to see a Doctor Who alumni make the big time.

I won't go into any further detail of the film, Groot did this so elegantly, but the film has so much to offer and its universe is so well realized that it reminds me of the original Star Wars in its scope.  Not to say Guardians is as good as Star Wars but it reminded me of that same feeling of watching that film.  That is very awesome!!  It is a film that I want to see again right away and for me, that is rare these days.

Thank you Groot for that review.

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  1. Well done, Groot! Certainly better than most of the reviews on this site!