Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marvel v DC Movie Release Dates (Updated August 2014) with a new Batman v. Superman release date!

This is an updated post from last week with the biggest change being DC's heavy hitters Superman and Batman getting out of the way of Captain America 3 - see right -

So many movies coming out from Marvel and DC - lets take a look.  Obviously most of these dates are subject to change, especially movies further out.  I am uncertain of the accuracy of these dates as different web sites list different dates and some of the more official sites don't seem to be updated.

Color Key
Marvel Studios
Fox-Sony - Marvel Product
DC - new on schedule

Batman v Superman moves away from Marvel!!

August 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy


May 1 - The Avengers - Age of Ultron

June 19 - Fantastic Four reboot

July 17 - Ant-Man


March 25 - Batman v Superman

May 6 - Captain America 3

May 27 - The X-Men - Apocalypse

July 18 - Doctor Strange

July - Shazam

August 5 - Untitled DC - probably Shazam

November 11 - The Sinister Six

December - Sandman


May 5 - Unannounced Marvel Studios (Thor 3?)

May - Justice League

July 28 - Guardians of the Galaxy 2

June 23 - Untitled DC

July - Wonder Woman

November 3 - Unannounced Marvel Studios

November 17 - Untitled DC

December - Green Lantern - Flash

TBD - Wolverine sequel

TBD - Fantastic Four sequel


Better late than never......
March 23 - Untitled DC

May 4 - The Avengers 3

May - Man of Steel 2

July 6 - Unannounced Marvel Studios

July 27 - Untitled DC

November 2 - Unannounced Marvel Studios

TBD - The Amazing Spider-Man 3


April 5 -  Untitled DC

May 3 - Unannounced Marvel Studios

June 14 -  Untitled DC


April 3 -  Untitled DC

June 19 -  Untitled DC

So I called it that DC would move to April or June and they are moving to March. Good call for DC.  This movie needs to be a big movie and it has to be good.

I left the original dates for the DC films but it would appear that the new untitled dates are for Shazam, Wonder Woman, etc.  So the August 2016 date is probably Shazam and June 2017 might be Wonder Woman, staying away from Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Who knows at this point but there are more films in the list and so Cyclops, Aquaman and other possibilities are there.  We could also see Justice League move away from that Marvel title so that could be now set for July 2017.

Marvel is doing everything right and DC has not.  Sure, DC has just come off a monster Batman trilogy, but that is starting to seem like ancient history now.  Marvel is even toying with (or joking about) bringing back one of their massive failures of the past and would no doubt make a success of it now!!!  Marvel will at some point screw up but nobody is thinking it is going to happen in the next few years.

DC has something to prove and they have not gotten to the point where they can boast all these untitled films and expect people to get excited.  They need to give us their Iron Man or Captain America or Avengers version for DC first, then they can talk!

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