Friday, March 3, 2017

Big Finish Doctor Who News

Big Finish has announced the release date and the fourth story for the Classic Doctors: New Monsters vol 2.  The box set will be out in July and the fourth story in this set will feature the 6th Doctor taking on the Carrionites in the The Carrionite Curse.  The other stories sees the 5th Doctor taking on the Racnoss and the 4th and 8th Doctors taking on the Vashta Nerada.  It will be a Big Finish exclusive until September 30th.

Also announced for the Short Trip series is that Jago and Litefoot will be meeting up with a Doctor they have not meet yet.  That Doctor will be the 10th Doctor in a two part story called The Jago and Litefoot Revival Acts One and Two. Act One will be narrated by  Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin who played Jago and Litefoot in the classic Tom Baker story The Talons of Weing Chiang which has turned 40 years old this past Sunday.  You can order these download only releases from the Big Finish website.


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