Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Doctor Who - Details and Preview on 11th Doctor Issue 11

Out today is 11th Doctor issue 11 and it starts a new arc of the continuing story that has been going on since issue 1.  This issue sees The War Doctor getting in on the action.  You can get this comic book at your local comic book store.

BRAND NEW ARC BEGINS! Alice Obiefune is trapped in the Time War – caged in a time-locked region of space when stars burned, planets died and abominations walked the worlds, wreaking havoc
with every unearthly step! She has lost the Doctor she knew, but the WAR DOCTOR has all the answers she seeks – if she can live long enough to reach him!

Writers: Si Spurrier & Rob Williams
Artist: Warren Pleece
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Letterer: Comicraft
FC - $3.99 - 32pp - On sale: 27 Jul

Cover A: Dan Boultwood
Cover B: Photo Subscription – Will Brooks
Cover C: Steve Dillon
Cover D: Simon Myers

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