Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SHUTTER variants by Cho, Fawkes & Workman revealed‏

The second story arc kicks off with three exciting variant covers

“So completely and utterly new that it reminds you of the potential of this medium.”
—Robert Kirkman

Writer Joe Keatinge (GLORY, TECH JACKET) and artist Leila del Duca send the beloved Kate Kristopher on all new adventures beginning in SHUTTER #7. To celebrate kicking off Kate’s next globetrotting escapade, this issue will feature variant covers by Frank Cho, Ray Fawkes, and John Workman.

“We wanted to kick off our second storyline with a group of variant artists who would do our first issue's group—Emma Ríos, Dustin Weaver, and Brandon Graham—justice and LOOK OUT because Frank Cho, Ray Fawkes and new series letterer John Workman totally delivered!” said Keatinge.

Del Duca added: “I am smitten with the variant covers C ho, Fawkes, and Workman created for Shutter #7 and can't imagine a better way to ring in the new story arc."

World traveler Kate Kristopher has faced monsters, ninjas, ghosts, and all manner of perils in her previous explorations, but in SHUTTER #7 Kate finally comes face-to-face with another sibling she never knew about, and one who’s dead set on destroying what little Kate has left.

In addition to his variant cover, this new story arc will welcome legendary letterer John Workman (Thor, Doom Patrol, Heavy Liquid) to the team with a comprehensive career retrospective written by Shea Hennum.

SHUTTER #7 (Cover A, Del Duca, Diamond Code OCT140604) arrives in stores this 12/10 and will be available for $3.50.

Cover B by Frank Cho (Diamond Code OCT140605)
Cover C by Ray Fawkes (Diamond Code OCT140606)
Cover D by John Workman (Diamond Code OCT140607).

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