Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Doctor Who Spinoff Wartime Gets DVD Release

The first independant Doctor Who spin off is out on DVD as War Time Chronicles starring John Levene gets a release.  Following on from the past releases like Downtime, Daemos Rising and the Mind Game Saga you will be able to add Wartime to your collection when it is released on DVD on March 6th. Now we only need Shakedown to get the DVD treatment.

Wartime Chronicles
Starring John Levene and Michael Wisher
Written by Andy Lane and Helen Stirling
Produced and directed by Keith Barnfather 

During all his years working for the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (UNIT), steadfast Benton failed in his duty only once. Long ago, while on a seemingly routine delivery run for The Brigadier, he finds himself close to his childhood home where ghosts from his past have never rested easily... Trapped in a nightmare world, where past and present seem as one, will he be lost forever or can he fight his way back to reality? A reality where he is desperately needed!

Wartime has the unique distinction of being the very first independent spin-off from Doctor Who, with John Levene reprising his role from the series as Sergeant John Benton.

This 2 disc special collector’s edition also includes:
behind-the-scenes material
a brand new introduction by Katy Manning (Jo Grant) and Producer Keith Barnfather
ReUNITed - a history of UNIT)
Jon Pertwee & UNIT Live on Stage - a convention panel featuring Jon Pertwee and the UNIT team

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