Thursday, July 10, 2014

Doctor Who - Contrary To Rumor Steven Moffat Is Not Leaving Who For Star Wars

For those who do not like Steven Moffat and his handling of Doctor Who hold up your celebrating.  The rumor of him leaving Doctor Who for Star Wars is just that. A rumor.  According to his wife "It is news to him."  It appears that there is a rumor going around that had Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who to write and direct one of the Star Wars movies or one of its off shoots.  Now to do all this he would have to step down from running Doctor Who as it would be to much.  Well he is already been confirmed to be coming back for Series 9 and with Sue Ventures Tweet it looks like the Moff is not going anywhere. Unless of course it is all a lie and he is leaving but like everything in Sci - Fi time will tell.

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