Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doctor Who - Synopsis and Trailer For The Doctor's Tale

This months The Early Adventures is another 1st Doctor adventure this time with with Vicki joining Barbara and Ian for a story that takes place in England's past.  In fact it is the year 1400 and the time of Henry the IV just after he takes the crown from Richard the II.  The Doctor's Tale stars William Russel and Maureen O'Brien as Ian and Vicky.  You can order this release from the Big Finish website.

England, 1400. Winter. Blood in the snow. Henry IV has usurped the throne, and deposed King Richard II languishes in Pomfret Castle.

Meanwhile the Doctor and his companions preside over New Year revels at Sonning Palace.

But Sonning is a prison, treachery is in the air and murderous Archbishop Thomas Arundel will stop at nothing to crush the rebellion.

As the Doctor and Barbara take the road to Canterbury, Vicki finds a royal friend and Ian is dragged into a dark web of conspiracy at whose heart sits that teller of tales, Geoffrey Chaucer.

Written By: Marc Platt
Directed By: Ken Bentley

William Russell (Ian Chesterton/The Doctor), Maureen O’Brien (Vicki/Barbara Wright/Narrator), Gareth Armstrong (Geoffrey Chaucer), Joseph Kloska (Sir Thomas de Wensley), Alice Haig (Isabella), John Banks (Thomas Arundel)

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