Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fantastic Creatures and Family Secrets in SHUTTER‏

A former girl-adventurer gets drawn back into the field in November graphic novel

Adventure is Kate Kristopher’s heritage. For generations, Kristophers have faced danger and laughed their heads off. But after her father’s death, Kate leaves it behind. She wants a regular life, and in SHUTTER VOLUME 1: WANDERLOST, she thinks she has it. However, if a Kristopher won’t go find adventure, it will find her.

In the November urban fantasy graphic novel by Joe Keatinge (GLORY) and Leila del Duca, a revelation about Kate’s family draws her back into the life she was raised for, leading her into a mystery darker and more dangerous than any she’s encountered before.

Set in a world where mythical creatures and rusty automatons alike are everyday “people,” where anthropomorphic animal bounty hunters do deals in back alleys and argue Tarantino-style in record stores, SHUTTER gives artist del Duca the opportunity to amaze with her stand-out character designs and knock-out action sequences. Owen Gieni gives the art richness and depth with his bold coloring.

Throughout the story, however, the focus remains on Kate. In an interview at Paste Magazine writer Keatinge related his thoughts about a panel showing his heroine riding the subway with a minotaur: “When I saw that, I was like ‘We got it,’” he said. “And it’s not just because there’s a minotaur there and a space guy there, but there’s all this crazy sh** there and you’re still drawn to Kate, and you still feel Kate’s emotion. That’s one of my favorite things that Leila does. No matter how absurd the sh** that I write is, she’ll zero in on Kate. Her emotions are real and that makes it work.”

SHUTTER VOLUME 1: WANDERLOST will be in comic book stores on November 12 and in bookstores on November 25. It is specially priced at just $9.99 and available now for pre-order.

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