Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Comic Book Checklist For July 15th

Abe Sapien:TPB: 6-Darkness So Great
BPRD: Hell on Earth (Part 24) 133
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 12
Death Head 1
Groo: Friends And Foes 7
Plants vs. Zombies: Bully for You 2
Predator: Fire + Stone:TPB:
Shaper 5
Strain: Night Eternal 11
Usagi Yojimbo 147

Astro City 25
Batman: Robin: Son of Batman 2
Batman:TPB: Harley Quinn
Batman:T PB: Second Chances
Black Canary 2

Dr Fate 2
Futures End:TPB: 2
Green Lantern Corps (3):TPB: 6-Reckoning
Green Lantern: Lost Army 2
Harley Quinn 18
Invisibles:THC: 4-Deluxe Edition
Justice League (5) 42
Martian Manhunter 2
Secret Six (3) 4
Suicide Squad: New Suicide Squad:TPB: 1-Pure Insanity
Supergirl (6):TPB: 6-Crucible
Superman: Doomed 2
Superman/Wonder Woman 19

Astronauts In Trouble 2
Drifter 6
Elephantmen 65
Empty 5
Empty Zone 2
Invincible 121
Island 1
Mantle 3
Oddly Normal 8
Penny Dora + the Wishing Box:TPB: 1
Postal 5
Red One:THC: Welcome to America
Revival 31
Reyn 6
Roche Limit: Clandestiny 3
Secret Identities 6
Skullkickers 33
Trees 11

Ant-Man: Annual 1
Ant-Man:HC: A rt of the Movie Slipcase Edition
Dark Tower: Drawing of the Three: House of Cards 5
Fantastic Four:TPB: By Aguirre-sacasa And Mcniven
Hawkeye 22
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Mighty Thor 14
Moon Knight (10) 17
Secret Wars 3.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Armor Wars 3
Secret Wars: Battleworld 3
Secret Wars: Battleworld 2.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Captain Britain And Mighty Defenders 1
Secret Wars: Captain Marvel And Carol Corps 2
Secret Wars: Guardians of Knowhere 1
Secret Wars: Hail Hydra 1
Secret Wars: Infinity Gauntlet 1.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Inhumans: Attilan Rising 3
Secret Wars: Korvac Saga 2
Secret Wars: Planet Hulk 3
Secret Wars: Planet Hulk 1.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Siege 1
Secret Wars: Ultimate End 1.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Ultimate End 2.2 (Second Print)
Secret Wars: Where Monsters Dwell 3
Secret Wars: Years of Future Past 3
Silver Surfer (5) 13
Spider-Man 2099:TPB: 2-Spider-Verse
Star Wars (4) 4.2 (Second Print)
Star Wars: Princess Leia 2.3 (Third Print)
Thor: God of Thunder:TPB: 4-Last Days of Midgard
Wolverines:T PB: 3-Living And the Dead
X-Men (4):TPB: 5-Burning Earth
X-Men: All New X-Men:THC: 7-Utopians

Aliens vs. Zombies 1
An Entity Observes All Things:GN:
Aquila 4
Bad Dreams:TPB:
Big Trouble In Little China 13
Blacklist 1
Crossed: Badlands 80
Crossed: Plus 100 6
Fathom: Blue 2
Fiction 2
Giant Days 5
Godzilla: In Hell 1
Gold Digger 223
It Will All Hurt 2
Judge Dredd:THC: Dark Justice
Kaijumax 4
Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro 4
Letter 44: 18
Long Walk to Valhalla:HGN:
Lumberjanes 16
Mercury Heat 1
Mistry Pi 1
Octopus Rises:HC: Novel
Oh Killstrike 3
Phantom: King Phantom 4
Phantom:THC: Complete Series: Charlton Years 4
Poetry Is Useless:THC:
R. Crumb:THC: Sex Obsession
Rachel Rising 35
Reanimator 4
Red Sonja 1973
Rivers of London 1
Sixth Gun: Valley of Death 2
Solar: Man of the Atom:TPB: 1-Nuclear Family
Superman:THC: Atomic Age Sundays 1 (1949 - 1953)
Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood 3
Zenith:THC: Phase Four 4

Book of Death 1
Dead Drop 3

Adventure Time: Fionna + Cake: Card Wars 1
Archie: Jughead/Archie Double Digest 14
Awkward:GN:& nbsp;
DC Super Heroes:HC: Even Super Heroes Sleep Board Book
DC Super Heroes:HC: My First Book of Super Powers Board Book
DC:HC: Big Book of DC Super Friends Golden Book
I Am Lucille Ball:HGN: Young Reader
Littlest Pet Shop:THC: Wait A Second
Lucky Luke:GN: 53-Nitroglycerin
Mega Man 51
My Little Pony:THC: Adventures In Friendship 3
Nickelodeon Magazine 2
Simpsons Comics 222
Simpsons Comics:TPB: Colossal Compendium 3
Sonic: Worlds Unite: Battles 1
Steven Universe:TPB: 1

Case Closed:GN: 55
Final Fantasy:GN: Type 0 Side Story 1-Reaper Icy Blade

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