Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Comic Book Checklist For August 19th

At the Earths Core:THC: Edgar Rice Burroughs
BPRD: Hell on Earth 133 (Part 25)
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Season 10: 18
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 13
Death Head 2
Empowered:TPB: 9
Groo: Friends And Foes 8
Midnight Society: The Black Lake 2
Resurrectionists:TPB: 1-Near Death Experience
Strain: Night Eternal 12

Astro City 26
Batman: Arkham Knight 7 7
Batman: Robin: Son of Batman 3
Black Canary 3
Constantine:TPB: 4-The Apocalypse Road

Dr Fate 3
Dr Fate (Variant Cover) 3
Fairest:TPB: 5-The Clamor for Glamour
Gotham By Midnight:TPB: 1-We Do Not Sleep
Green Lantern: Lost Army 3
Green Lantern: New Guardians:TPB: 6-Storming the Gates
Harley Quinn + Power Girl 3
Injustice: Year Four 8
JLA: Gods And Monsters 2
Justice League (5) 43
Mad Max Fury Road: Mad Max 1.2 (Second Print)
Martian Manhunter 3
Secret Six (3) 5
Sensation Comics: Featuring Wonder Woman 13
Superman (3):THC: 6-Men of Tomorrow
Superman: Bizarro 3
Superman: Doomed 3
Superman/Wonder Woman 20
Wonder Woman (4) 43
Wonder Woman:THC: By George Perez Omnibus

Birthright 10
Empty Zone 3
Invincible 122
Island 2
Manifest Destiny 16
Mantle 4
Oddly Normal 9
Postal 6
Rat Queens 11
Revival 32
Savage Dragon 206
Stray Bullets: Sunshine + Roses 7
Stray Bullets:TPB: 3-People
Trees 12
Wolf 2

Avengers World:TPB: 4-Before Time Runs Out
Captain America:TPB: 5-Tomorrow Soldier 5
Captain Marvel (7):TPB: 3
Daredevil:TPB: Epic Collection: Widows Kiss
Empire of the Dead: Act 3: 4
Guardians of the Galaxy:TPB: Best Story Ever
Guardians: Team-Up 10
Loki: Agent of Asgard 17
Marvel Firsts:THC: 1990s Omnibus
Marvel Masterworks:THC: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire 1
Marvel:THC: Ultimate Marvel Omnibus 1
Ms Marvel (3):THC: 1
Powers:THC: Omnibus 1
Secret Wars: 1872 2
Secret Wars: Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies 3
Secret Wars: Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 4
Secret Wars: Armor Wars 4
Secret Wars: Captain Britain And Mighty Defenders 2
Secret Wars: Guardians of Knowhere 3
Secret Wars: House of M 1
Secret Wars: Howard the Human 1
Secret Wars: Inferno 4
Secret Wars: Journal 4
Secret Wars: Runaways 3
Secret Wars: Secret Love 1
Secret Wars: Spider-Verse 4
Secret Wars: Weirdworld 3
Secret Wars: X-tinction Agenda 3
Spider-Man: Silk 6
Squirrel Girl: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl:TPB: 1-Squirrel Power
Star Wars (4) 8
Star Wars: Kanan Last Padawan 5
X-Men: Age of Apocalypse:TPB: 1-Alpha
X-Men: Rogue:TPB: Complete Collection
X-Men/Avengers: Onslaught:THC: Omnibus

Alice Cooper:THC: 1-Welcome to My Nightmare
Annihilator:THC: 1
Army of Darkness:TPB: Ash In Space
Betty Boop:TPB: Definitive Betty Boop 1
Blacklist 2
Burning Fields 7
Disciples 3
Doctor Who: Four Doctors 2
Escape From New York 9
Fathom: Blue 3
Fiction 3
GI Joe (1): A Real American Hero 217
Giant Days 6
God Is Dead 41
Hellbreak 6
Hexed 12
Hip Hop Family Tree 1
Infinite Loop 5
Invader Zim 2
Jason:HGN: If You Steal
Last Broadcast:THC: 1
Lion of Rora:GN:
Mighty Titan:TPB:
Mox Nox:HGN:
Oh Killstrike 4
Poet Anderson: Dream Walker 3
Princess Ugg:TPB: 2
Rick + Morty 5
Rivers of London 2
Shadow: Midnight In Moscow:TPB:
Steampunk Snow Queen 3
Strange Nat ion:GN:
Street Fighter:THC: Legends Chun Li
Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood 4
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (5) Ongoing 49
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutanimals:TPB:
Tick:TPB: Big Blue Destiny Complete Works (New Print)
Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker:TPB: 2
Transference 2
Transformers: Windblade 6
Vampirella: Feary Tales:TPB:
Vampirella: New Vampirella 13
Welcome Back 1
X-Files:TPB: Archives 1-Whirlwind + Ruins
Young Terrorists 1
Zagor:GN: Terror From the Sea

Book of Death 2
Ivar Timewalker 8
Rai 9

Adventure Time: Fionna + Cake: Card Wars 2
Adventure Time:THC: Mathematical Edition 3 (ECCC Exclusive)
Archie (2) 2
Batman:SC: You Choose Your Stories 5-Super Villain Smackdown
Batman:SC: You Choose Your Stories 6-Terrible Trio
Batman:SC: Young Reader: 24-Attack of Man-bat
Bravest Warriors:TPB: 5
Don Rosa Duck Library:THC: 3-Treasure Under Glass
Donald Duck 4
Falcon:SC: Fight Or Flight Young Reader Chapter Book
Garbage Pail: Kids Go Hollywood 1 (Deluxe Edition)
MAD Magazine 535
Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors:TPB: 2
Mega Man 52
Monster High Magazine 15
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 33
Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You 3
Power Up 2
Princeless: Raven Pirate Princess 2
Samurai Jack:TPB: 4-Warrior King
Simpsons Comics 223
Space Dumplins:GN: 1
Space Dumplins:HGN: 1
Spider-Man: Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine 5
Sunny Side Up:GN:
Sunny Side Up:HGN:
SupermanSC: Young Reader: 24-Dark Side of Apokolips
Teen Titans Go 11

Im Not Popular:GN: 7
Nanjing the Burning City:HGN: 1
Ultraman:GN: 1

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