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Kate Bracken On Being Human Series 5

The BBC Media Center has some really interesting cast interviews with the gang from Being Human. Yesterday we brought you some and today we bring you this one from series star Kate Bracken who plays the ghost Alex.
Source: BBC Media Center

Kate Bracken
Date: 25.01.2013Last updated: 25.01.2013 at 14.33
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Where do we start in Series Five?

So with Series Five, we start with where left off… so Hal is strapped to a chair and he has been there for weeks, but Tom and Alex are deciding whether it’s time to let him out or not. But they don’t know if they can trust him yet. In terms of where Alex is now… she has obviously had a bit of time to come to terms with what’s happened. She got killed in the last series, but she didn’t really get time to think about it all so she ended up just going with the flow, but now time has passed and it’s all sinking in.

What will the fans see in Alex?

From episode one you see a vulnerability to Alex, and you see it finally hitting home that she isn’t going to be able to do all the things she used to. At one point, it really hits her that she’s actually dead! So she hasn’t fully adjusted, and we see her trying coming to terms with her death. But Alex is also someone who won’t dwell on things too much. She will pick herself up and dust herself off. It’s about how she changes from being vulnerable to thinking 'how can I make this situation better? How can I contribute?' Alex can always see the good in people, even when they can’t.

What obstacles does Alex have to face a newly made ghost?

Mainly her own grief and leaving behind her own life. Alex was always close to her little brothers, but now she’s dead, she has completely lost her family. So she has to create a new family with Tom and Hal and that means she’s always there for the boys. In fact, Alex is always trying to teach them things, like with Tom, who is very old fashioned in his approach to women, she tries to teach him how to be a bit ‘cooler’ around girls. With Hal she is trying to help him through his bloodlust.

How are things between Alex and Hal this series?

Their relationship was never easy and it doesn’t get any simpler. They originally met because there was an attraction there and that initial feeling hasn’t really gone away so it’s a bit of a roller-coaster. They have their good days and their bad days but at the end of it all, they are there for each other. But things do get incredibly complicated, especially when Hal starts to descend into a downward spiral. Alex tries to see past it but it gets to a point where it’s too difficult for her and she just can’t deal with it anymore.

Who are you up against in series five?

His name is Captain Hatch, and he’s a much bigger threat this time round… the Old Ones are old news! I know it might seem impossible, but there’s a bigger ‘baddie’ to deal with and so much more is at stake this time round. The way Hatch threatens people… the way he controls people… it’s just brilliantly horrific! And now, it doesn’t just involve our small part of Wales, it has gone global. And all three of the guys know that if they don't stop him, then they really will be in trouble!

What is like playing that dual role of a horror-comedy?

Being Human is great because it does have that balance of comedy, drama and horror. It’s brilliant because it is such a ‘muscle stretch’ in acting terms. You know, one day you might film all funny scenes and then after lunch you’re on to some really deep, dark scenes. Finding the right headspace can be a challenge but it’s a good one and it’s great to be able to flip between the two. When it comes to the horror and gore that’s always a lot of fun to play with! It’s not every day you get to see and have these amazing prosthetics put on you! It’s a great challenge for an actor and it’s an absolute joy to have that contrast.

What about off screen? You guys get on so well, are there any particular moments that stand out?

There are lots! Everyone’s up for a laugh and we have a huge amount of fun. We are really lucky to have such an incredible crew who are up for having a good time, but there is this one guy in the crew, who was always out to get anyone with a practical joke. He would often sit and hide in various places, like in one of the boy’s trailers and jump out at them! I remember one day hearing an almighty scream and I thought what the hell has happened? He got Damien pretty well. So on the final day of filming, the three of us thought it’s time for payback! We armed ourselves with cans of silly string and hid out in the props department and waited for him…

Did you get him?

Yeah we got him!

What’s your experience of the fans been like?

It’s been amazing! I could not have imagined what it would be like. When I first started, I was told fans would come over and say hi and I remember thinking, ‘but they won’t know who I am!’ From day one the fans have been great. From my first episode in Series Four, they have supported me all the way and I can’t thank them enough because they make the experience so much more enjoyable.

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