Monday, January 14, 2013

Review For Doctor Who "Night of the Stormcrow"

Doctor Who:

Night of the Stormcrow 
By Marc Platt

The Doctor and Leela land on an island that has an observatory high above Mount McKeery.   The Doctor discovers that they are looking into space and observing something that they have no business observing at all.  Something The Doctor says is dangerous and that can end all life on earth and something which shouldn’t be here at this point in time.  It is the Stormcrow and its up to The Doctor and Leela to stop it and prevent it from killing all life on earth.

Night of the Stormcrow is a Big Finish subscriber’s only special release.  I have enjoyed these special releases every year they have done one and the one for 2012 is no exception.   I really enjoyed the concept of the story as it felt like a story from that era of the 4th Doctor.  It was a good story of morality as The Doctor is trying to get through to the scientist that what they are doing will harm all humankind and destroy the earth.  But in typical Doctor Who style they are too blinded by the glory of their own discovery.  

Night of the Stormcrow has a lot of good moments and some cool surprises in this 60 minute disk that makes the story very entertaining.  A very enjoyable story with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson perfect as ever as The Doctor and Leela and if you get a chance you should pick up Night of the Stormcrow and enjoy a trip back to that era of the 4th Doctor.

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