Thursday, January 3, 2013

Series of Short Stories Announced to Celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

For the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who there will be a series of short stories one for each of the 11 Doctors released once a month to help celebrate the anniversary.  The 11 eshorts will be written by some of the acclaimed writers in children's literature.  The first author will be announced on the Doctor Who Facebook page on Monday January 7th and the first story featuring the First Doctor will be released on January 23rd.  Coincidentally there will also be a video released about the stories author released on BBC Worldwides Youtube channel on January 11th.

In November there will be a paperback collection of all 11 stories and will be released by Puffin Books.  The eshorts will be priced at 1.99 pounds and the collection will be priced at 7.99 pounds. So far the 50th Anniversary is starting off pretty good.

Full story here.

Source: Radio Times

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