Sunday, January 27, 2013

Synopsis For Destiny of The Doctor - Shadow of Death

The next part in the 11 part Destiny of The Doctor is The Shadow of Death and features a 2nd Doctor story performed by Frazer Hines.  Frazer Hines does a great Patrick Troughton impersonation so this one should be pretty good to listen to. You can order it at the link below.

Following an emergency landing, the TARDIS arrives on a remote world orbiting a peculiar star – a pulsar which exerts an enormous gravitational force, strong enough to warp time.

On further exploration the Doctor and his friends, Jamie and Zoe, discover a human outpost on the planet surface, inhabited by scientists who are there to study an ancient city. The city is apparently abandoned, but the scientists are at a loss to explain what happened to its sophisticated alien architects.

The Doctor discovers that something dark, silent and deadly is also present on the world - and it is slowly closing in on the human intruders...

Written By: Simon Guerrier
Directed By: John Ainsworth

Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon), Evie Dawnay (Sophie)

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