Wednesday, April 23, 2014

All-New ARMOR HUNTERS Previews: ARMOR HUNTERS #1 | UNITY #8 – Coming in June!

This June, Earth will be the greatest hunt of all when VALIANT FIRST unleashes the FIRST ISSUE of 2014’s must-read crossover event – ARMOR HUNTERS #1 (of 4) – from superstar creators Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR, Green Lantern) and Doug Braithwaite (UNITY, Justice)! Then, Valiant's hardest-hitting team of heroes join the fight in UNITY #8 – the beginning of an all-new story arc at the epicenter of the ARMOR HUNTERS' onslaught by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT) and acclaimed artist Stephen Segovia (Superior Carnage)!
With each issue featuring one of five limited edition Chromium covers by some of the biggest talents in comics today – including Jorge Molina (X-Men), Mico Suayan (Ultimate Cataclysm), Clayton Crain (RAI), Philip Tan (Green Lantern), and Lewis LaRosa (Punisher MAX) – each armor-plated ARMOR HUNTERS issue represents an all-new jumping-on point for Valiant’s star-studded crossover epic.

Retailers will be eligible to “Unlock Chromium” based on their orders of ARMOR HUNTERS #1 (of 4), UNITY #8, X-O MANOWAR #26, ARMOR HUNTERS: BLOODSHOT #1 (of 3), and ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER #1 (of 3). After “unlocking” each separate title, qualifying retailers may order as many Chromium editions of the corresponding title as they like. Retailers be advised: due to the lead time needed to manufacture this special cover process, print runs for all five ARMOR HUNTERS CHROMIUM EDITIONS have already been set. Supplies are robust but limited, and allocations may occur. If allocations do occur, they will be made based on initial orders.

In 2014, there are six new reasons to read Valiant FIRST! All summer long, Valiant will be rocketing to the top of your read pile with VALIANT FIRST – an all-new initiative unleashing a major #1 issue each month from May onward by some of the most talented creators in comics. RAI #1 in May. ARMOR HUNTERS #1 in June. ARMOR HUNTERS: BLOODSHOT #1 and ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER #1 in July. THE DELINQUENTS #1 in August. THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE #1 in September. A combination of new ongoing titles, unprecedented crossover collisions, and high-profile mini-series, these are the titles that will have you reading VALIANT FIRST when you head home from the comic shop!

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