Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fanderson to Produce Thunderbirds and Space:1999 Soundtrack Albums

The fan club dedicated to Gerry Anderson's work, Fanderson announced that they are working on two new music releases on CD which will include Gerry Anderson's most popular TV shows, Thunderbirds and Space: 1999.  Both CDs will include as much of the music from those two series as possible.  The music for both series was done by Barry Gray.

As with all of Fanderson's exclusive merchandise, these items, when available, will only be sold to Fanderson members.  ITV owns the rights to both series but have no interest in producing music releases and so have allowed Fanderson to sell the CDs exclusively to their members.  As with past releases the print run will be limited.  Past releases have come with excellent booklets and are superb products.

There are no prices or release dates as of yet but Thunderbirds is planned for later this year.

Fanderson has other albums from Supercar, Fireball-Xl5, Secret Service, UFO and Terrahawks.

To Join Fanderson - http://www.fanderson.org.uk/aboutfanderson.html

More info on the releases -

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